What Is The Best Small Gun Safe In The Market?

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As a gun owner like you, it’s imperative to access your handgun safe quickly in times of home invasion or emergency. But we must secure the location of the gun safe at all times to keep it away against a burglar or a child. It’s where a portable and accessible gun safe becomes a requirement, but what is the best small gun safe to buy.

The primary objective of a small gun safe is to keep your firearm accessible to respond in a home invasion. Gun owners place their handgun safe under the bed or inside a drawer to make it easy to reach.

In this article, we’ll cover the key factors you need to consider when choosing the right small gun safe for your pistol. We’ll also discuss the benefits of having a gun safe, so continue reading.

Factors To Consider

There are many factors to consider when choosing what the best small gun safe is, and in this section, we'll discuss the importance of these factors.

Size and capacity 

The size of a gun safe is an essential factor because we’re checking out the portability of having a gun safe. Understanding where to place your small gun safe deals with the dimension of the safe. You can place the pistol safe near the gun owner to make it easy to access.

The capacity of the gun safe determines how many extra items you can store inside your small gun safe. Though it will have limited space, it’s worth knowing that your safe can hold ammo, a small amount of cash or credit cards.

Locking system

While most small gun safe features an electronic or mechanical lock, it will end to your matter of preference. Gun owners like the electronic lock because they feel it works better and is much accessible. However, mechanical locks offer durability and dependability we all need. No matter which locking system your gun safe has, it‘s crucial that your unit delivers protection against intruders.

Ease of use/Accessibility

The ability of your gun safe to open easily at all times and retrieve your handgun plays a major role, most likely when you’re in an emergency. Whether it’s hard or easy to use, your small gun safe should protect its contents.

Design and built 

Another factor to consider is the construction and built of the gun safe. Having strong steel and sturdy door makes your gun safe impenetrable, especially against intruders. The design of your small gun case will make it impossible or at least hard for thieves to pry open the safe using the common tools.

Additionally, knowing your gun safe is fireproof makes it ideal against heat penetration. Though it’s a bit hard to find a small safe that is fire-resistant, you need to look deeper because it exists.

Benefits Of A Small Gun Safe

To understand why most people choose modest size gun safe is knowing the benefits of a small gun safe. There are few reasons to go for this safe aside from having a small firearm.

  • More convenient to use 
  • Offers much lower cost 
  • Portable and ease of access 
  • Size and weight 
  • Keeps the children and intruders away from handguns 

Once you decide to buy a handgun, always consider which suits your style and those around you. Keeping your family safe should be your priority. With a proper pistol safe, it should be easy for you to secure and place your gun around the house. 

What Is The Best Small Gun Safe?

Most people tend to buy handguns because they are easy to carry and hide around the house. It’s also practical to buy a small gun safe if you own a pistol which saves you some money. This unit allows you to store your handgun conveniently, and at the same time, you can easily access the safe.

When it comes to what is the best small gun safe to buy, one of the top pistol safes includes the Fort Knox PB1 handgun safe. This handgun safe offers simplicity and maximum security for your firearm. It’s making sure that your gun is lock and protected against unauthorized access.

The compact design and convenience make it possible to store a handgun and extra ammo inside. You can place it in a drawer or a corner closet where it does not take up much space. The size is another factor why most gun owners love this safe. It also features durable steel that uses a 10-gauge steel body and tamper-resistant casing. The PB1 handgun safe locking system makes it impossible for intruders to pry and open the safe.

Here are some features of Fort Knox PB1 handgun safe 

  • Holds two guns and extra ammo 
  • Durable design and portable 
  • Features a hard-to-break yet straightforward mechanical lock 
  • Unique gas strut door makes the unit hard to open 


It’s no doubt that a gun safe provides dependable security for your family. It’s worth having a small gun safe that can protect and access when you needed it. While it’s important where to place your handgun safe, it’s worth to know what is the best small gun safe to buy. The size and storage factor determines what to buy aside from the protection you expect from it. If you’ve planned to purchase a small safe, then you should consider the elements we’ve discussed when choosing the right gun safe.