Why Choose A Modular Gun Safe: The Safe For Easy Moving

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If you are the type of person who owns guns and wants to redesign or reorganize your home regularly, then maybe you can consider having a modular gun safe. A modular gun safe is just like any other gun safes that are available in the market. The unique feature of a modular gun safe is its capability that you can assemble and disassemble it anytime you want. Thus, promote easy installation and transportation. This type of safe is perfect for gun owners who frequently move around.

Traditional gun safes are suitable, but you'll be having difficulties in moving it around or when you transfer into another location. Using modular gun safes, it will give you the opportunity that allows you to store your guns and other valuable items conveniently.

Benefits of Having A Modular Gun Safe

Imagine the inconvenience when you need to transfer to a new home, and you need to bring your gun safe with you. It will take time and money because you will need to hire someone to help you carry your gun safe. You will need extra time and patience because this process will get into your nerves.

Here are some of the benefits of having a modular gun safe.

  • Easy installation process - Modular gun safes are easy to assemble and disassemble. Thus, giving the user the ease of installation. You no longer need to hire professional installers and spend money.  
  • Better Security - Most gun safes provide security for your guns and as well as the people around you. Modular gun safes have a reliable locking system, ensuring that unauthorized persons can't access the safe.
  • Protects your guns from fires and floods - Not all safes are a fireproof, good thing that modular gun safe can withstand high temperatures. This safe is also waterproof; you can assure that your guns and valuable items are safe from fires and water.
  • It will be manageable to shift locations - There will be instances that you will be transferring will be easy for you to carry with you safely. Because this safe can be taken apart, you can disassemble the safe and reassemble it again once you are set in your new home. 

Advantages of Modular Gun Safe

  1. Easy to move - The ease of moving this safe is one of the appealing features of this gun safe. Because the safe is delivered in disassembled pieces, you need to assemble it before you can use it. Also, it will be easy for you to move the safe by dismantling and reassemble it when you already have the spot where you want to install the safe.
  2. Fireproof - Modular gun safe can withstand heat. You can assure that your guns and other items inside the safe are protected when there is fire.
  3. Portable - The basic idea is that you can buy a larger safe without having to worry about hiring a team of men to move it. Alternatively, you can buy a smaller modular safe and have a quasi-mobile security investment if you think that you will be changing homes or apartments regularly.

Factor You Need to Consider Before Buying Modular Gun Safe

Size and Weight

​In line with gun safes, you must consider the size of the safe. It would be best if you decide on what is the size of the safe that you want to buy. The size of the modular safe depends on the sizes and the number of your guns. When you own smaller guns, it will be ideal if you choose a smaller safe.

For gun collectors, you must purchase a bigger safe. The number of your guns will grow over time, and to save money, it will be better if you directly buy a bigger safe. Weight of the gun safe matters because as this safe is capable of assembling/disassembling and the parts of the safe are on manageable weight because it is. As we can transfer it to the different places or areas in the home or when the shifting to the carpets, stairs, vehicles, and numerous other conditions, which will make the weight problem, so the weight of this modular gun safe is one of the concern.

Build Quality

The material of the safe will tell you the quality of the gun safe. It would be best if you meticulously check the material composition of the safe. Some safes are excellent built-in materials, thus making the build quality of the product is excellent too.

As per build quality, it also includes the locking system, bolts and hinges, and other interior parts. You must know the different locking systems of safes. This way, it will be easier for you to decide on what safe you need.

Here are some of the few things you should look for in the build quality of the modular gun safe.

  • What is the material composition of the safe? 
  • What is the locking mechanism of the safe?  
  • What types of bolts are used? 
  • Is it fire resistant? 
  • Can you customize the safe?

How Much Does a Modular Gun Safe Cost?

It is hard to determine only one price as the best price for gun safes because there are too many different gun safes on the market with too many different features. There are many brands and models of modular gun safe. Because this safe is excellent in terms of features and built, the price tag is shocking. The minimum price of a modular gun safe is $1000. Though this safe is quite expensive, you can surely realize that it is a worthy investment.

Wrap it Up

Modular gun safes suit gun owners who want a safe that are flexible and moveable. The idea of this safe promotes the conventions of having a safe: manageable and secured at the same time. You will no longer need to spend extra money on mounting this safe because you can do the assembling of the safe on your own.

  • March 31, 2020
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