Is Menards Gun Safe Really Fireproof? – A Brand Guide

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Gun Safe is a kind of secure storage for firearms, as well as their bullets and ammunition. Gun safes are used to prevent stealing and easy access, also to protect the contents from damages during accidents or unexpected events. A company-branded Menards have this kind of storage. What we need to know, though, is: "Is Menards Gun Safe really fireproof?”

Menards Gun Safe is like a big cabinet made of metal and durable steel, which prevents outside elements from accessing or damaging the items inside. Gun Safes can also be used to store valuable items and high-end luxury things because these safes are made up of durable and for protection materials that cannot be easily undone or opened outside.

Reasons to Consider Gun Safe

There are a lot of reasons why an owner of a firearm should get a gun safe. The main reason is for safety and precaution. People neglect it a lot that it will not happen to them, but gun accidents are real and happen all the time. Keeping the gun safe will prevent someone from using it unless it is a must on the situation.  

Study shows estimates that gun accidents kill at least one child every day. Well, if you have a gun safe chances of this accident will have a zero percent probability. Some families consider weapons as an heirloom that passes through their generations at a time and treasure it in a secured way in their gun safes. 

Different Types of Gun Safes

There are small and large size gun safes that differ in material made and type of locks. Below is a list of different kinds of gun safes to keep your firearm and valuables safe from the elements like fire and water, thieves and curious kids that love to play anything new to them.

  • Biometric Gun Safe - This is an advanced one that lets you use your fingerprint to unlock the code. 
  • Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe - most of the gun safes are composed of steel, and steel is relatively fireproof that can withstand a specific high temperature before its melting point. When your house got caught by a fire, and you left out your metal box inside, you should not worry about the outside part of the storage; it should be the inside, which will absorb the heat and will affect the things inside of the metal box. 
  • In - Wall Gun Safe - By the name itself that it is put and made to be part of the wall. It is a stationary safe, so it remains and can vary with different sizes. 
  • Hidden Gun Safe - This type of gun safe likes to keep its privacy, so this one doesn’t look like a safe. It usually looks like a regular piece of furniture. 
  • Car Gun Safe - Is not that secure compared to in-home safes. This car gun safe usually is fit and designed for a single handgun, and this is also a good choice for traveling. 
  • Under Bed Gun Safe - This one is just like a sliding drawer underneath your bed to hold your guns. 
  • Heavy Duty Gun Safe - This one is going to take the word-heavy since it takes an entire crew to get this safe into your house and it weighs over 1200 lbs, but the good thing is not even a group of thieves will be able to get this over without a lot of effort. 
  • Corner Gun Safe - This safe has an intended design to be put and sit in the corner of your room, and it saves a lot of space, unlike other guns safe. 
  • Night Stand Gun Safe - This is a small handgun safe, hidden, secure, and close to you during the night so you won’t have to worry. 

There you have it with different kinds of gun safes and a lot of choices with various locks and safety; how they are installed and where it is placed.

Is Menards Gun Safe Really Fireproof

There are about 29 different products of gun safe at Menards, each of them varies from their dimensions and weight, most importantly the features it has, whether it packs a punch each product no matter what the size is. Most of them are made up of steel and proper locksmith. There are products that fire resistance and fire protection that can withstand a certain amount of time, which varies and the temperature it can handle.  

Usually, those larger size has the feature of fire rating and how much it could handle while on the smaller ones it is not indicated. So this falls on the thought that is Menards Gun Safe really fireproof? Each product has a complete description and documents for you to check the high-end quality of the gun safe and how it competes with a similar product in the market. 

Wrap it Up!

Each gun safe at Menards is a quality product you will not regret to have. Most of it is made of steel, specifically the walls, and doors of the product. To answer the question: “Is Menards Gun Safe really fireproof?” Well, it has fire-resistant and fire protection features. Plus, this kind of quality furlong the product itself, and it keeps the gun and valuable inside safe. It will not quickly get burned, but the heat damage it will take inside the safe will affect the things in it. All in all, Menards’ products have a reliable reputation that you should consider when it comes to buying a gun safe.

  • March 31, 2020
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