How To Secure A Safe In An Apartment: Apartment Security Best Practices

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If you own a gun, you must keep it secure in a locked place such as a safe. But when you are renting an apartment, setting up a safe in your home can be challenging. Chances are if you drill a hole into the floor, the landlord will not be happy about it. You want to make sure your safe in your apartment is secure, so what will you do? In this article, we'll share with you on how to secure a safe in an apartment.

How to Secure a Safe in an Apartment

Below are some tips on how to secure a safe that you can apply to protect against a burglar. However, you should take into consideration other factors, after your landlord agrees on your plan to install a safe.

Use the Wall to Bolt Your Safe

Not every landlord will want you to bolt your safe to the wall, so be sure to ask before you do this. You should identify the area where you'll place your safe if you are permitted to attach your safe. Choosing a corner is recommended so that you can bolt the safe between two walls. You'll need to locate the studs after you've decided where your safe will go.

Unless you bolt it to plywood subfloor that can quickly be torn away by a burglar, your safe won't be protected. It's best to hire an expert to help bolt the secure into the studs. You will need to punch holes into your safe walls, aligned with the middle of the studs to which you will bolt it.

Bolt Your Safe to a Steel Slab

Purchase a high-quality steel slab that is about a quarter of an inch thick and wider than your door frame. Because the steel slab is wider, it will keep the burglar from taking it and fleeing quickly. Position the slab where you want to be secure and place the safe on top of it. Using the bolt through the holes on the bottom of your safe, you can drill the pins one by one. They will have to break through the slab for a burglar to access the lock, which would be a complicated and time-consuming task. No burglar would want to do that sort of job.

Things to Consider Before Securing a Safe in an Apartment

Many renters like to install a safe, but many people don't know how to install these devices properly. If you don't mount the safe correctly, you could ruin the property and be a target of burglary. Take into account these essential installation tips if you're planning on putting a safe in your apartment.

  • Ask your landlord – you will need to use bolts to mount a safe firmly, which will affect the wall or floor. If you don't own the apartment, you will require approval from the owner to do the job. Some tenants will let you go, but they're usually going to have a few restrictions. If you eventually leave the apartment, the landlord can demand that you leave the safe. 
  • Don't rely on 'good' hiding place - burglars don't linger around. The typical burglar stays for eight minutes in your house, but this doesn't imply he can't recognize what he is searching for. Many burglars are heading straight to the safe where homeowners think they will never locate them. If you believe you can hide the safe below the sink or inside a storage unit, you're likely to get shocked.
  • Bolt the safe to two walls - it's best to bolt the safe between two walls for the maximum protection. A skilled burglar might have time to remove the safe from a wall, but most robbers would leave your safe behind if you lock it to two walls. One of the best locations you can mount your safe is the corner of your closet.

Benefits of Installing a Safe in an Apartment

There are many benefits that a homeowner could get from having a secure safe inside the apartment, some of which we list below:

  • Prevent unauthorized access of burglars and thieves 
  • Your priority is the safety against children if you own a gun 
  • Prevents your visitors from accessing your gun
  • The location of your safe should be easy to access 
  • Fire protection for your firearms and ammo 
  • Protects valuable documents, cards, and cash 

Hopefully, these benefits will give you an idea of having a secure safe inside the apartment. It would still be best to protect your safe against intruders who are looking for an easy break-in to your safe. 


​A home safe is an excellent way on how to secure a safe in an apartment. You can protect your gold jewelry and collectibles while you live in an apartment. To protect these valuable items, make sure that you mount the safe in the right place and way to deter a burglar. Once you know how to secure a safe in an apartment, it would give you peace of mind to your valuable. Keep in mind to ask for permission to the landlord before you make drastic drilling on the wall. Contact a locksmith to get more information on how to mount a safe better.

  • March 18, 2020
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