What Is The Best Gun Safe For Under 500 Dollars: Finding The Best Gun Safe Find

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First-time gun owners are a bit worried about spending big dollars on getting the best gun safe quality. You can buy a new safe today as many gun safe manufacturers offer various models of wide price ranges. There is a gun safe for every person that can suit their needs, even if you have a limited budget. If you are looking for specific elements of a gun safe, you can surely get a quality one for a $500 budget. But what is the best gun safe for under 500 dollars that will give you protection and safety? That is why we are here to help you find the right security box for your needs and budget.

In this article, we will tell you about the things to consider when buying a gun safe under $500. We will also share with you some facts about gun safes.

What is the best gun safe for under 500

While most gun owners set their budget to $500 when looking for a gun safe, you can hit the right mark with that price. You will get an excellent weapon safe, and most of them come with locking systems and durability. There's a value you can get for your buck, and many are of high-quality firearm safe. But before buying one, you need to consider what suits your requirements.

If you think what is the best gun safe for under 500 dollars, then Barska Biometric quick access safe is an excellent option to check out.

One of the ideal high-quality gun safes under $500 is the Barska quick access long guns safe. This advance safe offers protection and quick access so you can retrieve your firearms quickly. You can store rifles and long shotguns and other valuable items.

The good thing about Barska quick access is that it comes with a fingerprint scanner that lets the user access the safe. This biometric system can store 120 fingerprint memory for multiple users. Barska quick access gun safe features an extra-thick door that prevents the intruders from opening the device. It also comes with a drill-resistant and heavy-duty steel body that can withstand pry attacks.

Things to consider when buying a gun safe under 500

Gun safes are not like any product you see in the market because they protect your firearms. If you’re a new shooter who’s looking to buy a gun safe, you should consider some critical factors before buying one.

  • You should buy a safe that is bigger than what you need because you may consider collecting more and longer guns. Focus on purchasing a safe that is protecting your firearms at the same time allowing some storage space. 
  • Not all gun safe in the market are fire-resistant, so you may want to add a little bit bucks to get a resistant one. 
  • It’s essential to check out the gun safe’s specification before buying the safe. You must consider doing this to get the best gun safe ideal for your budget and requirements. A ten-gauge steel plate is recommended to resist drill and protect your safe against pry attack. 
  • There are a variety of gun safe locking systems to select that are easy to access, which you can take into account before buying one. You should opt to go for a biometric safe, which can be unlocked by your fingerprint. 
  • Consider buying a mountable gun safe could work for you, mainly if you collect firearms. Some safe fits a wall or shelves, and that should be an advantage if you have long guns. 
  • Pick a heavy-duty door before buying a safe that is constructed with a solid steel plate. Extra thick door and bolts provide a smooth locking system that makes it hard for thieves to access the safe. 
  • Look for a strongbox or gun cabinets that come with removable shelves or racks. This feature allows you to place and store extra items inside the safe such as ammo, handguns, and documents. 
  • A colorful and decorative gun safe could be useful to conceal a gun safe, which we call ‘camouflaging.’ The design with the right specification of the safe should be on your list when considering to buy a gun safe. 

Facts about gun safes

Where’s the best place to keep my gun safe?

Picking a location for your gun safe can be a difficult decision for first-time gun owners like you. While there might be no straight answer to the question, it depends on the size of the safe you want to install. You may want to keep away your children and intruders from noticing your gun safe, so it’s better to keep it someplace secure.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you can easily access your safe in case of an emergency.

Is cheap gun safe equals to low quality? 

The answer is no. A high-quality gun safe doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get better protection and security even if you spend less cash on a safe. However, you may want to check the quality of materials of the safe as the inexpensive gun safe comes with disadvantages. You’d like to check the consistency of the design and locking system if there are any faults or malfunctions. 

Do you need to anchor your gun safe? 

Keep in mind that not all gun safe can be anchored on a floor or wall. It would be wise to anchor your gun safe for stability as it prevents burglars and intruders from removing your safe. 


Now that you know the facts about what is the best gun safe for under 500 dollars. Hopefully, it will help you identify the best model you can get out of a limited budget. Most first-time gun owners are having trouble finding a high-quality gun safe that suits their budget. That problem shouldn’t bother you anymore as there are affordable safes available. It is possible to purchase a gun safe that can protect and secure your firearms efficiently without breaking your wallet.