Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe

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The essential thing that caught our eyes about this safe is the ease with which it keeps off unwanted guests as much as gives access to you, the owner and also to authorized persons as you so please.

The VERFI smart safe is equipped with a sensor made in the United States by Zvetco Biometrics, one of the foremost pioneers of biometrics with over two decades with of presence in the market.

The VERFI smart safe coming at a dimension of 7 x 16 x 8 inches and weighing just 30 lbs, is a black box of solid steel that offers a one touch access to your weaponry stored safely within as it opens up with just a fingerprint swipe. Now, how cool is that? You do not need to remember passwords, number combinations, retina scans and what not as the fingerprint sensor is trusted, tested and works just fine. It even works for all of those who have claimed to have bad experiences with scanners in the past.

Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe 1


  • 3-D imaging system used to generate detailed fingerprint images. This fingerprint sensor is used by top government agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Homeland Security. This smart safe handles dry fingers and other types of prints that most sensors can't recognize. This high-end biometric technology allows for accurate identification of prints in a secured manner.
  • Features AutoLock:  This gun safe uses the unique AutoLock feature which tells it to lock the safe the moment the door is closed.
  • SelfCheck Option: The SelfCheck option allows it to run a diagnostic check of the system after each use to test if there is any issue with the system. This is standard procedure for high-grade safes used by the government.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The user interface of the Verifi S6000 is easy to use and control. It lets you see and monitor everything. You can add new users as well as delete old ones or restrict their privileges. With the user interface, you can also access record entries to view who had access to the safe and when

One feature of the LCD screen in the safe is that it monitors the number of unauthorized access that attempted to gain entry into your safe. It keeps this information in the display log until someone with authorized access comes to wipe it off. The above is something that gives owners a sense of peace of mind.

What We Liked

  • The LCD which enables you the user easily monitor the access granted to your safe and also the battery level.
  • The presence of the LED NiteLite grade light that allows you to see your items protected within the safe even in the dark. While this may be captain obvious, what it does for you is that in the case of an emergency, and you are in a rush, you will still be able to handle your items with safe. We all know how guns are only as safe as they are treated, right?
  • The compact nature of the safe when compared against the pricing.
  • The fingerprint scanner is so precise you almost never go wrong when you swipe your fingers across it. Only perhaps once in every ten trials and that can be due to your fingers being wet or you not properly swiping your fingers on the sensor.
  • Also, the numbers of access granted, a whopping 40.
  • We also loved the auto lock technology that enables the door to shut off automatically once it is shut. You do not need to ask yourself if you have locked it or not.
  • The dimensions of the safe make it very adequate for the use of storage of small firearms both at the office and at home, quite effectively.

What we didn’t like

  • It can only more adequately be used for small firearms. Yes, we know that for a safe of this price we shouldn’t, for instance, try storing a pump action gun within, but the safe could use more space for say documents.
  • The safe doesn’t come with a rack that would have aided proper arrangement of firearms inside. Usually, this rack is advertised anytime the advert of the safe pops up, so we were quite expectant, but alas, the safe came without it. And we learned that the rack is purchased separately. Bullocks!


The Verifi S6000 is a great biometric safe that allows you to add new users and monitor who has done what and when. It has an auto-lock that locks the safe the moment the door is closed as well as a standard 3-D imaging system used to generate detailed fingerprint images. This fingerprint system is used by government agencies including the FBI and Homeland. If there is one complaint with this safe, it will have to be in size. You can only keep small firearms in it.