What Type Of Gun Safe Should I Buy?

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As an owner of a gun safe, I often hear this question from gun owners who want to buy a safe: "What type of gun safe should I buy?" A gun safe is one of the necessary things you need before you can legally own a gun. It is stated on the law of some states that you need to have a safe before you can buy a gun. Though there are countries who are in particular with this law, a gun safe makes a gun owner's life easier and better. Buying a safe requires considering several major factors, including the specific use of the safe and the features of the safe.

Types of Gun Safe

Finding the best gun safe is very difficult. When you are looking for the best brand and model, you'll end up puzzled and ask yourself, "What type of gun safe should I buy?” As for choosing the best safe, you need to know the types of gun safes.

Here are the types of gun safes

Biometric/Fingerprint Gun Safe

With innovation, this biometric gun safe now exist. This type of safe needs you to pre-register your fingerprint for you to have access to it. In opening the gun safe, you place your finger on the scanner, and it easily opens when the safe's system identifies your fingerprint.

Biometric gun safe is deemed as the most secure storage unit for your weapons as of this era. This safe is quite expensive, but worth the price.

Wheel-Pin Combination Gun Safe

This type of gun safe has a combination of wheels and pin. To access and secure the safety of your guns inside the safe, you will need to set a passcode. Some brands are said to be fireproof and can withstand harsh conditions.

Electronic Gun Safe

Electronic gun safe is a type of storage unit which has a keypad locking system with a small screen. This safe can be accessed through security codes. You can change the security code anytime you want to.

Key Lock Gun Safe

Just like a traditional home locking system, this safe uses a conventional lock and key. You can access the safe through keys that are specific to the lock. It would be best if you will not lose the key, or else you'll need to hire a locksmith to change the lock and key. 

Car Gun Safe

This safe is intended for vehicles. You can use this safe as a storage for your other valuable items also. Car gun safe is very important when you usually go on travel. This way, you can be sure that you are traveling safely.

In-Wall Safe

Some gun owners want to install a gun safe in between walls, that is why an in-wall gun safe is invented. This safe is hard to distinguish and built with a high-standard security system. A thief can hardly notice this safe because the design matches your walls.

Heavy Duty Safe

If you have a gun collection and want to make sure that it is safe from fire, burglars, and other harsh conditions, then a heavy-duty gun safe is perfect for you. You no longer need to ask yourself, "What type of gun safe should I buy?" This safe matches all your needs.

Factors to be Considered Before Buying Gun Safe

  • Size - Before you buy a safe, you should consider the size of the safe. Knowing the weight and as well as the dimensions will tell you what safe you should buy. It would be best if you buy a safe that can store all your firearms and is easy to install. You also need to consider where you will put your safe if the safe is for vehicles, you need to buy smaller ones.
  • Storage Capacity - You need to realize what are the items you will store inside the safe. For gun collections that include large rifles and a host of other valuables, you will need to consider buying a safe of a larger model. For smaller items, such as documents, jewelry, gold, cash, handguns, or other items, you may not require the volume of a large gun vault. 
  • Security Features The critical components that make a safe are things that you cannot overlook. The door frame, the door itself, locks, and security layers are all essential aspects to investigate in a safe. Every safe may be slightly different when it comes to some of these features, but you always want the highest level of security in the safe. 
  • Fireproof- You cannot estimate when accidents like fire and flood will occur, so be ready and buy safe, which are fireproof. This will indicate one of the highest fire ratings possible for home and business safes. Every Cannon Safe meets these high fire protection standards. 

What Type of Gun Safe Should I Buy

​Always think of your needs. Make sure to buy a safe that meets your standards and as well as suits your needs. This way, you will have no regrets.

Wrap it Up

​Gun safe is important for gun owners. In case you are stuck with the question: "What type of gun safe should I buy?” Think of your needs and standards. Now that we discussed the types of gun safes and the factors you need to consider before buying a safe, I hope that you already have something in mind. You need to focus on brands and models that you think are the best.