Is A Gun Safe Too Heavy For My Floor: Gun Safe Suitability

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The first step in making sure your firearms are secure is to have a protected and reliable gun safe. Yes, you need a heavy safe. No matter how intruders and burglars break-in, a heavy safe will be too difficult for them to carry. That is why ordering a safe that weighs half a ton is an excellent choice. But can your house floor take the weight, which leaves you a question - is a gun safe too heavy for my floor? In this article, we’ll discuss how much weight can floor support and where to place your gun safe. We’ll also explain if you should put your safe on a raised floor. 

How much gun safe’s weight a floor can take

The fantastic thing about home floors are, they are built according to a code. The required flooring load capacity should be 40lbs per sq.ft. The floor beams will act as a diagonal support structure between the trusses. You can place a 40lbs furniture or gun safe on each square foot of the floor surface.

If you’re still asking yourself, “Is a gun safe too heavy for my floor?”, you’re in luck. The floor will not collapse because no distributed weight is powering over the surface. Most likely, you will not be able to walk on your house if your deck could not take such weight. An average floorboard can take loads of open space, and you don’t have to worry about putting weight on its surface. Yes, you can set the gun safe on your floor without worrying. The floor support will distribute and cover the weight in one spot.

According to standard building regulations, it is a requirement for a floor joist or bearing wall underneath the floorboard. The trusses can take heavy loads, but it would not be suitable to place a safe in the middle of a floorboard. You can set the gun safe along the wall where the support comes from the foundation wall.

What is the weight of gun safes

Gun safes are heavy, durable, and sturdy. It takes an effort to move small home safes to heavy-duty safes, and they are not easy to move.

  • The entry-level gun safe weighs around 200 to 600lbs 
  • Midsize safes weigh about 600 to 1000lbs 
  • High-end gun safes can weight beyond 1000lbs 
  • Commercial-grade safe weight around 2000 to 5000lbs. 

But what makes these gun safes gain so much weight? There are many factors to consider why a gun safe comes with different weights.

  • Gun safe size 
  • Gauge of steel 
  • The thickness of the coating/housing 
  • Layers covering around the safe 
  • Fireboards
  • Design

Many variables impact the changes in gun safe’s weight. The steel and concrete construction tell the weight of a gun safe. Though many features add weight, the composite structure lays out the overall heft of a safe.

Should you put your gun safe in a raised floor

The wooden framework of a floor starts from the outside wall and expands to another outer wall. Your home floor comes with support such as trusses or rafters. The structural design beneath the floorboards comprises parallel wooden beams that range from 16 to 24 inches.

From end to end wooden or steel beams, the floor joist is capped to the rafters and supported by bearing walls. The sub-floor consists of nailed plywoods on top of the wooden framework. The floor joist should be perpendicular to the beams as it helps the trusses to distribute the weight. This design helps the home flooring bear the weight of the gun safes.

Remember to consider the type of wood used to construct the floor. The timber has its imperfections as insects can damage the wood, and it can also dry rot.

Places to install gun safes

If you’re looking to a spot to place a gun safe, you need to consider that some floors may be weak. There are different ways where you can place a gun safe in your home.

  • You can place a gun safe in the basement, but floods may arise, so you need to consider that too. Adding concrete blocks to elevate the position of the gun safe is a good option. This method can help prevent water damage to your firearm safe. Though you can’t anchor a raised gun safe, this is where a heavy safe comes in handy. It will still not be easy to move around a heavy safe.
  • It will be a bit hard to put a heavy safe on top of the hardwood floor as it may lead to floor scratches. You can use the carpet to slide the safe easily while preventing to leave floor marks. You can also use felt pads to move the safe around your house. Keep in mind that not all floors are strong enough to handle the gun safe weight, so make sure to check the floor framework of your home. 


Is a gun safe too heavy for my floor? The truth is, a heavier safe can be more secure as the weight adds a ‘protection’ factor to the safe. No matter how much weight a gun safe has, keep in mind where to place your gun safe. Different gun safe sizes come with different weights. Finding the right gun safe weight adds peace of mind and confidence, as it will be hard for thieves and burglars to carry your gun safe.

  • March 17, 2020
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