Where To Buy A Gun Safe: A Marketplace Guide

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Figuring out the best possible location to install or place your gun safe in your home is a bit tricky. Gun safes protect and secure, which is why you have the confidence to keep your weapons and other valuables inside a safe. Gun safes provide extensive protection against burglars and away from your children. But where should a gun safe be placed inside your home? This question brings all the necessary steps to safety and security. It is vital to understand the different factors when determining the right place to put your gun safe. We’ll also take into consideration all the possibilities, including burglars, fires, and types of firearms that you own.

Different Types Of Guns You Have

Before placing your gun safe in your home, you should consider the types of firearms you own. Most big gun safes cover a wide area of space in your home. But not all guns have the same length and width, so there’s no point in buying a large gun safe if you only have handguns.

However, you might need a large gun safe if you have a collection of long guns, gears, and miscellaneous items.

A moderate gun safe dimensions to accommodate the types of weapons is much better when buying a gun safe. You should also consider the numbers and types of firearms you have because it could affect the area where should a gun safe be placed.

Finding The Right Place For Your Gun Safe

If you can’t find the right location in your home to set a gun safe, then there’s no point in buying one.

Determining where to place the gun strongbox or safe should also be your priority. Picking the best place to put your gun safe is a location where it is unnoticed in the view of your children, visitors, and thieves.

Keep in mind that most gun safes are bulky, heavy, and thick, so positioning your gun safe becomes tricky and a challenge.

You can choose to place your gun safe in the basement, wall, or a room with no view from the outside. That’s why pre-planning is a big help and ensures the case you purchase fits well in your home.

What Needs To Consider In Finding The Right Spot

Remember to consider each situation when choosing the right spot to place your gun safe.

You don’t want to put your gun safe in your garage; this could cause a significant problem. Most people do not spend much time in a garage, plus this place can be challenging to reach if a burglar is breaking into your house.

The size of your gun safe is another thing you need to consider also. As we mentioned earlier, the number and size of your guns could affect the size of your safe. You need to consider the size of your firearm safe before purchasing one.

A handgun fits in a small gun safe where you can put beside or under your bed, but it’s a different story if you own a dozen firearms. You can place your collection of guns in a cabinet or an in-wall arm safe.

You may also want to consider the climate when picking the right location for a gun safe. You’re risking your arms to rust and damage if you place your gun safe in a very humid climate. However, you can opt to buy a dehumidifier to keep your weapon safety box clean and dry.

Where Should A Gun Safe Be Placed

Here are several options you make take into consideration when finding the right place to store your gun safe.


The bedroom is one possible safe place to put your gun safe. Visitors would not enter the bedroom unless you permitted to come inside.

Another reason for having a gun safe near to you is for easy access. When intruders break into your home, you can easily fetch and open your gun safety box. Having a gun safe in the bedroom allows you to get your gun instead of going to the garage. The safest place to conceal or install your gun safe is inside the closet or near the bedside, where you can easily reach for your safe. Some gun owners place their safe beneath the bed or inside the cupboard.

Home Office

Another right place to place your gun safe is the home office, where not many people come through the room. The home office makes a great place to keep your gun safe, which makes it inaccessible also to most visitors.

Most gun owners hide their handgun at the bottom of the desk. You can easily mount your gun safe underneath your chair or desk drawer. This approach is an excellent discrete position for gun owners because you can reach for your safe quickly.

Additionally, the home office can be locked, which reduces the risk of children and outsiders getting or stealing your gun safe.


The basement is another right area to place your gun safe. Homeowners usually use basements to store recreational equipment where you can easily conceal or hide your gun safe. One advantage of the basement is you can lock its door.

The basement is another excellent place to accommodate large and heavy gun safe. Though not considered to be accessible, you can use the basement to mount or install a gun safe to its walls. It’s also an ideal solution to set up heavy safes because the floor can carry such weights. Additionally, you can bolt the safe to the level of the basement to deter thieves from stealing your gun safe.

However, most basements suffer from extreme heat and humidity, which reduces the air circulation in the house. Having a gun safe in the basement risks the gun safe to flooding, which makes it prone to water damage.


The truth is, depending on the location where should a gun safe be placed is your decision. Considering what types of guns you own plays a major role in finding the right spot for your arms safe. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the size of the gun safe should also take into consideration before deciding to install the case. Additionally, the key to choosing the best place for your gun safe is to allow yourself to have quick access.

  • March 12, 2020
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