Where Are Old Glory Gun Safes Made And Why You Should Buy One

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If it’s security and peace of mind that you’re looking for, then Old Glory Gun Safe is the one for you. Offering a wide range of gun safes, they never stop adding advance safety and protection to your valuables.

It’s nice to know that there’s a reliable gun safe company that understands how to protect your firearms and other documents. In this article, we'll talk about the reasons to buy an Old Glory safe and find out their top of the line products. On top of that, knowing where are Old Glory Gun Safes made only builds your trust and confidence like the other customers who already own an Old Glory safe.

Old Glory Gun Safes

In 2010, Old Glory gun safe company began manufacturing and selling safety and security products to the public. Their brand becomes a nationwide provider of indoor security and logistics services in 2015.

Old Glory Gun Safes have thrived operating and manufacturing in a small facility that produces high-quality safes. Among their product lines are offered to law enforcement officers, sportspeople, and others who own guns. Committed to designing, manufacturing sturdy and reliable gun safes and cabinets using advanced steel technology has earned the trust of the public. They engineer their gun safes to providing an innovative locking system to meet the standards of protection and quality.

Where are Old Glory Gun Safes made? Today, Old Glory gun safe company is proudly operating debt-free and an integral part of the Ridge Runner Outdoors LLC brands and family.

Reasons To Buy Old Glory Gun Safes

Old Glory gun safe company stands out as an exception against mass-produced cheaply made safes that lacks in security and protection.

Complying with rigorous standards of law and quality, you can be sure that their safes are of high-quality steel and locking system. Making sure the unit provides the requirements you need, we listed some key factors why you should buy Old Glory Gun Safes:

  • Tested And Passed – All types of locking systems passed the requirements demanded by the law. Digital locks, combo, and key locks, and EMP-proof biometrics locking system undergo through the intensive test before advertising to the public. Understanding each type of lock has its advantages and limitations, but regardless of these features, most only gun owners seek which unit suits their style and budget. Securing and protecting your gun safe while ensuring accessibility is the primary goal of Old Glory Gun Safes. 
  • Durability And Stability – While many gun safes have seven locking bolts, they can be easily opened with a crowbar as many YouTube videos demonstrate. But our gun safes are designed to fight against pry attacks by using a four-way engineering bolt in all four sides of the door. This feature endows our gun safes with an excellent level of protection and door security.
  • Warranty – There's no better way to put your mind in peace by providing long term warranty. At Old Glory, not only we give warranty to our safes but also assuring that the safe you bought will deter theft and withstand fire and heat.

Most of Old Glory Gun Safes focuses on quality and innovation that makes them ideal for: 

  • Water and fire protection 
  • Maximum theft protection 
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty 
  • Innovative anti-EMP locks 
  • Adjustable interiors and linings 

Where Are Old Glory Gun Safes Made

Old Glory Gun Safes Company is in St. Louis, Missouri, where they design and manufacture their gun safes.

Providing customers with unrivaled firearms safety and security, Old Glory always transform their state-of-the-art gun safes into an impenetrable and incomparable unit. Though they delegate some manufacturing works outside America, it only proves high-quality and performance-worthy types of gun safes.

Redefining reliability and affordability is the primary goal of Old Glory when it comes to gun safes and vaults. Old Glory is committed and takes pride in knowing that the model or unit you buy enhances the protection of your weapons and other valuables. They are passionate about delivering the highest quality of security to their brand gun safes.

Top Of The Line Old Glory Gun Safe

Being the fastest-growing gun safes manufacturer in the world, Old Glory thrives in technology, innovation, and value. That's why each model has incredible designs and features you'd want to buy.

SD Series 24 Guns 2 Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe

This impressive Old Glory gun safe top of the line model can store 24 guns. Completing the pack is the carpeted interior and innovative locking system that most gun owners are looking for a safe. It also comes with a fully furnished door organizer that allows the owner to store small guns and ammo.

Extra Features of Super Duty 24 Guns 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe

  • Meets and exceeds standards for fire and theft protection 
  • Comes with 2 hours 1880 fire certification 
  • Extra thick heavy-duty nine-gauge steel body 
  • Solid steel plate walls and door 
  • Strong external hinges 
  • Heat-activated Palusol fire seal 
  • EMP locking system UL-listed 

SD Series 45 Gun 2 Hours 1880 Fire Tactical Gun safe

This super-duty series has provided gun owners with large storage capacity that can hold 45 long guns, rifles, and handguns. It comes with a fully carpeted gun rest interior that protects the firearms from scratches and rusts. If you have small arms, you can place them on the top shelf of the safe. 

Extra Features of Super Duty 45 Guns 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe 

  • Passed the standards for fire and theft protection 
  • Can withstand high heat for 2 hours 
  • Comes with 1880 fire certification 
  • Extra thick, durable nine-gauge steel body 
  • Five inches solid steel plate walls and door 
  • Strong external hinges 
  • Advanced locking bolts 
  • Auto-activate re-locking system 
  • Heat-activated Palusol fire seal 
  • EMP locking system UL-listed 
  • Equipped with alarm 


Much is given to gun safes that offer value and protection where are Old Glory Gun Safes made; it is considered the ‘best-kept secret’ in meeting the needs of gun owners. With years of supplying, designing, and fabricating gun safe, you can expect high-quality gun safes. Old Glory gun safe uses the locking system security to each safe so you can have peace of mind to your valuables and gun.  

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