How To Scare Burglars Away: Home Safety Planning

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The security of your home and your family is a top priority, so robbery is one thing that you want to avoid. Modern-day robberies target homes in a lot of different ways. That is why it is essential to educate yourself on how to scare burglars away. We will be tackling that in this article, as well as discuss how burglars target homes and what items they take after breaking in.

How Do Burglars Target a Home

The burglars have to come up with an effective plan before they break into a property. They case a place and search throughout houses for specific features. To figure out if your location is a good burglar option, take a look at the three main categories of how do burglars target a home.

  • Easy access through doors and windows - Plotting a break-in begins by identifying entry and exit locations. Burglars also don't need to crack windows or door frames to get in. Doors and windows with unreliable locks are popular access points for burglars. If it's simple to remove or skip them, then it makes getting inside fast. Garage doors are accessible passageways that burglars can get through quickly. Fast exit for burglars is yet another bonus.
  • Indications while you're on vacation  - Burglars avoid running into homeowners while they're inside the house. They are looking for signals that you're not at home. Another myth concerning burglary incidents is that they arise mostly at night. A key reason for this is that the burglars anticipate people to leave for school, work, or errands.
  • Low visibility and security - Given a large number of break-ins during the day, most attackers settle for the low profile of the night. These intruders can also search for houses that are tough to see from the street, so they can't be caught in the act.

    Minimal protection is also an asset for burglars, and they can check out for alarms and cameras. They will pass on to a house that is not fitted with sophisticated precautions to speed burglary.

What Particular Items Do Burglars Look For

Frequently, burglars don't break into a house for common goods — they're hunting for specific items. They are mostly looking for stuff that they can offer for large amounts of money. So what are the things thieves would like to see in your home?

  • Jewelry and cash – These two items are what most burglars aim. They are the leading items that most people report stolen.
  • Medication – These items are also a target for most burglars because they can resell it for a profit.
  • Electronic gadgets – These are other leading goods for burglars. They are easy to carry, plus they can sell these items quickly. 

Low-key locations for storing these products will keep you from risking money and assets. Place these popular burglar goals in an unpredictable spot in the case of a break-in.

Different Ways to Protect Your Home Against Burglars

While most break-ins happen to such homes, there are many ways where you can install devices to deter thieves. Adding alerts and visual cues can minimize the risk of burglary. You can check out these tips on how to prevent burglars from breaking your house.

  • Lock the doors – most burglars try to enter on the back or front door because many people leave or forgot to unlock their doors. These actions leave successful attempts at entering and walking in the front door. It's best to lock all your doors when you're going out.
  • Never leave windows open – numbers of break-ins begin with first-floor windows when they're unhooked or unlatched. During the summer heat, homeowners tend to leave their windows half-close, which is enough for thieves to enter the house.
  • Have a guard dog – the man's best friend act as a sound alarm when a burglar is within the area. Most burglars don't want to attract attention or annoyance during break-ins. Intruders and thieve moves away from burglary once they spot a big dog in the house.
  • Install a security system – these protections discourage burglars from entering your home. A loud alarm or siren is enough for burglars to pass your home.
  • Install motion-activated lights – it's best to install these lights in front of your homes such as fences and hedges. These direct visuals are a great burglar deterrent because it adds a surprise factor that startles many thieves. Putting a burglar in a spotlight frightens them, especially in the middle of the night. 

How to Scare Burglars Away Using Decoys

​Experts over the years shared some tips about the effectiveness of using decoys as preventive measures. If you're planning on how to scare burglars away from home, you can use these decoys to prevent selecting your home as a target.

  • ​Place a large dog bowl in front of your yard
  • Add a sign that says 'Beware of Dogs'
  • Install a noise deterrent in your door
  • You can add window stickers of alarm signs to deter burglars
  • Place a sign' Caution: Gun Ownership' decoys

Keep in mind to check your state's law about adding such decoys as you may get sued by getting burglars to physical injury. 


​Our goal here isn't trying to hurt anyone but to get burglars thinking about breaking into your home. This guide doesn't just protect your family from danger, but they can also give you peace of mind knowing that you're prepared. Understanding on how to scare burglars away is an alternative step to secure your home without spending much money. But it pays dividends installing approved burglar deterrent devices, especially for homeowners how are on vacation. Remember to keep your family and home safe from malicious intentions give you a sense of responsibility.

  • March 18, 2020
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