Who Makes The Best Gun Safes For The Money?

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A high-quality gun safe is an expensive piece of arms storage. You will want to buy a safe that will secure and last for a long time. While there are plenty of gun safes to look at but finding the right one can be confusing. You’ve checked out thousands of gun safes that feature security, but you can’t buy one because you have a limited budget.

As a gun owner, you’d want to be well-informed of the gun safe you’re planning to buy by researching more about the item. That’s why in this article, we’ll look at who makes the best gun safe for the money that can offer you the best choice for your budget.

Types of Gun Safes

The golden rule is that all gun safes protect and secure, but not all arms security box is created equal. There are gun lockers that are for specific types of guns like handguns and rifles. Some safes offer quick access, water protection, and fireproof. While some gun safes can be mobile, some safes can be wall-mount like gun cabinets.

So, we listed some of the popular types of gun safes to help you learn about the features of a gun safe.

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are one of the most innovative and advanced secure gun safe in the market. This safe allows users to customize and set up their fingerprints to lock and unlock the weapons storage box. It offers added security by using prints as an access code and lowers the risk of opening the safe by burglars. 

While other gun safes use a passcode to access the safe but with biometrics, scanning fingerprints can open the gun safe. 

Waterproof And Fireproof Arms Storage

Most gun safes are made of the highest-quality steel that surrounds the entire box. However, it’s the heat that will penetrate through the steel that should worry you about because it could damage the items stored inside the box. Steel is fireproof, but at extreme temperatures, the heat starts to flow at 2750 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can ruin the quality of your guns.

Like fire, water can also damage your guns if your safe is not waterproof. You don’t want your arms safe submerged in the water and unprotected from seeps and leaks of the inside your safe. Your safe must be fireproof and waterproof to protect your valuable items inside.

‘In The Wall’ Gun Safes

While most gun owners prefer portable gun safe, some owners like their safe to be installed directly into their wall. These types of gun safe keep the armory from getting penetrated since it’s attached and held inside the wall.

Wall safes offer a variety of locking options such as fingerprint, electric keypad, and combination lock. The only drawback of this gun safe is, it’s not easy to move and a bit expensive regarding its installation.

Who Makes The Best Affordable Gun Safe

Many companies manufacture gun safe; however, not all of them offers high-quality and affordable gun safe. To help you find more about who makes the best gun safe for the money, we listed the best weapons locker that offers a low price.


Is a recognized international sports optics company that provides outdoor sporting equipment. They offer high precision sports optics, protective travel cases, and biometric gun safes. This gun sports and safe company is committed to delivering outstanding lines of products without being expensive. Barska products come with the latest technology that ensures the quality and durability of their gun safes.

The AX 12622 top opening keypad drawer safe is one of their most affordable gun safe. It is made of heavy-duty 12 gauge sheet of steel that can accommodate two large handguns, cash, and ammunitions. This model comes with four backup keys and operates with four double-A batteries. 


Offers a wide array of compact pistol and long gun safes that has biometrics and combination codes. Their products feature reliability and security that most firearm owners wanted. The company provides the best technology to secure and produces the highest possible solutions to weapons and arms storage.

GunVault security technology has gone to great lengths by offering their patented No-Eyes keypad. This feature allows the user to access their safes even in the dark.

Their most inexpensive gun safe is the GVC1000C-STD Minivault Digital Pistol Safe that comes with 16 gauge steel casing and spring-loaded door. It also features the unique No-Eyes keypad for quick access and fingerprint recognition.


Is a proven manufacturer of gun security products. They have built gun cabinets and safe with utmost craft in mind. They offer a wide range of gun safes features, durability, and safety. Quick access and affordability are the primary purposes Stack-On security company provides safes and gun cabinets. 

For value-driven customers, Stack-on offers a GCB-500 steel pistol ammo locker that provides a locking system. This unit comes with key codes lock and stronghold steel door and housing. You can store pistols, ammo, and personal belongings with this gun safe. 

Reasons To Buy A Gun Safe

Finding the best gun safe depends on your needs and other factors such as locking features, portability, and design. There are several reasons why gun enthusiasts buy a gun safe.

Here are some significant reasons to buy a gun safe

  • Keep out of reach from children 
  • Protects from burglar and theft 
  • Protects your home and family 
  • Protects your gun from water and fire 
  • Protection from lawsuits and charges 


There’s an old saying ‘you get what you paid for,’ but it doesn’t necessarily you will get for security. If you have a limited budget, there’ll be some restrictions in choosing your gun safe, but it shouldn’t stop you from buying a gun safe. That’s why it’s essential to know who makes the best gun safe for the money. Your gun safe provides protection, security, and should be your last line of defense where you’ll build your reason to buy a gun safe.

  • March 12, 2020
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