SteelWater Heavy Duty Fire Protection AMSW592818-BLK

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There are safes, and then there are safes. Of all the safes we reviewed, the Steelwater safe is an absolute monster. We can confidently say that even with the absence of protrusions to fix this unit to the ground or the wall, weighing a monstrous 425 pounds, no unwanted persons would be moving this baby anytime soon.

Manufactured in China, this product comes highly recommended for those in need of toughness, rugged and durable protection to last through the ages. If nothing thrills you, consider the fact that this item comes with a lifetime burglary and fire warranty, with a slight caveat. For fire, it offers nearly an hour (45 minutes actually) of fire protection for a temperature of 1550°F.

SteelWater Heavy Duty Fire Protection AMSW592818-BLK 1


  • Two gun rack. This gun safe features a fully holstered interior that can hold as much as 20 guns comfortably on the rack, ten guns per rack.
  • Sturdy construction. The Steelwater AMSW5928 has a 12-gauge steel construction which is secure and foolproof enough to keep out burglars altogether.
  • Fireproof. The Steelwater Heavy Duty AMSW592818-blk has a 45-minute Fire Rated @1500 F. This Gun Safe will keep your firearms safe in the fire for at least 45 minutes before it gets destroyed.
  • Gear Drive System. The Steelwater AMSW592818 uses a gear drive system for unlocking the safe in other to prevent hacks or attacks such as pry attacks and punch attacks. It works by using a 3-spoke handle and a9 1" steel locking bolts.

It is capable of safely housing more than three dozen long guns but with an average capacity of easily handling 12 to 16.
Coming with an exterior texture of being black semi-gloss powder coated, it’s outside dimensions are a height of 59” by 28” in width with a depth of 18”. The interior dimensions are 55 ½” x 19 7/8” x 10”. This gives the safe a thickness of 8.14 Cubic Ft and a usable interior capacity of 6.38 Cubic Ft.

What We Liked

  • The safe is well built with simplicity accentuating the aesthetics of the steel safe. When placed in your room, it doesn’t feel out of place but just fits into the furniture.
  • The sheer weight and sturdiness of this safe beats imagination, compared to the price of the safe.
  • We loved the variable compartmentalization of the safe, which can accommodate not just long guns but also ammunitions, several handguns and other things which required the use of a safe too.
  • The holes or grooves provided for you to be able to modify the interior to your taste.
  • The door of the Steelwater heavy duty safe comes with a door organizer attached to the door, which is like a bag with different compartments.
  • You can also procure extra pistol pouches for the door organizer from the Steelwater shop.
  • We are always a stickler for quality customer care and the customer services of Steelwater is top notch. It helps to know that your order is being managed and properly monitored and anytime you run into problems, there are reliable polite people to talk to.

What we didn’t like

  • The safe doesn’t come with any light placed inside, and that was a little bit of a problem. For situations where emergencies occur, it is hard to find your ammo or guns in the dark. It is not also safe to do that at night.
  • Although the safe is sturdy, the size also means that it will take up more space wherever it is placed.
  • The door organizers seemed to be made of Velcro. It is not a material we would first go for.


While it's true that this safe can accommodate as much as 20 firearms at the same time due to the double gun rack that it comes with, we do feel the absence of an interior light is a limitation that could hinder how fast you grab your firearm.Without an interior light, there is little visibility as regards the guns in the safe. You could pick up the wrong firearm especially at night which is when you need the light the most.

Another issue we noticed is that this safe is heavy to lift and it will take up a huge chunk of space, irrespective of where you place it. It weighs 425 pounds and measures 18 X 28 X 59 inches. Just limitations not deal breakers.
In all, if you do have lots of firearms that need to be secured somewhere, this heavy duty safe is ideal for you.