What Is The Best Gun Safe For The Price: A Quick Comparison of Gun Safe Types

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What is the best gun safe for the price? Gun safe can provide secure storage for your weapons. Keeping your firearm, as well as your other valuables, in a secure place should be your top priority. Storing your firearms in a high-quality gun safe is important to prevent burglars from stealing them. With a lot of gun safe available in the market, purchasing one proves to be a challenging decision.

For this reason, we’ll share with you this guide to assist you in choosing the best gun safe even if you have small bucks. This article consists of features and helpful information to help you find the right gun safe.

What is the best gun safe for the price

What is the best gun safe for the price differentiates the overall design, size, and features that each model can offer. Based on multiple locking options, it’s worth understanding which gun safe size to buy first. The most common gun safe sizes are long-gun safes and handgun safes.

Long-guns safes

For long guns like shotguns and rifles, a tall long gun safe is required. Most large gun safes are about 60 inches in height, and the width depends on the number of firearms you can store in it.

Steelwater 45 gun safe is a suitable option for long guns safe. If you’re a long guns collector, you should look for a safe that covers this capacity. Steelwater gun safe can hold 45 long arms with extra space for ammo and small firearms. Another great feature of Steelwater is that it has two full-length racks where you can rest your long guns. This safe is equipped with a heavy-duty steel plate to protect it from pry and drill attacks. The gun safe also features 60-minute fire protection which it can resist 1875 degree Fahrenheit.

Handgun safe

Though a handgun safe is a bit small, you can never underestimate the quality of the safe. Handgun safes are portable and designed to hold one gun with extra space for ammo. They can be carried at all times or store in a car console when you’re traveling.

Vaultek VT201 biometric pistol safe is a good quality handgun safe that is equipped with smart technology. This gun safe allows gun owners to use a smartphone to interact and open the safe. You can easily place this gun safe anywhere in your home without worrying about accessing the safe by children. Additionally, VT201 comes with a fire-resistant feature that prevents the heat from penetrating inside the safe.

Locking features

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to understand the types of locking systems of a gun safe. Each safe and cabinet is equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized access.

Types of locking system that most safes use:

  • Mechanical lock
  • Electronic Keypad lock
  • Dual locks with EMP
  • Biometric lock 

Keep in mind that these locking systems protect your valuables against intruders and thieves. This feature keeps off your children from accessing your firearms or other essential items. You may want a locking system that is easy to access in case of an emergency. That’s why it’s necessary to pick the right locking system that will suit your situation.

Things you should consider before buying a gun safe

Your personal preference and available budget will dictate the best gun safe for you. You might be looking for a cabinet safe to protect your guns collection or a bedside safe for quick access.

If you’re looking for a gun safe, you’ll want to know the specifics of a safe. Having an understanding of the features and protections will help you pick the right model for your needs.

  • The thickness of the steel affects both the strength and weight of a safe to withstand such pry attacks. This feature uses ‘gauges’ to express the measurement of steel. If the gauge displays a larger number, it means that it has thin steel.
  • Having a tamper-resistant safe makes it worth against thieves as they will most likely to break-in quickly. This feature prevents burglars from stealing and prying the safe to access the contents inside.
  • It’s true that if you have a limited budget, your safe will also have limited space. Having an adjustable shelve or rack to rest your guns may work very well for you. You can organize the safe’s interior space to use it more efficiently
  • Weight and storage of a safe play a major role in choosing the right one for you. It’s widespread that the heavier your safe is, the more storage space your safe has. If you’re planning to buy a safe because of its size, you may want to think first where you’ll place the safe. It will be hard for anyone to move a heavy safe inside your house, depending on where you’ll install the case. So, you should consider carefully about picking the weight and storage of the safe, especially if you’re not planning to have a gun collection.
  • The number of bolts attached or installed in your safe is crucial in maintaining security. You’d want to check out if the locks in your safe are thicker and longer, which tends to be more durable.

Understanding the things to consider takes a bit of a process before going for the best safe. You might like to find which safe to choose based on your location or if you have children at home.


What is the best gun safe for the price depends on your preference and budget. Like we mentioned, you ‘d like to invest a bit more cash in exchange for protection and reliable safe. But there’s a wide range of safe in the market that can offer such high-quality safe for an affordable price. No matter the reason is, there’s a gun safe for you. Keep in mind to weigh out the features and protection of the safe before making a final decision.