When Do Gun Safes Go On Sale?– Getting The Best Deals

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A gun safe that secures and protects firearms is a requirement, especially for people with guns. While there is a wide range of gun safes available in the market, but not all of them offer the same level of protection. Each gun safe comes with a specific feature that also changes the price of a gun safe. If youre considering purchasing a gun safe, there are some questions that you should know first. Firstly, when do gun safes go on sale that will allow you to get the best price. Second is what should you look for a gun safe that will help you find the right safe for your needs. In this article, we’ll help you make an informed decision before buying a safe. 

Types OGun Safe Locking Systems

If security and protection are key factors youre looking for, then you should know the different types of gun safes locking system: 

  • Biometric Scan - This secure locking system scans and reads your fingerprint to open the gun safe. Some gun safes with biometric scanner powers down after multiple incorrect access of gun safe, thats why this locking system is a highly secure lock. Most biometric gun safes allow the user to customize the security scan to enable multiple users. 
  • Electronic Keypad - Authentication from the keypad is needed to access the gun safe. Electronic gun safe allows the user to enter a numeric code that lets you access the safe. This type of locking system may require electricity or battery to operate.
  • Combination lock - This type of locking system uses a dial to turn that allows the user to select or pick the combination passcode to open the safe. However, this type of lock requires maintenance to prevent it from rusting and seizing. Another good thing about the combination lock gun safe is it’s battery-free and does not require electricity to operate.

What Should I Look For A Gun Safe

Understanding what you should look for a gun safe plays a role in determining what type of safe you should buy. The size, protection, and specifications of the safe are contributing factors in identifying which model suits your needs and budget.

  • Fire-resistant are marked as UL certified as it proves the safe is tested and against such high heat. It also ensures the contents and the valuables stored in the safe can bear the heat once fire covers the gun safe. 
  • Size of your safe affects the fitting of the location or area where you’ll place your gun safe. It also determines how much the safe can hold and its price. The different measurements of the unit, whether small or large, offer gun owners convenience and accessibility. Large safe units like gun cabinets can store long guns, and rifles provide more room for storage. However, if you only have a small handgun, a regular size gun safe will do enough. 
  • A gun safe that has heavy-gauge steel specifications offers much more resistance to drilling and cutting than light gauge steel. The ideal wall thickness of a gun safe should be about 10-gauge steel. The hardened bolts and sturdy door prevents the intruders from breaking the safe. 
  • The warranty of a gun safe only points that you can trust and rely on the security level of the safe. It’s worth checking what covers the warranty of the safe as it ensures what you can get in case your unit malfunctions.

How Much Does A Gun Safe Cost

Most gun safes cost about $150 for 1.2 cubic feet in size. Depending on the added security and protection feature, the value of gun safes changes into $1000. The larger safes are expensive as it comes with accessories like shelves and other functions.

You can buy home safes at Amazon that offers a wide range of models, or you can buy to retailers like Sears and Home Depot.

A high-quality gun safe can cost from $500 to $1000, which are often bigger in sizes. They well-constructed with thick door and wall, and sometimes they are equipped with the anti-EMP feature.

The usefulness of these features will depend on how much a gun owner can spend on a safe. It’s best to ask the sales agent of different gun stores to know when do gun safes go on sale.

When Do Gun Safes Go On Sale

Some manufacturers, like Browning ProSteel, offer its customers' tax season rebate, which decreases the price of a gun safe. Some retailers offer Black Friday, which is the best answer to the question: "When do gun safes go on sale?" These sales also tend to happen every month of the following year, though some also offer clearance sales. 

Many manufacturers offer a sale on gun safes in summer. Summer is the ideal time to buy a safe because they tend to out their gun safe before wintertime. 

Additionally, you can visit your local gun safe store and ask them when do gun safes go on sale. It also pays much if you do some research on other stores before purchasing so that you will have plenty of options. 


If you’re planning to save a couple of bucks when buying a gun safe, it’s essential to know when do gun safes go on sale. It’s also worth paying attention to the time of the year when buying a safe. Considering what you can get out of a great deal, it’s advisable to check out the protection rating, size, and the locking mechanism a gun safe can provide. So, you can get the best gun safe that suits your budget.