What Humidity Should My Gun Safe Be: Proper Ways To Care For Your Gun In Storage

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Firearms are vulnerable to corrosion if exposed to high humidity, even when oiled and cleaned. You can find the wooden stocks or gunstocks dries out and crack once it made contact with non-optimal conditions. Depending on the location of your safe, extreme heat and moisture affect the condition of your firearms. You don’t want corrosion to consume your guns, which makes you think – what humidity should my gun safe be? Why risk your firearms from rusts?

If moisture tends to spread inside a safe, then it’s possible to damage the contents. Jewelry can get discoloration and tarnish, documents will get mildew, and guns can rusts. It will be hard to repair these valuables, and sometimes you can’t recover them at all. The condensation speeds up the decomposition of what’s inside a safe. Since you spend lots of money protecting your valuables, so why not take care of them also once inside the safe?

What is the acceptable gun safe humidity level

What humidity should my gun safe be? Studies from the NRA show that 50% humidity at 70 degrees temperature is considered ideal and safe storage condition. When it becomes dryer than that, you will face problems with your gunstocks as it dries out and shrinks.

If your house is in a suitable temperature condition where condensation can start on metal, then it’s probably fine. But if you’re living on a sea-coast with salt air spraying your house, then most likely, your guns will rust.

Guns storage, vaults, or cabinet needs special care and attention as you might need to use dehumidifier or desiccants. It’s best also to use humidity and temperature control to monitor the degrees of weather conditions in your house.

Hydrometer for gun safe

The easiest way to monitor the humidity level of a gun safe is by using a hygrometer. This tool watches the temperature and condition inside the safe. Your goal in using this device to your safe is reaching at least 50% relative humidity or at least between 40 to 60% temperature. You may find that this device is easy to use and affordable.

A gun safe hygrometer can be installed to measure the internal temperature and humidity of firearm storage or cabinet. Condensation plays a significant threat of rusting and shrinking your firearms and other documents in a safe. Excessive moisture, when not monitored, will be a factor to malfunction your guns and destroy ammo.

What damage can extreme humidity do to your gun safe

This question must have popped up your mind - what humidity should my gun safe be. Since you’re focusing on keeping the condition of your firearms or other documents inside your safe. Here are some damages of extreme humidity can do to your safe

  • Storing your ammo in your gun safe may be at risk of damage if too much humidity surrounds your gun safe. 
  • Extreme humidity attracts the growth of mold. Keep in mind that the interior part of your safe may store damp or mildew that will lead to decay. 
  • High-level humidity, whether inside and outside your gun safe, it may lead to rust build-up. Though you can use rust cleaner to wipe off the rusts, eventually the rust will consume your gun safe where it will be too much to clean. 
  • If extreme moisture can damage your gun, so will also happen in your jewelry, and documents stored in your safe. 
  • Too much humidity can damage other valuables such as watches, hard drives, and electronic gadgets.

Ways to keep the perfect temperature of a gun safe

There are many ways to keep the temperature inside a gun safe in good condition. One of them is by using a dehumidifier that can suppress the moisture inside the safe.

Using EvaDry dehumidifier

The most recommended way to maintain a perfect temperature inside a gun safe is using the EvaDry canister. This dehumidifier contains unique crystals that absorb high moisture and keeps the humidity level correct. You can purchase EvaDry in different sizes, and they are renewable. Once the blue crystals turn in to pink, this indicates the canister needs a recharge.

Using a dehumidifier rod

Another way to keep the moisture inside a gun safe is by using a dehumidifier rod or goldenrod. You can place this device inside the safe to control the heat to warm the air that circulates inside the safe. Your gun safe’s temperature should be 3 degrees warmer than the outside air, which prevents moisture inside the safe. Dehumidifier rods come with different lengths, but we recommend using a 12-inch rod to use in 20 cubic feet gun safe.

Using rice as humidity checker

You can use rice to monitor the humidity and moisture level inside the safe. You can do this by leaving a bowl fulls of rice and leaving it inside. What’s good about the rice is that it absorbs moisture and dampness inside the safe. It’s a cheaper way to control the humidity level that circles inside of a safe.

Where to put the gun safe to control the extreme humidity level

You can avoid the risk of dryness and humidity by placing your gun safe in a perfect location. While the basement can prevent fire and theft, this place may not be an excellent area to store your safe against humidity. Most basements are locked up, which suggests the temperature therein does not circulate properly.

You can control the risks of dryness and humidity by placing your safe inside a bedroom closet. It’s an excellent option to install the safe where it’s cool and dry. You can use a coat closet to place your safe, which provides excellent air moisture.

Tips to keep your safe cool

Here are some simple steps to keep your gun safe’s temperature under control

  • Don’t store unnecessary items or valuables inside the safe.
  • You can open the door for a few hours, which allows the moisture to escape inside the safe. 
  • It’s best to clean the interior of the gun safe by wiping or polishing the wall and rack inside the safe. 
  • You can use a fan to lower and blow away the moisture inside the safe.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep the humidity inside your safe in good condition.


When attempting to find out what humidity should my gun safe be? It’s still best to use a hygrometer and select the perfect location to place your safe. Avoiding the risk of corrosion against your firearms means keeping your safe’s humidity level under control. You can use a safe dehumidifier to control and prevent moisture inside the safe. Even after you’ve kept your guns inside a safe, you still need to maintain it, don’t risk your firearms from rusts.

  • March 17, 2020
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