Store Your Valuables in Disguised and Hidden Safes

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If you have jewelry, cash, important documents or some other form of valuables to keep, it is best to put them in the hidden safes. This will ensure that all your valuables are secure at one place and you are protecting it from possible theft loss.

However, it is best to install the safe in such a place which is difficult to discover. By doing this, you have prepared first layer of protection for your valuables. To achieve your goal it is best to disguise it or hide it. There are some places where you can hide your safe.

#1 No Traces

First comes first, leave no traces. That is, if you are thinking of doing home renovations, it is best to find a wall or some other place to install the safe before finishing the work. Cover the front part with some layer of wood or anything you deem fit in that situation. You can also hide your safe behind a mirror. In this way, no one can notice your safe.

#2 Closet

You can install the safe in a closet. For this, it is best to make proper arrangement in the cabinet to hide the safe and then disguise the safe with the interior of the closet.

#3 Wall

You can put the safe behind a wall and place a picture in front of it. This service must also be done by a professional who is able enough to make the hole on the wall and prepare the wall to hang the frame.

#4 Child’s Room

Your child’s room is one of the best places to hide the safe. Ideal places could be behind the toy zone or behind the crib. Remember that if a thief enters your home, your child’s room will be the last place to look for jewelry.

#5 Kitchen

Kitchen or your pantry is most suitable option to hide the safe. There are ample chances to disguise the safe. Put the safe inside a cabinet, a box with utensils like pans or pots. Or build your safe in the wall and construct cabinet, cupboard in front of it that can be moved when required.

#6 Dummy

Why not install a dummy safe? You can install a dummy safe with all caution which we use in our original safe. In dummy safe, you do purchase a real safe but don’t use it to store your precious items. Instead, we install another safe for safe keeping of our valuables. A burglar put his best efforts in breaking the dummy safe and wastes his time. He uses all the time in breaking that safe until he succeeds in his attempt. After breaking the safe, when he see less valuable items he leaves the house without further looking for another safe because he is already exhausted in breaking the dummy safe.

#7 Sofa

Your couch or sofa is also a viable option to hide your safe. Such installation remains unnoticeable and leaves no traces. Such sofas are used in routine for sitting purpose and you have the full-time eye on them.

  • December 11, 2016
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