How To Remove A Safe Bolted To The Floor: A How-To Guide

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The easiest way to safeguard valuables is to secure them out of reach and locked in a safe. For increased security, installing the safe into a wood or concrete base with solid bolts will lock it into place. Most burglars attempt to remove the safe so that they can take their time unlocking it. You can stop them by using bolts to lock the safe in place. There will come a time when we want to move the safe to a different place. In this article, we'll talk about how to remove a safe bolted to the floor. We'll also share with you how to bolt a safe to the floor correctly.

Things You Need

Moving a secure box requires the ability to cut the lock without destroying the contents inside. Depending on where you placed the device, it may require different strategies to extract it. Your storage unit will most often be on the floor, underneath furniture, or on the concrete. Here's what you can do to remove it away.

  • Drill
  • Phillip head screwdriver 
  • Regular screwdriver 
  • Pry bar 
  • Vice grips 

On the chance that your safe is bolted to the floor, we recommend that you look for help from the experts, rather than attempting to remove it yourself. You must plan it correctly to avoid compromising the value and quality of your safe.

Bolting and Unbolting Your Safe

There are pros and cons to why homeowners want to bolt and unbolt their safe. In this section, we'll explain to you how to perform both this task.

How to remove a safe bolted to the floor

It can be hard to move a safe, particularly one weighing over a ton. If you don't want to spend the extra money removing the safe, we'll teach you how to remove a safe bolted to the floor. Keep in mind that there are professional companies that can remove the device for you. But you will have to pay for the services for these individuals.

Here are a few tips that could help you do this yourself.

  • Remove the safe's content - Many things inside the safe can weigh it down. It can give you problems holding the box. Until opening the package, you might want to pull out the valuables. There seems to be no way to avoid lifting and shaking while moving the safe. If your interiors are brittle, they will shatter. But when impacted, solid objects will leave marks to the metal surface. Taking the racks off will also give you space to maneuver. Voiding the safe allows you to move quickly.
  • Unbolt the safe from the floor  - Chances are you've had more than four anchor holes where the bolts are pushed into the wall or the stud. You'll see the pins hidden in tiny black covers. Use the vice grips to black holes where you can't reach to pick the lids out to try to expose the bolts. Displace these bolts against the drill in a counter-fashion. You can make the same approach to all other holes.
  • Pry the safe out - After you unscrew all the bolts out, take your time to remove the safe. You should wear gloves to avoid your hands getting sharp edges of the box. You can use the head of the screwdriver to gap the safe against the floor. Be mindful not to put too much force so you won't strain your hands and arms. If the safe is too heavy for you, extra help is worth asking. Insert your hands carefully into the gap to pull out the box on four corners of the safe. Alternatively, you can use the pry bar to lift to safe, but make sure to do it slowly.

When you have successfully lifted the safe, you can move the box in a secure spot.

How to Bolt Down Your Safe to the Floor

It's essential to bolt down your safe because it adds security to your safe. Burglars will not waste time accessing your safe. They will try to remove and carry out the safe from your location. That's why you need to bolt your safe to prevent burglars from moving your safe. Most safes have anchors and come with specific instructions on how to bolt it down. Keep in mind that you should not drill your safe because it will void the safe's warranty.

Here are the things you will need to bolt your safe:

  • Washers
  • Hammer and wrench
  • Lag screws and bolts
  • Drill and drill bits

Here are the following steps to bolt your safe:

  • Once you've selected the place you want to bolt down your safe, you'll need to do some planning. You're going to need to put your safe in the exact position you want. It would be best if you mark where the anchor holes are placed by inserting a pencil or drill bit through space and labeling the ground below.
  • After labeling the holes, you can push the safe out of the way. You will have to drill your holes using the correct drill bit so that the bolts will go in. Depending on the size of the pins, you should consider the size and depth of your holes.
  • Move the safe back into position after you drilled the holes. Lay down your safe precisely to the holes you drilled corresponding the gaps in your safe. You can insert the anchors on your safe.
  • Try to use the pre-boiled holes or the marked notches to bolt the safe where you can drill the hole through the safe.
  • Once your safe is placed correctly and bolted down, make sure to cover the bolts to prevent corrosion.


​It can be easier to remove a safe than placing it in. But be aware you're going to get a hole on your floor. So, have a strategy for filling the cavity. Removing the safe box requires that you know how to remove a safe bolted to the floor. Although this is not something that an individual can not do, it's best to have an extra pair of hands. That way, you won't have trouble working on bolting and unbolting your safe.

  • March 17, 2020
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