How To Secure Windows Without Bars: Burglar-Proofing Your Home

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It’s a priority to secure your home against burglars and invaders. Studies show that 30% of break-ins happen through an unlocked door or window. Most thieves enter through the first-floor windows of a property. However, many reliable solutions can protect your windows against thieves and crooks. To help you reinforce your windows, we’re going to tell you how to secure windows without bars. We’ll also explain why you need to secure your windows. 

Why You Need to Secure Your Windows

Safety bars on windows can help deter burglaries and stop thieves. If you have windowed doors or windows in the basement, you have to make sure they are secured with locks and alarms, shatter-resistant window glass, and other security measures. 

These home break-ins are the most popular entry points:  

  • Front door: 34% of burglars turn the doorknob and walk-in quickly. 
  • First-floor windows: 23% use first-floor windows to break into your home 
  • The second-floor window shows 2% chances of break-ins 

There are other factors why it’s wiser to install burglar-proof bars on your windows: 

  • High crime in your neighborhood 
  • There’s no presence of neighborhood watch program 
  • Basement windows and doors
  • Your home has poor locking system 
  • Fear that your home will be invaded 

The sight of a reinforced window home is necessary to stop burglars from wanting to break into your home. Many thieves strike homes that have a lack of standard security features such as home security. These give them a chance to break-in to your home at little risk of getting caught.

How to Secure Your Windows Without Bars

No matter if you have a sliding, casement, or double-hung windows, you have many options to secure your windows. If you don’t like putting bars into your windows, we’ll teach you how to secure windows without bars. Remember that the first step in protecting your home is to install a reliable locking system.

Here are some best methods to secure your windows without bars.

  • Use reliable locks
  • Install window security film or a reflective glass 
  • Add window alarms and security cameras 
  • Install laminated safety glass (one-sided view) 
  • Install outdoor motion-activated lights 
  • Plant shrubs with thorns under the windows 
  • Secure in-windows air conditioners 

Burglars looking for ways to get inside your home must check at your doors and windows. When you have sturdy doors and high-quality keys, windows are the best entry point into your house. It will be best if you fix this potential safety risk by taking actions that will bring too much effort to break-in through the windows.

Different Ways to Reinforce Your Windows

While having a security system adds protection to your home, you still need to consider strengthening your windows. If you have to leave home, keep in mind to lock your doors and windows. There’s no better way to secure your home but to keep burglars off from your lawn and yard.

In this section, we’ll share with you the different ways how to reinforce your windows.

  • Lock windows - The quickest option is to make sure each window is closed and locked before you leave your home. There are different types of locking systems installed in every window, but in older windows, they are ineffective. You have to need to install additional keys to make it more difficult for intruders to get through.
  • Reinforce glass – Though a solid and sturdy lock may not stop a determined burglar, they have to option to break out a pane of glass. There are alternative ways to increase your window security from this kind of situation to defend your home. 
    • Protective film - It prevents the simple smashing of your glass. Tinted films might also make it impossible or difficult for a thief to see inside your home looking for things to grab. 
    • Security screens – they are made of sturdy steel, which is harder to breach. They are similar to bug screens but much more durable. 
    • Shatterproof glass – you can replace your windows with thicker and stronger glass that is hard to break than a regular window pane. 
  • Install Bars or Grills – these protective grills provide sturdy security to your windows. Most windows bars add décor and protection against burglars. This method makes it hard for thieves to break-in to your home. Remember that burglars don’t want to attract attention if they plan to torch your window bars. 
  • Window Alarms or Alerts - another reliable and successful burglar alarm is the window sensors. A warning is sent to control panel if the window is opened or broken. As the alarm goes off, the police will be notified immediately if the surveillance system is being tracked 


Now you’ve learned the different ways of how to secure windows without bars; we still recommend always to lock your doors and windows. Deciding how to burglar-proof your home takes much consideration of which works best for you. Keep in mind that once burglar case your house,’ they will do everything to get inside. Hopefully, with this guide, you can develop a plan to protect your home against danger. It’s better to be prepared all the time. 

  • March 18, 2020
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