What Do You Do If You Can’t Open Your Sentry Safe Lock Box?

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Sentry Safe is one of the most top-selling guns safe worldwide. These safes are fire-resistant and renowned for their reliability and safety. Sentry Safe has several models that are equipped with different locking systems. Sometimes, you can encounter difficulty in opening your gun safe. So, what do you do if you can't open your Sentry Safe Lock Box? In this article, we will give you an idea of why you can't open your safe and some steps in tweaking your safe.

Possible Reasons Why You Can't Open Your Safe

There are several reasons why you are having difficulty in opening your Sentry Safe. Some of these reasons are due to product defects or disadvantages. What do you do if you can't open your Sentry Safe Lock Box? All you need to do is figure out what is the reason why you can't open your safe so that you can think of solutions.

  • Dead Batteries - You can't open your safe when the battery has died. Almost all of the safe that is available today is battery operated. Thus, that means that the battery status is the first thing you should check before thinking of breaking your safe. If your gun safe is equipped with an electronic and biometric locking system, your safe can't function when the safe's battery had run low.
  • Wirings - For electronic safes, the wiring of the safe is very important. Even the tiniest wire matters and can affect how your safes functionality. These wirings are connecting the locking system to the accessible entrance of the safe. Thus, when your safe's wiring is disconnected or damaged, you cannot open your safe.
  • Wrong Passcode - For keypad and electronic gun safe, your PIN code is the key that can open your safe. If you enter the wrong pin, your safe won't open. The system will reject your access attempts because it will assume that you are an unauthorized person.
  • Jammed Bolts - There are times that the bolt work can get jammed for several reasons that might cause the accessibility problem of your safe. You can check your bolts by using a machine that can detect jammed bolts when you hear light scratch noises. This means that there are jammed bolts in your safe. It's easy to free your inner-frustrations; you can now kick the safe. Turn your back to the safe, and hit the door hard a few times. Just make sure that you will not kick the electronic keypad or hit the locking system.
  • Time Delay - Sentry Safes go into punishment lockout mode if too many incorrect passcodes are entered. Depending on the electronic or ordinary keypad, it typically shoots a rapid sequence of beeps. If this occurs, you need to wait 10 to 20 minutes and try again.

What do you do if you can't open your Sentry Safe Lock Box

If you cannot open your Sentry Safe, there are some solutions that you can do to tweak your safe. Here are some of the common steps and solutions.

Determine the Safe Type

Before you can do anything with your safe and finding a way to open it, you need to know the safe. After knowing the safe, you look for solutions by searching in google this keyword, "what do you do if you can't open your Sentry Safe Lock Box?"

The name of the brand of safe is usually very easy to find. You can locate a company logo in the door of the safe or at the bottom edges of the safe. However, seldom times, the logo will not incorporate the name or logo of the manufacturer. Instead, it may just possess some decal or representation. But most will have huge painted characters spelling out the company's name.

Override Keys

Some safe comes with an override key, which you can use in case of emergency. These keys are common in smaller safe, which has an electronic keypad locking system. Often, there is a factory passcode that you can use in standard to tweak these Sentry Safes without the urgency to open them.

The most common combination is repetitive zeros, the number of which varies, but is often the same number as the safe's standard combination length. With nothing more than the manufacture, it is usually easy to find this information.

Safe Manipulation

Safe manipulation is not recommended because it might damage your safe. These will damage the Sentry Safe, but not in a form that requires you to buy a new gun safe. In circumstances that need more professional solutions, drilling a hole to the safe works. The locksmith will use small devices and tiny probes to manipulate the bolt work or locking system of the safe door. But if you have no different option to open your safe, you can talk to the locksmith to work on that or manipulate your safe.

You can manipulate Sentry Safe by using manual passcode key locks. These are types of locking mechanisms can be manipulated without harming the safe. This will be important if you have bought a safe or vault from any of the best gun safe companies. But there are forms of manipulation ways for a when a safe doesn't open, and easy touch-based manipulation still cannot open the safe.

Wrap it Up

​The problem you experience with opening your safe is common. As for Sentry Safes, all you need to do is figure out why you cannot open the safe.

What do you do if you can't open your Sentry Safe Lock Box? Well, all you need to do is be patient. We shared some of the reasons why you cannot open your safe and included the steps that will work for you.

  • March 23, 2020
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