Where Are Steelwater Gun Safes Made And Why You Should Buy One

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Investing in the security and safeness of your guns is essential, and it's something we can all agree with. While various types of gun safes exist in the market today, you can see them piling up with different features. As a gun owner, having confidence that your gun safe will protect and secure your firearms is of vital importance. 

One of the top gun safe brands that come in every gun owner and an outdoor sportsman is the Steelwater Gun Safes. The company offers a great line of safes from small to large units that shows positive reviews from other customers. If you've already set your eyes on Steelwater safes, you might wonder what options do they offer. Knowing where are Steelwater Gun Safes made, make it all more natural for you to trust the quality of their safes. So, continue to read on and find out more about the reasons you should buy Steelwater Gun Safes. 

Steelwater Gun Safes

Steelwater Gun Safes Company is in North Augusta, South Carolina, where it's owned and operated by a former law enforcer. The veteran pursues solutions to these flaws by making high-quality safes with security, design, and burglary prevention.

To keep the production of gun safes affordable, the Steelwater contracts safe-making abroad while not giving up on safe quality. Experience and expertise have proven to create a reliable and dependable locking system for gun safes. They test each Steelwater Safes twice to boost the perfection of quality and security.

Steelwater Gun Safes offer each safe with a limited lifetime warranty, which suggests the confidence of the manufacturer to their models. The warranty covers fire protection for up to one hour and anti-theft security. It also provides labor for one year free of charge and checkup on all digital components for ninety days.

Where Are Steelwater Gun Safes Made

All Steelwater safes are designed inside out and comprehensively in South Carolina America, but they manufacture safes in the borders of China. But this does not mean that the protection and quality of the safes will suffer; it helps you to save money and offer you inexpensive protection and security.

Steelwater Gun Safes come with an intensive locking system that prevents skilled burglars from accessing your safe. Even if the door, hinges, and handle degrade due to exerting effort to a break-in, it will be not close to gaining access to the safe. Steelwater comes with a five-inch tamperproof door that features extra-thick locking bolt.

The locking system of Steelwater Gun Safes offers combination, digital lock, and dial lock. Each gun safe comes with a LaGard locking security system, and digital locks have EMP-proof protection. Additionally, every gun safe features a rechargeable dehumidifier that prevents moisture from coming inside the safe.

Reasons To Buy Steelwater Gun Safe

If you plan to purchase a gun safe, you may want to know the features and qualities of the products that Steelwater creates. Every model is build of affordability, durability, accessibility, and innovative technology that makes the safe user-friendly. Here are some reasons why most gun owners put their confidences with Steelwater Gun Safes.

  • Fire Resistant – Steelwater builds safe that can resist fire and high heat temperatures up to two hours. These feature prolonged protection that ensures the contents of the safe are secure and protected from damage. 
  • Durability – This feature separates the brand from other gun safe companies because they check each safe for any defect before advertising the model in the market. Plus, they test the safes to withstand such invasion. 
  • Different Sizes – Steelwater offers multiple sizes of gun safes, so whether you have long guns or handguns, they have the right safe for you. You can also be sure that any valuables and documents will fit inside the safe. 
  • Construction – Steelwater is committed to manufacturing high-quality and sturdy gun safe. You can expect high gauge steel and extra thick door gun safes that prevent burglars or invaders from unauthorized access into the safe. 
  • Design – They design the Steelwater Gun Safes with value and quality in mind. They offer a high level of craftsmanship and functionality that is hard to beat compared to other brands. 

Features of Steelwater Gun Safe

The features and services offered by Steelwater are unmatchable at the same price. They guarantee to provide excellent gun safes quality and protection that most gun owners look in a gun safe. The exceptional design, locking capability, and build quality has boosted the confidence of many customers into buying a Steelwater Gun Safe.

Here are some exceptional features of Steelwater Gun Safe:

  • Gun safety and protection 
  • Child access prevention law 
  • Protection against burglars and theft 
  • Fire and water protection 
  • Stores extensive collection of guns and valuables 
  • Laws about firearms protection 


If you're planning to buy a safe, but you have a tight budget, then Steelwater Gun Safes would be worth checking out. Steelwater Gun Safes offer excellent product quality and affordable than other companies in the gun safe industry. You can be sure that you will find all the features that you're looking for in a safe. Knowing how the safe is made and where are Steelwater Gun Safes made builds the confidence and trust most gun owners value in a safe.

  • March 12, 2020
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