Safes Only with Combination or With Emergency Key

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It may happen that an electronic safe is no longer being able to open mostly due to the reason that we have forgotten the code. Another possible situation could be the dead batteries. Who have purchased an electronic safe for the first time has usually also the fear of not being able to open it because of an electronic malfunction, but if we talk about quality products and workmanship, such situation is very rare.

Another possible situation could be the dead batteries or the individual who has purchased an electronic safe for the first time might have the fear of not being able to open it because of an electronic malfunction. But if we talk about quality products and workmanship electronic malfunction is very rare.

In all such situations, it is very useful to have an emergency key to open the safe.

The key, however, may pose a major security issue. If you hide the key in the same location where your safe is installed, there are great chances that a thief can find and use to open the safe. Many think they hide the key in safe place but experience shows that thieves are smarter than you tend to believe.
One of the most classic hideouts for a key is the book.


A matter of fact, if there is a truly safe place to hide the key, we could use it to hide values directly and there would be no need of safe.

The only true solution is to hide the key in a different place like your office, home of a relative or friend truly trusted. Sole use of the key is to avoid possible bothering in the case of emergency.

Another possible issue raised from the emergency key is that someone could make a copy. For this reason, it is important that emergency keys of safes use a patented profile to be duplicated so that you can get a copy only authorized centers after showing the ownership card, possibly accompanied by the original key and/or showing an identity card for the owner.

After addressing the problem of custody and management of the key, one last threat is still there. The existence of the emergency key lock still represents a potential risk for safety, because it is one of the points that are used to break the safe. Lock with a tubular key greatly decreases the safety.

It is, therefore, essential that emergency locks on safes use a safety key and that they are well protected, with appropriate protection plates, against attempts of breaking or drilling.

From a security point of view, an electronic safe without an emergency key is considered fully protected without any issue. In the case, if the batteries run out, there is no problem, because almost all manufacturers offer the ability to connect the electrical system externally with a backup battery to facilitate the change of internal batteries without hassle.

However, if you forget the code you are in great trouble because you have no way to open it expect to break it. All such safe are useless which can be opened without breaking them.

To avoid these problems you need to save the code in a secure safe to recover later on as desired. Hiding a code is easier than hiding a key. Just obviously didn’t write it on a card locked in the safe, or mark it in the phone book under “safe”!

  • December 4, 2016
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