Who Manufactures Redhead Gun Safes: A Guide To The Best Deals

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Owning a gun for sports or safety purposes is one of the reasons to buy a gun safe. A gun safe protects and secures your firearms from any unnecessary accidents. You can keep your family safe and ensures that you don't cross any liabilities if it falls into the wrong hands. While nothing is foolproof, Redhead is the perfect gun safe to have instead of not having one. That's why Redhead Gun Safe took an exception in providing the highest quality in gun safes.

In this article, we'll discuss who manufactures Redhead Gun Safes. We'll also share with you the list of products they offer to the public.

What Is A Redhead Gun Safe

Redhead Safes come with standard Underwriters Laboratory U.L., burglary protection, and high-quality laser-cut door. Each Redhead Safe comes with the highest steel technology combined with security and fire protection compared to other brands. Certified to withstand heat temperature for 32 minutes. These gun safes offer exceptional value and security that is budget-worthy. Most Redhead Safes include electronic lock and durable 12 gauge steel wrapped around the box. 

These gun safes offer more than security in hiding your guns but also value and price. 

Redhead Gun Safes manufacture various products of outdoor equipment such as rifle scopes, gun safes, and apparel. They also offer fireproof weapons cabinets for storing large firearms, handguns, and other valuable belongings. Most Redhead Gun Safes feature dial locks, combinations, and electronic keypad locks to keep your guns safe. There is so much exciting function that Redhead Safes can offer, and one of them is keeping your weapons from falling into the wrong hands. 

Who Manufactures Redhead Gun Safes

Two leading companies make Redhead Gun Safes; the Granite Security Products and the Browning Prosteel Company.

Granite Security Products, one of who manufactures Redhead Gun Safes, is an American security and safe company that makes safes and cabinets. You can identify their product line quickly by looking at rounded edges and thin plate door that their safes feature. On the other hand, Browning Prosteel offers squared-edge and thicker doors. Most of Browning product lines are imports from China. 

Granite and Browning uses an advanced Lagard electronic lock in their gun safes. This type of locking system is more dependable than other electronic locks found in other gun safes.

Brownings Prosteel 

Back in 2006, Browning Prosteel makes most Redhead Safes. 

Prosteel Security Products is a recognized manufacturer of gun safe, vault doors for commercial and residential use, and other security lines. They have developed more than 15 patents and trademarks that make Prosteel the number one gun safety and security doors. They help homes and individual protects their belongings and assets by providing advanced security solutions. Thousand of people are relying on Redhead Safes by securing their vital documents, jewelry, and firearms. 

ProSteel and Browning have been partners for more than three decades. Prosteel continues to innovate and grow by producing high-quality gun safety and security. Browning distributes its products to independent dealers. They are leaders in the firearm security industry. 

Granite Security Products

Granite Security Products has partnered with Winchester Safes that manufactures high-quality gun safe products.

Granite Security offers a wide range of security containers, tactical and gun safes. You can find Winchester Safes in the State of Texas, where they serve their clients.

In 1991, Granite Security Products joined Winchester in making state-of-the-art advanced gun safe technology which most American enjoys today.

Popular Redhead Gun Safes

Here are some popular Redhead products that offer high-quality gun security and safes.

Redhead Fire-Resistant 39 Gun Safe

This gun safe comes with an intense heat-expandable door seal with fire protection. It can take fire at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit in at least one hour. This gun locker comes with a shelving organizer that allows users to store 39 long guns. To protect against burglary and unwanted entry, the Redhead 39 Gun Safe comes with thick 12-gauge steel that has seven locking bolts and drill-resistant. It also comes with heat-plated steel to protect the safe from torch and heat. 

Listed as a Residential Security Container, this gun safe opens with a mechanical locking system that has no key override feature. 

Here are some extra features of Redhead 39 Gun Safe 

  • Can hold more than 39 shotguns and rifles 
  • Can take a high degree of heat in 60 minutes 
  • Easy to access 
  • Equipped with seven one-inch locking bolts 
  • 12 gauge steel housing 
  • Comes with shelf organizer 

Redhead 1856 Collection Ultra Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

This arms safe can withstand extreme heat for 60 minutes. It also comes with a modular shelving system that allows users to store up to 23 long guns. Depending on your shelving design, you can place several handguns ammo and long arms. 

Redhead 1856 Gun Safe is made of heavy-duty 120 gauge steel and comes with 2-way locking bolts. It also comes with easy access keypad and stainless steel handle for opening the door.  

Here are some extra features of Redhead 1856 Gun Safe 

  • Features S&G electronic locking system 
  • Easy to access firearms 
  • Heavy-duty firm 12-gauge steel wall 
  • Textured charcoal skin and finish 

Redhead Fire-Resistant 10-Gun Safe

The Redhead 10-Gun Safe has a heat-expandable door with full fire protection. This 10-gun safe is fire-resistant that can hold a high degree of heat for almost 45 minutes. This arms vault can safely store ten long guns and three handguns. It has hardened 14-gauge steel and six impenetrable locking bolts.

Your valuable things, guns, and cash are secure because this safe comes with an impregnable locking system. The gun safe features a single lever handle and high standard welted interior.

Here are some extra features of Redhead 10-Gun Safe 

  • Stores 10 rifles and handguns 
  • 45 minutes of fire protection 
  • Equipped with heat-expandable door 
  • Easy to access 
  • Heavy-duty six locking bolts 
  • S&G keypad lock '
  • Strong 14-gauge steel body 


Now you know who manufactures Redhead Gun Safes, the primary reason for choosing the Redhead is what are the features they can offer. While most gun safes provide security and durability, we believe that knowing who manufactures takes a great deal of their product. The Redhead Gun Safe stands out among its other competitors. Their gun safes sell protections and appearance, which is why gun owners trust Redhead Gun Safes.

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