Where Are MESA Gun Safes Made: A Quick Guide

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In this article, we’ll talk about where are MESA Gun safes made and what makes them unique against its competitors. We’ll also feature the different product lines and models of MESA Gun Safes. 

One of the most popular residential and commercial gun safes is the MESA Gun Safes. This company is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of gun safes across America. Their gun safes are of high quality that adds extra protection and storage to firearms. MESA safes provide an array of small and large safe that guarantees the safeness of your valuables. In the next part, we'll get to where are MESA Gun Safes made.  

MESA Guns Safes

Where are MESA Gun Safes made? MESA Gun Safe Company is in Orange, California, where George L. Vicente heads them. MESA is recognized as a pioneer in the gun safe industry and delivers such models for residential and commercial use.

Mr. Vicente wanted MESA gun safes to become the first leading company in safe across America that focuses on providing heavy-duty safes. The advance locking mechanism is one safety feature where they excel compared to other companies. They are manufacture high-quality safes that will fit the customer's interest and budget.

MESA also provides solutions to safety and security that includes fire protection safes, vaults, and depository lockers. In addition to these unique features, MESA also offers a variety of affordable gun safes for the customers who are looking for adequate protection safes.

Why Choose MESA Gun Safes

Most MESA gun safes are hard to break and cut into because they are made explicitly with hardened steel. Creating a reliable and secure safe that is budget-friendly and effective is the primary goal of MESA gun safes. They offer different gun safe sizes for everyone, including individuals and small businesses.

  • MESA safe came with fireproof steel and equipped with top-notch locking mechanisms. 
  • Serving to the public, they offer their customers affordable while maintaining high-rated gun safes. 
  • MESA has a variety of gun cabinets, safes, and lockers that are suitable for residential and business use. 
  • MESA equipped their gun safes with high-end technology to boost their locking system protection. 
  • MESA customer care support is available round the clock and guarantees to provide support when needed. 

Features of MESA Gun Safes

  • Durability – Most MESA Safes are made from high-grade stainless steel that is impenetrable to cutting and drilling. These gun safes minimize the use of composite materials to reduce the humidity that rusts the guns inside the safe.
  • Fireproof – It’s no question that every MESA Gun Safe is fire-resistant to the different degrees of heat. You can trust that each safe can protect your valuables, documents, and guns in case of a fire. 
  • Customization – MESA gun safes provide anchoring points to bolt down the safe to the ground. Anchoring the gun safe ensures that thieves and burglars will not be able to carry the safe. 
  • Tamper-proof locks – Their locks are secure with an extra drill-resistant steel plate that makes it hard for thieves to invade your safe. This feature gives exclusivity to MESA gun safe only because it prevents the burglars from accessing the safe. 

Product Series Of MESA Gun Safes

MESA Gun Safes offer a different set of safes that come with distinct protections and securities. These series of gun safes commends a variety of safety and storage that most gun owners look for a unit.

MBF Series

MESA’s MBF series provides the most robust list of gun safes that you could imagine. These safes weigh more than 500lbs and excellent for storing different sizes of firearms, ammunition, and valuables.  

These series offer three models, the MBF5922, MBF7236E, and the MBF6032 that come with a 12-gauge steel body. The safe can withstand a temperature of 17000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in one hour. They test the durability by dropping them from a two-story building.  

Additionally, each safe comes with an electronic lock that can be programmed to enable two user access codes. These safes also come with an extra backup key that lets the user open the case if there’s a power interruption. For serious matter, the lock comes with a thick drill-resistant steel plate and a relocking system that is punch activated. The MBF series is impenetrable practically. 

MGL Series

The MGL series is the lighter and smaller gun safe by MESA. They are suited for average Joe that has handguns and other smaller firearms.

These series features three models, the MGL 14, MGL 24, and the MGL 36 that can store weapons in different counts. It’s incredible to know that this series comes with all-steel build safe from the whole case to door. MGL series can bear a high-degree temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and can hold it’s own for 30 minutes of fire.

These safes come with an electronic lock that can accept two passcodes for your choice. The locking system comes with a drill-resistant steel casing that numbs and fights off any drill attacks.

MGS Series

The MESA’s MGS series exploits a more durable and thicker gun safe with an innovative locking system. The series features three models, the MGS22E, MGS45E, and MGS39E that can store from 22 to 39 rifles and long guns. These safes come with 11-gauge steel wrapped around the casing of the safe, which is more sturdy.

UL list this series with an electronic lock that accepts user-defined access code to open the safe. The lock activates the secondary locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

What’s good about these series is they can withstand a high degree of heat for 30 minutes. It also has a heat-activated lock that prevents the fire from reaching inside the safe. Additionally, the door comes with a three-locking system that provides extra protection in case of pry and intruder attacks.


Where are MESA Gun Safes made – they come with different sizes, protection, and models that suit each individual’s needs. MESA Safes are a reliable and dependable company that provides top-notch locking system gun safes. Not only can you use these safes for storing firearms and ammo, but you can place other valuables for security and extra protection.