Who Makes Fortress Gun Safes And How To Get The Best Finds

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When you’re a gun hobbyist or owner, you know that a gun safe is the most secure place to keep your guns. When it comes to gun safety, you’d want to pick the best and secure gun storage. In this case, Fortress Gun Safe provides the highest standard in gun security and safes in the market. Not only it brings a sturdy and thick wall safe, but it also precedes its pride with technology and gun security.

In this article, we’re not only going to talk about who makes Fortress Gun Safes, but we’ll also check out the list of products they offer to the public. We’ve included the benefits of having a Fortress Gun Safe in your home.

What Is A Fortress Gun Safe

Fortress Gun Safes are reliable gun storage that provides fire protection to your arms. They can withstand fire for one hour at a high degree of heat up to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. This weapon locker offers a hardened steel case for guns, and they provide innovative technology. 

Fortress Safes produce more than just gun safe but also gun accessories with excellent design at affordable prices. A popular gun safe brand among its peers, the Fortress has reshaped the standard security of gun lockers, in-wall gun safes, and gun cabinet. The Fortress always develops its armory box by inventing new features so that you get the most impregnable gun safe. In the next part, I’ll talk about who makes Fortress Gun Safes. 

Who Makes Fortress Gun Safes

The Heritage Safe Company, who makes Fortress Gun Safes, manufactures the safes for more than 20 years. Most gun enthusiasts refer the Fortress as their go-to gun safe for its lightweight and easy to access security box. The Fortress brand always produces its top of the line arms safe in the world of gun security and safety.

The Heritage Safe Company manufactures Fortress Gun Safe that features quick access and the highest quality of steel arms box for the public. The Fortress brand has produced a variety of weapon safes designs for home safes, vehicles, and offices. Their wide range of gun safes includes biometric locking gun security safes, mobile safes, cash deposit boxes, and heavy-duty large gun cabinets.

Top 3 Fortress Gun Safes

Fortress brand is known for its innovative and modern design in the world of the gun safe. They keep on producing and launching new gun security products every year. Making changes and improvements, Fortress has provided gun collectors the highest-quality and durable gun safe products. That’s why we’ve included the most popular and reliable gun safe made by the Fortress brand.

Heritage Fortress 14 Gun Fire Safe Electronic Lock

The Fortress electronic gun safe can store 14 long guns, which are an excellent choice for gun hobbyists and owners. This gun safe can hold up 45 different gun sizes, but for house use, this safe is functional and spacious enough for storing 14 guns. Additionally, this fireproof gun safe can protect your weapons from heat for 20 minutes at such high-degree temperature. It can secure your firearms and personal belongings safe even in unexpected accidents.

The Heritage Fortress 36 gun safe includes 1 inch thick and 8 inches steel bolts with tight recessed door. It also offers customizable electronic lock to keep your weapons safe out of reach from children and burglary.

Fortress Small Portable Electronic Safe

If you’re looking to keep your pistols in a small safe, then Fortress’s gun safe is the best choice for you. Approved by the DOJ, this pistol safe includes a quick button keypad and programmable alarming safe. It is made with sturdy and heavy-duty steel to secure your arms firmly, and its weight is about 9.5lbs. Additionally, the safe features a compact dimension of 12 x 9 x 7 inches only.

This electronic safe comes with a thick spring-loaded door and adjustable key lock. These features secure the safe, more manageable, and portable to use. It provides optimal security to your pistols, passports, and other essential belongings. This compact gun safe runs with eight double-A batteries.

Fortress Fireproof Safe With Electronic

This incredible fireproof gun safe can safely hold your arms in intense heat for 30 minutes. Another notable feature of this gun safe is tough to crack programmable electronic lock that comes with an alarm function. Fortress fireproof gun safe is equipped with three one-inch locking bolts and patented brusque notch bolt for added security. 

Fortress fireproof weapons security storage features an external hinge that allows customers to open the box in 180 degrees. With fire protection rating at 12000 degrees Fahrenheit, this safety box also features a 2mm thick steel wall.  

Benefits Of Fortress Gun Safes

Fortress Gun Safes are a proud and resilient gun security brand. It protects your valuable items in a secure safe place. Fortress always sets the highest standard of gun safe that primarily focuses on making their products reliable and durable. Not only they concentrate on key locking technology, but they also provide excellent functionality in every safe that meets the demands and needs of the public. Moreover, they do not only enhance and innovate their gun safes, but they also build better security boxes.

They also offer gun safes with a recessed door, strong notched-bolts around the safe, and steel wall to protect your weapon from theft. Another benefit of this brand is that their products are equipped with fire-resistant to keep your valuable belongings safe.

Here are some benefits of having a Fortress Gun Safe

  • Keeps the firearms away from children
  • Deters theft and robbers from guns 
  • Fireproof
  • Stores valuable items 
  • Key lock quick access 


Fortress Gun Safe has provided the public with lots of entry-levels and high –quality electronic gun safe at an affordable price. 

It is crucial to know who makes Fortress Gun Safe as there starts to build up your trust and confidence in securing your weapons. Keep in mind to fully understand the different features that a reliable safety box displays.  Finding a high-quality safety box requires some trust and research until you find which one fits your style and budget. 

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