Which Gun Safes Are Made In The USA: A Guide To Top US Brands

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Finding out which gun safes are made in the USA characterizes the big difference in the quality of imported products made by the American. If you’re buying a gun safe, an American brand gun safe assures the customer of superior protection, locking system, and support. The more reason there are why American made gun safes have higher quality for most features and built compared to other safes. That’s why we researched and tested a variety of American made gun safes to find out which ones stand out.

Our Research And Results

Our research leads us to find out the numbers of best manufactures of gun safes are made here in the US. Through extensive market research, we listed that Liberty Safes, AMSEC, and Champion Security Products made the best gun safes available to the public. Most consumers are looking for superior quality that exploits the benefits and features of a gun safe.

Investing in a gun safe that provides services and advantages is vital to consumers. That’s why we support these companies that deliver high-quality products in the safety and security industry. By purchasing the best products made at ‘home,’ you’re not only making a wise investment, but you’re also patronizing American made gun safes.

We compiled a list of brands that are established here in America that manufactures high standard gun safes for the public.

List of brands that makes gun safes: 

  • Liberty Safes Brand 
  • Champion Gun Safe 
  • American Security Gun Safe 

Which Gun Safes Are Made In The USA

Here, you’ll find a list of which gun safes are made in the USA that are also well-known:

Liberty Gun Safe Brand

Liberty gun safe is one of the most famous American brands that create gun safe, focusing on high capacity and reliability. Liberty gun safes are made from high-quality steel and materials that offer fire protection and security in each product they sell. You can find Liberty Safe headquartered in Payson, Utah. 

Most popular gun safe products that Liberty Safe sells in the market 

  • Small Liberty Gun Safe HD-50 
  • Small Liberty Safe HD-100 
  • Liberty Safe Gun Vault HD-200 

List of advantages of Liberty Safe Gun Safe 

  • Specializes in a variety of gun safe that offers different sizes and locking system. 
  • Their models are durable and reliable. 
  • Their units have passed in different tests such as prying, crashing, explosion, and heat. 
  • They offer 100% warranty and money-back guarantee. 

Champion Gun Safe

The Champion Gun Safe is an incredibly proud American brand that manufactures superb steel-built quality for gun safe. Their product offers security and protection to gun safe that can hold long guns, rifles, handguns, jewelry, and other valuables. Most Champion gun safes come with advanced technology that keeps your gun collection safe from burglars. Their headquarters is in Provo, Utah. 

Most popular gun safe products that Champion gun safes sell in the market 

  • Champion Crown Safes 
  • Champion Medalist Gun Safe 
  • Champion Triumph Gun Safe  

List of advantages of Champion Safe Gun Safe 

  • Each Champion gun safes can withstand high-degree heat for 45 minutes. 
  • Their models come with an effective locking system. 
  • Their units come with adjustable interior shelving for additional gun storage 
  • They offer fire and burglar protection 

American Security Gun Safe – AMSEC 

AMSEC is another famous gun safe that started selling safety and security products since 1948. You can expect high-quality products with a superior locking system for each product of AMSEC. Most of their gun safes offer fire and special burglar protection for unauthorized access by intruders. You can find AMSEC at Fontana, California. 

Most popular gun safe products that AMSEC Gun Safe sells in the market 

  • American Security Gun Safe BF2116 
  • American Security Gun Safe DV652 
  • American Security Gun Safe TF5517 

List of advantages of AMSEC Safe Gun Safe 

  • They manufacture gun safe for residential and commercial use. 
  • Their customer support is available 24/7 and diligent in assisting clients. 
  • Each gun safes passes restrict test and quality control 
  • You can find AMSEC gun safe affordable and provides high security. 

Why Buy American Made Gun Safes

Understanding the significant differences in gun safes quality between America and China is by choice for companies. Most gun safes are manufactured with superb steel but with separate distinction in protection and technology. American steel provides lower oxidation and thicker wall than it’s Chinese counterpart. The standard 12-gauge steel wrapped around the gun safe is three times stronger than regular 14-gauge steel imported from China.

You can find the installed bolts and thick door to each American made gun safes are dependable and durable not to crack easily.

Additionally, you’d want to buy a gun safe that is made in the USA because you support the American workforce and technology.


If you aren’t familiar with which gun safes are made in the USA, hopefully, this article has provided you enough information to answer your questions. You can choose which unit is right for your needs and budget by looking at American made gun safes. Determining the features of each gun safe created in America should be considered, especially its durability and protection. Once you find out which size and brand that made it, you make the right gun safe choice.

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