What Is The Best Gun Safe To Buy And Why It Matters

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Did you know that owning a firearm deals with great responsibility? That’s why you need to keep your handguns and rifles safe and secure. You’d want to make sure that your kids or intruders don’t have access to your guns. Thankfully, there are many numbers of gun safe in the market designed to protect your weapons. The selection varies from biometric safes to traditional locking system safes. Choosing the right safe might be more complicated than what you can expect if you don’t have an idea what is the best gun safe to buy. Considering the different sizes and protections of a gun safe, you might want to get the best deal from your money. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need a safe in your home and the features of a gun safe. We’ll also share with you what are your best options for long rifles and handguns secure. 

Why You Need A Gun Safe

Though this might be the most common question that everyone asks, we’ve decided to answer why you need a gun safe in your home. Having a gun safe or locker works in two important things as a gun owner; you’re abiding the 2nd Amendment Rights as Responsible Gun Ownership and protecting your rights as an individual to bear firearms in your home to protect your family. But there are many factors and reasons why you should buy a gun safe.

  • Child Safety – it’s essential to know and comply with the law for everyone, which will protect your rights and keep your children from accessing a firearm in your house. It is a requisite to have a gun safe as a responsible parent to avoid accidents and tragedy should a curious child be living with you. 
  • Protect From Burglars – without a gun safe, you’re putting yourself and family member in the risk of danger once a theft or burglar break-in to your house. Even if the intruders may not use the gun against you, but you will still face liable issues and charges as a gun owner. 
  • Heed The Law – before purchasing a gun, you might want to check the local laws and see the rules and regulations for owning a firearm. It’s imperative to follow the law and keep your guns lock in a safe and secure location with a gun safe. Additionally, the state of California has a specific mandate and requirements when it comes to owning an arm and a gun safe. 
  • Protecting Your Investment – keep in mind the guns are not cheap. The maintenance of a firearm is not low-cost and so as their accessories. Gun owners tend to spend much cash on their weapons. Some AR-15’s might cost about $3000. Your insurance company will not cover the total cost of your guns, that’s why it’s crucial to have a gun safe to reduce this worry about protecting your investment. 
  • Save Money IThe Long Run – remember that your insurance company may not be willing to cut your rates if you don’t have a safe to secure your guns. Check your insurance coverage to see what discounts you can avail by having a gun safe in your home. 
  • Fire And Water Protection – we’re not in control of forces of nature and what happens next to such occurrences. It’s best to have a gun safe that is ready to protect your valuables against fire and water. Some gun safes can withstand such a high degree of heat for one hour. 
  • Protect your extra valuables – not only does a gun safe can protect firearms, but also you can store valuable items inside a safe. 

Features Of A Gun Safe

When it comes to protecting your firearms, having a gun safe should be the number one priority of a gun owner. A gun safe comes with different features and designs that you may be looking for a standard gun security case. You might like to consider this list whenever you’re shopping for the right gun safe that suits your budget and requirements.

  • Before deciding to buy a gun safe, keep in mind the size as you will choose how many items you’re going to store inside the safe. 
  • Remember to check the rated of the steel gauge as this feature makes the safe drill-resistant and impenetrable against the pry attack of intruders. The ideal steel gauge level should be around 10 to 8 gauge. 
  • The strength and thickness of the door determine the protection of the safe against unauthorized access, especially blasting and drilling through it. 
  • Another critical aspect of a gun safe is the bolt that keeps the door locked and protects the door from sliding and opening. A lot recommend having a thicker and multiple bolts installed in a gun safe. 
  • Keep in mind that there are many ways to access your gun safe if intruders have much time to break and destroy the safe. So, having a reliable and dependable locking mechanism to prevent intruders from easy access makes the safe more secure. You’d want to make it hard for invaders to open your gun safe. 

What Is The Best Gun Safe To Buy

There are many reasons why gun owners would like to have a long gun safe. If you’re a gun or rifle collector, you’ll need larger storage. But if you own a handgun, you’d want to have a more portable and accessible gun safe. Always consider the difference in size, usage, and prices when choosing between a long gun and handgun safes.

On what is the best gun safe to buy, there are many options to choose like Liberty Fatboy Junior gun safe if you’re looking for long gun safes. This gun safe can hold 48 rifles and shotguns, plus you can store small firearms and other valuables. Most of the long gun safe comes with fire protection and heat expanding seal. But if you’re planning to buy a small safe, the SentrySafe Pistol gun safe is the best option for you. SentrySafe has fire-resistant housing and anti-theft feature that makes this gun safe worth having.

Depending on your situation and requirement, it’s imperative to choose the right safe to suit your needs and budget.


You’re first intention to buy a gun safe is to keep and secure your guns, but it’s evident that there’s more value to a gun safe can offer. Even if you have a limited budget, you may still want to get the right safe for your money. Beyond that, understanding the usage and protection should be your primary concern too, that’s why it’s important to know what is the best gun safe to buy.

  • March 12, 2020
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