What Is The Best Fireproof Safe For Home Use: Your Best Guide In Choosing A Fire Safe

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A responsible gun owner thinks the safety of their family; that’s why safe storage is something we must have beforehand. A good gun safe is not only a solid investment, but it also protects your guns from theft and fire. Though you can always get an affordable price safe, it’s worth looking at what is the best fireproof safe for home use. If you have valuables and heirlooms that you want to protect against fire, you might want to purchase one. In this article, we’ll share with you some facts about fireproof safe. We’ll also give you the advantages of having a fireproof safe in your house.

Facts about fireproof safe

Not all safes are fireproof, so you may want to check the safe’s fire-resistance feature if it has a UL rating. Fireproof safes are made with layers of steel sheet rocks wrapped into them. The interior of the safe is insulated from the heat of a fire for a specific time. Depending on their fire rating, most safes are fire-resistant for at least 20 minutes.

Most fire ratings are based at a certain heat degree of about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The tested time within 2 hours raises the temperature inside the safe. As long as the fire keeps within that time, the contents of your safe should remain undamaged and intact.

Your safes fire-retardant qualities may increase by placing it on concrete instead of anything flammable such as floorboards or carpet. Knowing that you have a fireproof safe to protect your essential items from the catastrophes such as fire can pay off.

Features of a fireproof safe

It is possible now to find a fireproof safe available in the market. However, it becomes difficult to determine which model suits your requirements. For your guide, we’ve put the things to consider that affect the quality of a safe.

  • Locking system - there are four most common types of locks that a safe should have. These locking systems serve its purpose by way of access and protecting your safe against fire and burglars. 
    • Biometric locks 
    • Electronic locks 
    • Mechanical locks 
    • Dial and keyed locks 
  • Door and steel thickness – a thicker door plays an advantage as it protects the safe against thieves attack. A more rigid and compact door mold into many pieces of steel is more durable and provides extra strength against fire. The thickness of the steel that houses the safe offers maximum fire protection. The recommended width of the door is 5/16 inches, if not
  • Fireproof rating – if you’re wondering what does a fire ratings mean to you and you’re safe, it’s the endurance rating of your safe against fire. The interior temperature of a fireproof safe will keep at below 350 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a UL rating 72 class 350. That fire rating would protect the contents of the safe for one hour even if it is exposed to a high degree of fire burning 1700 Fahrenheit.
  • Protection type – it must be clear to you first what kind of protection your safe can provide. Keep in mind that most basic safes can offer burglary protection, fire, and withstand humidity, which can be made explicitly for a single safe alone. If your primary concern is buying a fireproof safe, then you may consider choosing a safe that higher fire protection rating. 

What is the best fireproof safe for home use

What is the best fireproof safe for home use? Though there are a variety of safes that offer the same feature, we decided to pick what offers storage and durability. In that matter, we’ll introduce to you the Stack-on FS-14 Gun Fire Resistant that accommodates a collection of guns and features extreme fire protection. 

Stack-on FS-14 fire resistant gun safe can offer everything you might need in a safe. Though a bit expensive, but you can be sure that this safe can provide maximum protection. You can find the safe comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting to the ground or wall. It will be hard to remove and steal once that it’s attached for the concrete. The safe is made of durable steel that comes with 14-gauge thick steel that wraps around the safe.

As for the fire rating, this model can withstand flame and heat for about 30 minutes. You have plenty of time to put out the fire, and you can retrieve your valuables undamaged.

Advantages of a fireproof safe

Many people believe that a fireproof safe is an excellent investment. What stands out about having a fireproof safe is you can keep not only guns, but you can store foods and cash. You can place your essential documents or keys inside the safe and do not worry about losing them. Keep in mind that you can’t say when you’re going to need a safe or when your home will go up in flames. It’s better to be ready and prepared to store your hard to replace documents so you can retrieve them later on. Though you can’t put everything inside a small fireproof safe, at least you have a place to put your most important things.

There are many advantages of having a fireproof safe, but overall, you may want to be prepared at all costs.


If you’re wondering, what is the best fireproof safe for home use, it may be hard to choose which one to pick. When choosing a safe, you may want to go for a higher UL rated safe. Deciding which safe that meets your requirements and budget can be a painstaking process. But that point shouldn’t hinder you from picking the right fireproof safe. We’d like you to see the factors that provide fire protection to your valuables.

  • March 17, 2020
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