Will A Gun Safe Protect Against EMP And Why It Should Be EMP-Proof

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An EMP threat is a crucial concern for most gun owners who'd want to be sure their safes can avoid an attack. America’s keeping one eye for any threats. The Middle East is always on guard because of what nuclear programs can bring to infrastructure and leave technology defenseless. When an attack happens, you’d want to protect your family from intruders and thieves. That’s why it’s advisable to keep a gun safe protected from EMP to increase your family’s safety. But what truly makes you wonder is - will a gun safe protect against EMP?

In this article, we’ll discuss what an EMP-safe lock is and why you need to EMP-proof your gun safe. I will also share with you how to EMP-proof your arm safe.

What Is An EMP?

Electromagnetic pulse or EMP is a powerful short burst of electromagnetic energy that disrupts and damages electronic equipment. It disables electrical equipment and physical objects such as aircraft and buildings.

EMP can start from a nuclear attack, solar flare, electromagnetic weapons, and cyber-attack. The truth is an EMP attack can expose and potentially damage the power grids and paralyze the defense weapons of the entire United States. It makes you wonder, will a gun safe protect against EMP?

What Is EMP-Safe Lock?

An EMP-safe lock is an electromechanical lock that protects gun safes from unwanted and forceful entry. When an EMP attack happens, your valuable things and information are open, and panic could start immediately. Citizens and governments will be affected by this devastating attack.

Investing in an EMP-safe lock can prevent gun safe malfunction when the crisis and emergency happens. Thus, the reason why you’d want to protect your family even more from such an attack.

If your gun safe comes with an EMP-safe lock, you still need another EMP lock that allows you to unlock your gun safe manually. Having a second EMP lock also help keep your firearms secure from invaders and robbers.

Why Choose Safes With EMP Resistance

When an emergency occurs, the shortest amount of time to access your gun safe is significant. You must have a gun safe that’s accessible, easy to unlock, and reliable to help save your family’s life.

But most gun owners are in doubt and not knowing will a gun safe protect against EMP. 

EMP resistant gun safe comes with a mechanical lock that serves as a secondary locking system when an emergency happens like nuclear blasts. Having both electrical and mechanical lock provides extra security to your gun safe. The dua-locking system offers a reliable and convenient method of keeping burglars and thieves away from your firearm safes 

Gun owners should consider an EMP resistant gun safe, so when disaster and nuclear attack happens, you’re ready and secure. 

Why Can’t Gun Safes Survive An EMP Attack?

Any electronic locking device needs the power to work. When the power goes down, your electronic-lock gun safe turns off, and only an override key can open the box. But not all gun safes have extra or manual override keys. That's why having a mechanical lock system as a secondary option to unlock your gun safe is essential.

The truth is that not all gun safes are EMP-proof ready. You should invest in a gun safe with a mechanical lock that has EMP resistant. You don’t want your guns and valuables locked inside a gun safe.

According to research, placing your gun safe inside a Faraday Cage is the only way to protect the safe from an EMP attack.

Faraday Cage: EMP Solution

Faraday Cage is a safety conductor where an EMP charge or attack remains on the outside surface of the case. A gun safe doesn’t work as a Faraday cage. Firearms strongbox can only block radio signals but not an EMP blast. You can use other materials that are similar to what Faraday Cage features to block off an EMP charge such as aluminum, copper, and conductive alloys.

The shape of the holes and size of the mesh affects the impact, wavelength, and frequency of an EMP charge to a Faraday Cage. It is recommended for optimal electromagnetic puls protection to add multi-layers of meshes around a box or cage.

By placing a firearms security box inside a Faraday Cage helps your guns protect from EMP bursts. It will help deflect and shield your firearms from malfunctioning and total breakage.

How To EMP-Proof Your Gun Safe

There are many things to consider if you’re planning to place your gun safe in an extensive Faraday Cage. 

You can install a mechanical lock or pick a dual lock system for your gun safe. You can find a spot on the door to check if it has electricity by using a multimeter. 

You may also use a small ground strap like the ones selling in automotive stores. It’s best to drill and screw a couple of bits to on the safe frame to connect the door. 

When you have strapped the ground belt, insert your gun safe with aluminum foil to act as an RF gasket. However, you also need to check is if moisture passes through your safe. If moisture enters your gun safe walls, you need to scrape more before adding a foil on the safe. 

You also need to consider the paint finish and see if it restricts your attempts in installing a mechanical lock to your gun safe. Make sure to scrape the paint area where you want to make contact with the metal. 

Use a voltmeter to test the quality and resistance of your gun safe against EMP. 


Will a gun safe protect against EMP? It won’t. But you can EMP-proof your arms safe. 

While most gun safes are not safe from EMP bursts and attacks, you can upgrade your armory box to handle such EMP blasts. You can also consider installing an EMP-safe locking system or a mechanical lock to keep your arms safe from EMP interference. 

Being always ready and prepared is a tall order, but positive thinking. You can never tell when an emergency happens, so it’s better to be safe and secure all the time. 

  • March 12, 2020
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