How To Sell A Gun Safe: A Seller’s Guide

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Time will come when people want to get rid of their cars for new models; they can do the same with gun safe. Learning how to sell a gun safe is a good idea for gun owners. It's not that difficult. However, there are a handful of things to learn. How can we do this lawfully and responsibly? Keep in mind that this is not legal advice, but rather a general discussion about how a regular citizen like you can offer a gun safe they want to sell.

If you plan to sell your gun safe to a dealer or an individual, you must consider other factors before moving forward. Whether you intend to divest your collection of safes or earn some cash, you should know how much a gun safe cost. In this article, we'll answer some common questions such as where to sell a gun safe and should you go for new or used safes. 

Why Sell a Gun Safe

There are many options when it comes to why you want to sell a gun safe. Though buying an older model gun safe comes with disadvantages, but it's also a good idea. While buying a new safe comes with different features, but it comes with a hefty price. Selling your gun safe is an alternative way to upgrade to a new safe that you want to have. Below are the benefits of buying a new safe, which comes with great features. 

What Do People Look for When Buying a New Safe

Let's be clear about the main attraction of purchasing a new safe for your valuables and guns. A new safe arrives in mint condition, free from any tamper or damage, and looks much better in your home. In addition to that, here are some advantages to buying a new safe: 

  • Latest security features
  • Advance locking code 
  • Customizable
  • No unexpected maintenance

What Do People Look for When Buying a Used Safe

Here are some benefits of buying a used safe that most buyers look for before purchasing one.

  • Saving extra cash 
  • Avoids large depreciation 
  • Reduced insurance costs 
  • Warrant considerations 

Where to Sell a Gun Safe

In this section, we decided to discuss choosing the right place to sell your guns. You may sell your safe online or offer the safe to gun dealers near to your location. Once you've decided to pick the place, you should bring along the papers of the safe that buyers might ask.


You can access the Amazon website from the comfort of your computer. You can search and learn how to sell a gun safe online using Amazon. You have the option to receive a buying and appraisal deal, depending on the cost of your safe. Amazon will direct you through delivery and packing of your gun safe, and you will quickly send payment and official bill of sale once buyers purchase your safe. Amazon's selling process is simple and legal, so it's essential to promote your safes.

Amazon is a widely known online market that sells a variety of stuff to the public, such as coffee machines, garden tools, and security safes. This online platform caters to many sellers online, which makes them a trusted company for buying and selling different products.

Gun dealers

When it comes to buying a gun safe, you have different options. Gun dealers have a variety of safes for sale, but you may also find gun safes in locksmith shops. The price of a regular safe may be pretty high, but some vendors deal in refurbished or damaged safes and offering them at a lower price. Some sellers are willing to take trade-ins on safes and market those at a lower price.

How Much Does a Gun Safe Cost: Used vs. New

Cost of a used gun safe

If a gun safe is in good condition, but the manufacturer is not active anymore, you should pay about 20%. You can spend less than the total price if the key to the safe is missing. However, you should move to another unit if the locking mechanism of the safe is not working or damaged. Keep your eyes on dents and scratches as they make affect the cost of the safe.

While the price of a used gun safe varies, you can find the right seller that can offer $50 to $500 for the best deals. Keep in mind that most sellers don't offer free delivery to used gun safe, so you better ask the dealers about shipping.

Here are some tips and best deals you can find on used gun safes:

  • Let your friend know the types of gun safes you're selling
  • Find out the value of what you're selling
  • Look for how much do competitors offer their gun safes
  • Consider shipping and discounts when appropriate
  • You can opt to change the locking system

Cost of a New Gun Safe

Traditional gun safe price starts around $150. A reliable medium size gun safe with functional space inside can cost about $500. But the big heavy-duty gun safe may begin between 1000 to 1200 dollars.

When it falls to imported safes, there is no discount tag. Value depends on several factors that the manufacturers don't always market accurately. Manufacturers sometimes choose to highlight broad bullet-point lists of features of the gun safe. But for a customer looking for a cheap big safe, there is no trick if it comes to price and quality.

These prices are for first level gun safes, which are affordable and offer high-quality. Regular shipping fees may come cheap and free of charge that makes it more attractive to buyers.

How to Sell a Gun Safe

The most common price of a safe is $150, which has an acceptable quality. Understanding how to sell a gun safe need some research and learning as it may stretch other factors such as age and damages. Most buyers are looking for safes that are sturdier and offer fireproof protection. You should take into consideration of selling your devices as an online retailer.

Selling Your Gun Safe Privately

If you're trying to optimize what you might get for your used gun safe, it's possible that selling a safe in private would get you the best price. A trustworthy member of your family or friend is perhaps your best bet. BE CAREFUL on that, though. Several jurisdictions have a gun safe selling regulations. So, it's imperative to follow or comply with the law to avoid the risk of doing something unlawful. Gaining a few extra bucks isn't worth the crime or misdemeanor penalty. The safest way to sell a gun safe is through an authorized dealer. You can assist the consumer with the transfer of ownership of the gun safe.


​The truth is, it isn't hard how to sell a gun safe. Keep in mind to check the rules and regulation of your state about selling a safe. When it becomes clear to you about selling your safe online or to a gun dealer, you can find that you don't have to break a leg to sell your gun safe. Now that you've learned some practical ways to sell your safe and how much does a new or used gun safe cost, you can work your way from there as a starter.

  • March 18, 2020
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