What Is the Best Gun Safe On The Market?- A Buyer’s Guide

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Every gun owner’s responsibility is to keep their firearm safe and secure against children and intruders access. Unauthorized use and free from damage are some of the reasons to protect your weapons. The best way to protect your guns is by investing in a gun safe. It’s a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers who are looking at a variety of gun models in the market. To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to share with you what is the best gun safe on the market. We’ll also explain to you the types of gun safe based on locks and sizes to help you make an informed decision before making a run for a gun store. 

Best Gun Safe On The Market: Popular Options

The majority of gun safe has many standard features, but you’ll find some models cost a little more. A bit of extra investment to a gun safe may be worth seeing a serviceable safe that suits your situation and budget. If you’re looking about the design, organized interior, and additional protection, then you should consider a high-quality gun safe.

Here are the two most popular gun safe in the market today. 

Fort Knox FTK-PB 

The FTK-PB personal pistol safe is a durable handgun safe, designed to hold up to two short firearms. This safe can also hold some valuable items and ammo. You can anchor this safe by mounting the four pre-drilled holes to a solid surface. Additionally, you can place this portable gun safe in your bedroom or car because it's as large as an iPad. This personal safe is a 10-gauge of durable steel that wraps around the safe's housing. It also features a hard to break the locking system that even skilled burglars will find it difficult to open the case. 

Features of Fort Knox FTK-PB 

  • 10-gauge steel body 
  • Extra thick door 
  • Mechanical lock system 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Exceeds standard firearms safety requirements by CDOJ 
  • Lifetime warranty 

SecureIt Agile Model 52 

Agile model 52 is one of the most innovative gun safes with advance technology and security features. It’s also the easiest large gun safes to install into the wall or under the floor bed. You can be sure that Agile model 52 does not take much place in your house. Another great feature of Agile model 52 is that it has no bolts outside the safe, which makes it extra safe against pry attacks. The safe comes with a modular Cradle Grid that allows the owner to store six long guns and making sure that the units will not get damaged. 

Features of SecureIt Agile Model 52 

  • Easy to control keypad panel 
  • Comes with key override 
  • Design KnockDown patent for quick assembly 
  • Recessed hinge swing door with three-point lock 
  • Stores 6 long guns up to 50 inches length 

Types Of Gun Safes

There are many types of gun safes each model are based on the type of locking system and in their different size. It’s best to know firsthand what is the best gun safe on the market so you can be sure which one suits your style and budget.

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Lock Type Features

The locks come in different features and designs where you have seen them like in your high school locker. Here are some of the main types of locking system 

  • Dial lock – this mechanical dial is durable and robust, which you can depend it will last a long time. Though a common misconception that this dial lock is time-consuming and challenging to open, it only proves that your safe is secure. Additionally, be sure to spin the dial to lock the gun safe after you open the safe. 
  • Electronic lock – these types of lock is the most popular gun safe locking system. You can access the safe by entering the user-defined security code. The access code can be customized and change for maximum security. This electronic lock requires the battery to operate, so be prepared to have extra cells when needed. 
  • Biometric lock – considered as the most secure locking system in a gun safe. These locks use a fingerprint scan that serves as an access code to open the safe. The biometric lock is convenient to use and offers high-security to your gun safe. Additionally, almost every weapon safe and security companies are adding biometric models to their product lines like SecureIt and Fort Knox. 

Gun Safe Different Sizes

You should also consider the size of gun safes before buying on as it plays an essential role in the design and area of installation in your house.

  • Handgun safes – are usually compact and portable. This type of gun safes can hold two handguns and some extra items and ammo. They are versatile because you can easily mount these types of safes anywhere in your house, including closets and cupboards. 
  • Long gun safes – are designed to hold rifles, shotguns and other long firearms. Their height usually ranges from 58 to 60 inches, which are a bit tall and need some time when placing the safe in your house. Some models are slim and wide, so make sure to choose which one suits your style and place to fit the safe. 

Specifications Of The Best Gun Safe

Gun safe specification is another feature that needs to consider in finding out what is the best gun safe on the market. It helps the customer to understand and resolve, which safe the right safe for them. These different features enable the gun safe on how to handle such a pry and crowbar attack.

Necessary specifications of the best gun safe: 

  • Thickness of steel 
  • Size and number of locking bolts 
  • Locking mechanism 
  • Strong and durable hard plate around the case 
  • Relocking system 


With all the different features and types of gun safes, you must keep your firearms secure. It will be much easier for you to choose which one suits your budget and needs. There should be no excuse not to invest in high-quality firearm safes as the security and safety of your family is your number one concern. Owning a collection of guns takes a bit of understanding, especially the price and protection it offers to you, once you’ve found out what is the best gun safe on the market.