What Safe To Buy For Home: Securing Your Valuables

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A home safe or a safe is an essential accessory for those gun owners who store their valuables safely inside their home. As the crime rate increases in different major cities across America, having a safe has become a requirement for most people. Nothing can replace the security and protection a safe can offer to owners, especially if your planning to store your vital documents. While it's essential to have a gun safe around your house, it's also necessary to know the different types of safes before purchasing one. That way, you can choose the right one that suits your requirements and budget. But before rushing to the gun store, it would be ideal first to know what safe to buy for home. 

Most people are having trouble deciding which safe to buy for home as they don’t know the types of safes and benefits they can get from it. That’s why in this article we’ll explain the reasons why buy a safe for home so you can decide which one to buy. 

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying A Safe

  • Size – the size of any safe matter for different reasons. Small safes come with a compact design that can fit easily in a small area. Though they are not spacious inside, they are portable and accessible. If you plan to store many valuable items and larger sizes, you may want to have a large home safe. Most of the safe can be bolted to the floor or mounted to a wall to securely planted the unit inside your home. Pick the right location when installing a device as it may become hard to access such bigger safes.  
  •  Water And Fireproof – it’s essential to look for home safes that will protect and secure your valuable items free from nature forces and damages. You can rely on waterproof safes to keep your documents safe once the device submerged into the water. Fireproof safes are requirements for any individuals who plan to protect their belongings because it holds the moisture inside the safe. Most fireproof safes can bear high heat more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. 
  • Locking System – each home safe features a different locking system. Some devices might have a biometric lock or combination lock, but whatever the locking style of your safe, it’s crucial that you can easily access your safe. It’s also imperative that whichever locking system you pick, make sure to have a backup code to unlock the safe. While there are safes that use batteries to operate, it’s better to keep extra cells or someplace close to electricity to keep your safe running.

What Safe To Buy For Home

The truth is, there are different options on what safe to buy for home. These types of safe come with various features also that you might what to find out.  

  1. Wall Safes – are mounted to the wall and offer durable protection against burglars or thieves. Wall safes come in narrow width that can easily fit between the studs of the wall. What’s great about wall safe is that you can easily hide or conceal it behind a bookshelf, sliding panel, or a wall painting. Most homeowners use these types of safes to store documents, money, and jewelry. It’s best to find a cash-rated wall safe if you’re planning to place cash into the safe. 
  2. Floor Safes – are usually cemented into the basement floor or built underneath the floorboard. These types of safes are a bit hard for thieves to detect and remove. Floor safes come with a narrow width that makes it easy to place between the floorboards. Additionally, you can hide floor safes under a carpet, or furniture. 
  3. Free Standing Safe – is the most affordable safe you can buy on the market. They are bulky and dense, which makes it hard for thieves to carry them outside the house. Freestanding safes are also fire-resistant that makes it an excellent option for storing hard to produce documents. 
  4. Fire Safes – are types of safe that can withstand such high heat for a maximum of one hour. They can resist up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit of extreme temperature. Fire safes are also an excellent accessory for protecting vital documents that are difficult to replace.  
  5. Gun Safes – are the most common safes found in the market. These types of safe are an excellent way to protect and keep your guns away from intruders and your children. Gun safes can accommodate a tall and large number of rifles or shotguns. Additionally, most of these safes come with a standard locking feature that makes it ideal at home. 

Steelwater fireproof home safe is an excellent example of what safe to buy for home. It can stand against fire. The safe also comes with a combination lock and a backup key to open. It has two locking bolts that help to avoid burglars from prying and stealing your belongings. Additionally, the safe is designed with a removable drawer and an adjustable shelf so you can place small items. 

Consider The Security Rating Of The Safe

Most homeowners are unaware of the security rating of their picked safe, which is why we’ve decided to list the ratings here. Though the security rating adds a bill to your safe, this feature makes your safes reliable even if you store jewelry, high-value items, and a large amount of cash. You can use this as a guideline to find which rating you should choose appropriately, helping you to decide what safe to buy for home.

  • UL Residential Security Container 
  • Fire-rated Security
  • Burglary Ratings 
  • TL-15 security rating 
  • TL-30 security rating 
  • B, C, and E insurance ratings 

Keep in mind that some insurance companies may have limitations as to what they can offer to your safes. The content value of these ratings serves a level of security your safe can provide to your valuables. 

Benefits Of Home Safe

The primary advantage of having a safe is protecting yourself and your family from any casualties brought by an intruder. However, that benefit doesn’t stop there because there are other benefits that a home safe can offer.

  • Home safe protects your valuable items such as passports, jewelry, cash certificates, and other essential items against robbery. 
  • It helps keep your children away from essential documents and guns. Additionally, having a home safe allows you to comply with the law. 
  • Every safe can provide extra space for storing your items, depending on how many things you’re planning to place inside the safe. 
  • Safe help owners to protect their valuable from fire and water damage 
  • Safes can provide homeowners peace of mind and confidence that their belongings are protected. 


As you know, storing your valuable possessions to a home safe takes many options to consider. No matter what types of safes to buy, it always pays a dividend to know what safe to buy for home use. Picking the right safe is essential as it protects and takes care of the contents against such environmental conditions and burglars. Remember to carefully consider the factors before buying a safe as it will determine the efficiency of your chosen safe.

  • March 12, 2020
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