What Is A Good-Quality Gun Safe: A Guide To The Finest Gun Storage

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There are many reasons why a gun owner should consider picking the right gun safe. A top-notch gun safe protects not only your firearms but also your other valuable items. Though it's a bit expensive to purchase on, the peace of mind a safe gives to you is undoubtedly beneficial. You may want to find a safe that can last and serve you a lifetime. But what is a good quality gun safe? What is the right quality gun safe that will protect your prized possessions?

There are plenty of gun safes available in the market, and it's challenging to find the right one. A high-rated gun safe can protect its contents against heat and burglars, but that doesn't mean that it cost huge bucks. To help you in your quest, we decided to share with you the things you should consider and how much does a well-equipped safe cost. So, continue reading and find out the different features that make a good quality gun safe.

What Is a Good-Quality Gun Safe

You have two options to consider when buying a gun safe, the long gun safes and the handgun safes. Depending on the number of your guns collection, purchasing a safe can be expensive. But there are other vital factors to consider before buying one.

  • The storage capacity of the safe
  • Accessibility of the safe 
  • Safe size and weight 
  • Types of locking mechanisms 
    • Biometric lock 
    • Dial combination lock 
    • Keypad lock 
  • Bolting and anchoring 
  • Safe fire rating 
  • The thickness of the steel and gauge rating 
  • Warranty

Which Gun Safe to Choose

We know for a certain that choosing the best gun safe can put you in a confusing situation. That's why we decided to narrow your choices about what is a good quality gun safe.

  • A formidable lock set up and sturdy build steel that is hard to pry on and damaged by hammers, crowbars, or any tools is a good safe. 
  • Fire protection may come in different ratings, so the right gun safe needs to have fire-resistance quality at least 20 minutes. 
  • Another critical factor in choosing the right safe is storage capacity. You might want to consider the size and storage of the safe beforehand. 
  • right gun safe has a built factor that constitutes secure deadbolt locking system, impenetrable steel plate housing, and extra-thick door. 

Different types of gun safes need to take into account before making a purchase. Each feature, protection, and capacity caters different set of requirements that suits different gun owners.  

Strength and Thickness

Another part of a gun safe that was usually overlooked by many first-time buyers is the strength and depth of the steel of safe. You have to be very careful when investigating the materials used on the gun safe. While each manufacturer uses different qualities, its best to look at the strength and thickness of the safe.

  • Door Strength - The strength is an integral part of protection as it involves the construction quality and design of the safe. You'd want your safe to have extra exterior strength because, during a weld, you don't want to lose your safe's door bolts or springs. A good gun safe quality is built around a continuous sheet of metal and not 'stitch welds' that links the number of metal sheets.'
  • Wall Thickness - Thin steel wall panels offer a little fight or obstacle against prying and torching. You'd want to have an extra thick metal plate wall wrapped around the safe. Heavy-Duty steel that has 10-gauge rating offers better protection against burglars and natural forces. Though steel is a bit expensive, it's worth having a thicker gauge for your safe. Keep in mind that the thicker the steel that harder for intruders to cut it. 
  • Strong Draw Bolts - Having strong draw bolts assures gun owners their gun safe is locked in place. A good-quality gun safe comes with multiple draw bolts. Additionally, these bolts should be durable and keep the safe close to such pry attacks. The pins are the extending lock system of the safe's body to the door, so it best to have at least eight steel bolts around your safe.

How Much Does a Safe Cost

What is a good quality gun safe, it depends on how much does a safe costs. There are a variety of safes that ranges from $200 to $5000 or more. However, the cause of the difference in price can be based on four factors:

  • Size
  • Level of protection 
  • Features
  • Storage capacity 

The price of a good-quality gun safe varies on which features and qualities that gun owners requirements. If you have the budget to spend, you may want to look for a concrete wall, extra protection, and high-quality safe.


Finding out what is a good quality gun safe can be gratifying and challenging. Buying a high-quality gun safe will give you peace of mind about your security and safety. That's why you should look carefully and consider the construction of the gun safe. The more robust and secure the features of the safe will make it trustworthy. Keep in mind that steel is expensive, and it's what makes a gun safe, good quality.

  • March 17, 2020
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