Who Makes Browning Gun Safes And Why You Should Have One

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Most gun owners describe Browning Safes as ‘strikingly stunning’ that reflects on designing and features of their gun safe. If you’re looking for a gun safe with security and aesthetics, then Browning is the best option for you. But there’s more about the gun safe than what meets the eye. Today, we’ll introduce you to the Browning Gun Security brand and its product lines. We’ll also share with you the advantages and characteristics of Browning Gun Safe. Identifying all these features and products will lead you to find out who makes Browning Gun Safes. So, continue to read on and find out for yourself.

Browning Security Products

Browning Security Gun Safes, who makes Browning Gun Safes, is an exclusive distributor of ProSteel Security Products. The company manufacture thousands of outdoor equipment and gun safes. Prosteel and Browning have been partners for more than 25 years. They are the number one leader in firearm security.

Over time, Browning has acquired and manufactures gun safe and security products for Winchester brand firearms.

It is good to know which company you’re buying a gun safe because it builds trust and confidence for the product. Consumers tend to check their reputation and how long the brand has been in the safety and security industry. Browning Company has created lots of knives, bows, fishing equipment, and firearms for over 100 years now.

Advantages of Browning Safes

Having a gun safe made by Browning Safes and Security Products keeps the customer happy and secure, knowing their weapons are safe. There are many advantages why a customer will choose to buy a gun safe.

  • Innovative Protection – Anti-Theft - Browning has improved its security by adding unique features to each product they make. They have added a patented door system where it allows you to maximize the space and store long guns in your safe. Browning’s revolutionary door gun rack has increased the level of gun storage in gun safes. Another advantage of having a Browning Gun Safe is the system they called Force Deflector Locking System. This system will prevent the intruders from de-bolting the door to unlock the safe. 
  • American Steel Tough and Strong - Each steel manufactures and gun safes producers know that only American steel displays a high level of toughness and durability compared to the others. 
  • Wide Range of Safes - Browning offers the public a wide range of gun safes, deposit boxes, gun cabinets, and more. They provide small units and large security vaults that can hold multiple long guns and other valuable items. Additionally, Browning offers a wide range of safes so you can find the right one to meet your needs. 
  • Warranty - Browning safes offer a relatively five-year warranty to their products that comes with defects. You will not be able to find any guarantees this long from other gun safe manufacturers.  

Browning Safes Product Line

Did you know that each Browning Gun Safe offers different features and protection that covers a wide range of affordable prices? Let’s find out the list of the most famous products made by Browning Safes.

Browning Sporter Gun Safe

The Sporter is a budget-friendly gun safe offer by Browning to the public. They created an alternative solution for consumers with a limited budget but wanted to own a high-quality gun safe. This gun safe is perfect for gun owners who are looking to protect their weapons from fires and burglars.

You can customize the Sporter’s locking system with either electronic or mechanical lock. That setup brings peace of mind to gun owners knowing the valuables are safe and secure. Additionally, this gun safe can hold around 25 guns.

Browning ProSteel Tactical Safe

This safe is for outdoor enthusiasts who like sporting rifles, guns, and equipment that can hold and protect such weapons. Tactical Gun Safe is meant to accommodate a large number of firearms. It is estimated that it can keep 40 guns. Moreover, you’d be surprised that this model comes with a patented DPX storage system to maximize gun space.

Browning Medallion Safe

The Medallion is the premium gun safe product line boasts by Browning. It’s detailed craftsmanship and aesthetics captures the design of the elite gun safe.  This gun safe can hold 43 arms, which can cover the entire space of the safe. Another good about the Medallion is the scope saver, which keeps the scope at the back of the door. 

Characteristics of Browning Gun Safes

While Browning manufactures thousand of gun safe, it also features unique characteristics compared to other gun safes. We’ve decided to add them so you can find out the superiority of Browning Gun Safe products.

  • Fire and Water Safety Protection 
  • Utilizes high-gauge steel 
  • Secure external hinges 
  • A durable and innovative gun safe 
  • Advance locking mechanism 
  • Equipped with extra thick door and bolts 
  • Uni-force locking system

  • Omni-barrier lock protection 

  • Pry-stop bolt and tabs system 


Being one of the most respected gun safe manufacturers in the world, Browning has timely provided the public its high-quality products. You can expect Browning’s continues growth and innovation in the gun safe industry. 

Understanding who makes Browning Gun Safe only solidifies your trust and confidence as a customer and gun owner. Whenever you’re having trouble about which gun safe to purchase, you should go ahead with Browning Gun Safe. 

  • March 12, 2020
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