How To Secure A Safe To The Floor: A Safe Installation Tutorial

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If you have a gun safe, most likely, you want to place and mount it somewhere in your house. A safe is of no use if burglars can walk away with it. There are many ways to prevent burglars from carrying out your safe and its contents. In this article, we will answer the questions: “How to a secure safe to the floor? If you are renting an apartment, we’ll provide you with other ways to secure your gun safe without bolting it to the floor. Plus, we will also share with you the benefits of securing your safe. 

 Benefits of Securing a Safe to the Floor

If you can carry your safe inside your home, others can take it out. A motivated crook with prevalent movable tools could steal almost any safe. But you don't want to see this happen; you have to protect your safes.

There are interesting safes to consider. It will help if you protect your small safes in a different way than large safes. Large safes have a sense of security that is suitable for their weight only. A skilled crook will quickly carry out huge, lightweight safes onto a hand truck.

It's critical to protect your safes. It will help if you consider looking through safes and how to keep them from getting robbed. Keep in mind that there's no size fits all the solutions. Consider your preferences, your safe, and whether you own or rent in an apartment.

Safes are excellent protection, but the first thing a thief would want to do when he runs across one is to remove it. If the safe can't be removed, the intruder will automatically give up. Many perpetrators aren't going to stick with trying to access a safe, especially one that's of high security. Therefore you'll add a little bit of protection to your safe by bolting your safe down.

How to Secure a Safe to the Floor: Bolting

Amongst the most common problems about bolting down a gun safe is the types of floors. First, we're going to look at how to bolt a safe to a wood floor and then onto a concrete floor. Neither is particularly hard, and you will be done straight in no time.

The differences in floor mounting are the kinds of bolts and tools that you will have to use. A safe manufacturer often offers a mounting kit for the floor. Make sure you have the right pieces of drilling and blasting tools to get the job done.

Bolting Your Safe to a Concrete Floor

You'll need tools to do this task, such as a power drill and an impact hammer based on the fasteners you are using. You will also need a different concrete quality drill bit, so you won't have a problem with drilling the mounting holes.

Some manufacturers may offer full bolting kits for flooring. If you already have one that fits for your safe, then you're nearly half the task. You should verify the required bolt size with your safe and purchase the right hardware and drill bits to install the safe.

Bolting Your Safe to a Wooden Floor

There are different approaches when it comes to securing your gun safe to a wood floor. If you have a crawlspace beneath your house, you might consider using washers and large nuts to drill to the floor. Another way to mount your safe is you can fasten the device to the floor joist through some lag screws.

If you plan to mount your safe to the floor joist, you will have to find the right spacing between the studs of the floor. Check out if the spacing between two joists allows you to mount your safe. You may also consider bolting your safe to a wider sheet of steel. This way, you can adjust bolting your safe between the studs.

How to Secure Safe to the Floor without Bolting

It's common to bolt a safe down to the floor, but there are factors not to bolt-down your safe. You may not be able to bolt a safe down to the floor if you are renting. Another explanation is that the floor itself is unsafe, making the owners look for an alternative solution.

You may consider not bolting your safe to the floor even if you own your home. You may not want to drill your safe if you have expensive hardwood floors. Or, the layout of your floor isn't conducive to securing your safe in a traditional method.

  • Place a large piece of heavy steel or a pallet into your safe. You can't push your safe through your door. It will be best if you are cautious that pallets can be sliced or taken away, and your best solution is mounting it in a piece of sturdy sheet metal. Make sure that you have a gun lock installed to keep these people from using guns in the wrong hands should your safe get through. 
  • You can attach the safe by gluing it down to the floor. There are high-rated durable epoxies and adhesives in the market that you can use. When you have glued it down, it can take days to break the safe off from the ground. 
  • By filling the base of the safe with heavy weights, you will make your safe hard to move around. You can add as plain as sandbags or lead bars, or a poured concrete at the base of the safe. Remember not to fill it with things that have moisture because it may damage your arms and the safe. The goal is to make the safe heavier for unauthorized individuals to pass and remove your safe. 


​It can be easy to install your safe in any non-traditional way. It will be best if you consider choosing the right safe and selecting the spot you want to place it. You have to keep in mind the pros and cons of bolting your safe to the floor. Many people prefer to bolt their safe to make it difficult for burglars to carry the safe. Learning how to secure safe to the floor utilizing the bolt is important protection you can give to your safe. But if you choose not to bolt your safe, you can find plenty of methods of how to secure your safe to the floor without bolting it.

  • March 18, 2020
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