How To Open A Sentry Safe: A Quick Guide

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When you invest in a high-quality gun safe to protect your guns, and suddenly you can’t remember your lock code, it would be a nightmare. You look everywhere, high and low, searching for your backup key, but you get no luck. Your guns and valuables are trapped inside the safe – what can you do? Well, you’re in luck. This guide will teach you some useful tips on how to open a Sentry Safe without or with keys and combination code. We’ll also focus on the benefits of having a Sentry Gun Safe to protect your firearms. So, read on. 

How to open a Sentry Safe: Without key or Combination

If you lost the key to unlocking your safe, and you have valuable items or guns stuck in it, we’ll give you three ways to retrieve your things. You can call the Sentry brand and order a replacement key. But you can also play with the lock to open the safe by yourself. Yes, you can open the lock with the simple tools you have in your house. You will believe once you did it successfully. 

Using Paperclip to Open the Sentry Safe

You will need two paper clips and needle-nose pliers to open the safe 

  1. You have to bend the paper clip to 90-degree angle. 
  2. You also have to bend the other leg of the paper clip that will be like a wrench. 
  3. Then you need to bend the second paper clip to 1800 degrees. Bend the other leg of the tip to 45 degrees to make a feeler pick. 
  4. Insert the wrench like the paper clip in the bottom part of the lock. 
  5. You will have to insert the feeler in the top part of the lock. 
  6. Press the feeler until you hear a ‘click’ sound. That means you reached the right spot. 
  7. Keep pressing the feeler into clockwise when you’re opening the safe. 

Using a nail file to open the safe

Below are the steps on how to open a Sentry Safe using a nail file.

  1. Open the nail file to make a straight line 
  2. Insert the file head in the lock 
  3. Push or jerk and rotate the file in the lock. 
  4. When you hear a sound ‘click’, you reached the spot to open the safe. 

Opening a locked Sentry Safe is simple and easy. But you need to have patience when working because you need to reach the right spot. 

How to open Sentry Safe: using a key or combination

Here are the steps to follow to open a Sentry Safe using a key. 

  1. Insert the key in the lock 
  2. Turn the key to the left carefully until the nozzle has unfastened the lock.  
  3. Keep in mind that you can open a safe with a key or with the combination. 
  4. Open the safe by pushing down the lid while pulling the latch at the same time 
  5. The latch serves as an opening device 
  6. Dial the motorized combination knob counterclockwise. 
  7. You need to pass the ‘zero’ for three times. But you have to stop the dial. 
  8. When your Sentry Safe displays green light, then your safe is open. 
  9. Turn the handle to open the door of the safe. 

How to a open Sentry Safe: Using neodymium magnet

Here is another way how to open a Sentry Safe if you lost your key or passcode. If your safe comes with a digital lock with keypad, you can pick the device using a magnet. The rare earth magnet can be used to trigger the solenoid to spring and open the lock. 

  1. Place the magnet in a sock 
  2. Put the magnet in the top left corner of the Sentry Safe 
  3. Hold the handle of the safe 
  4. Slide and wiggle the magnet 
  5. Once you reached the solenoid inside the digital safe, you have to pull the handle 
  6. Unlock the safe 

Benefits of Sentry Safe

Owning a Sentry Safe comes with a variety of benefits that most gun owners look for a safe. The protection, size, design, and locking system that Sentry Safe offers to make the safe more ideal. Remember that a high-quality gun safe can make it hard for thieves and burglars to access your valuables and guns. 

Here are some benefits of having a Sentry Safe: 

  • Security – having confidence and trust that your valuable items and firearms are secured makes the safe worthy. Securing your documents and guns against unauthorized access to burglars should be your priority. 
  • Fire-resistant – Sentry Safe provides the responsibility of taking care of your valuable assets. Most Sentry Safes made with thick steel plate which protects your items against fire and heat. 
  • Reduce insurance rates – having a safe in your house plays as safeguard to your valuable items. It will help you save money against high insurance rates because the gun safe covers your prized possessions. 
  • Safety – it’s a must to have a gun safe in your home if you own a gun. Sentry Safe keeps away your kids from accessing your weapon. 
  • Peace of mind – trusting that Sentry Safe will take care of your valuables and guns will give you peace of mind. 


We believe it’s not the end of the world if you forgot your keys or passcode to your gun safeThere are many ways that you can take to access your safe. You will find it easy and straightforward to follow the steps on how to open a Sentry Safe. You don’t need to have MacGyver skills to open a safe. Remember always to keep your Sentry Safe in top condition to protect your firearms and valuable items. 

  • March 27, 2020
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