How To Open A Browning Gun Safe Without The Combination

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What could be more pity than forgetting the combination code of your gun safe? Imagine your valuables locked inside a safe, and you cant do anything.  What’s even more heartbreaking is you can’t find your backup key. When you feel there’s no chance to recover your valuables, we’re going to provide you some DIY tips to unlock a Browning gun safe.  In this article, we'll share with you on ways how to open a Browning gun safe without the combination code. Well also share with you things to consider when you forgot the combination code. 

Things to consider when you forgot the combination 

Have you considered calling the Browning Company and ask for help to open your gun safe? 

In such cases, the information you provided on records of transactions or serial number might help you. The serial number that is located on the back or side of the safe will give you information about the gun safe. If the serial number is not inscribed on the body of the safe, you can use the purchase order to find out the type of gun safe. The piece of information written on the receipt would have much information about the gun safe. Furthermore, you will have to provide proof of identity and purchase of the gun safe upon requesting such information. You will have a better chance of retrieving the combination code of your firearm safe. 

Figure out if the safe has an extra key

If you got stuck with your gun safe, you should check for an accessible override key. Key overrides may come useful in this situation as it allows you to gain access to your safe. It provides you secure method to open your safe without asking a locksmith for help. Additionally, this method works great for emergencies if you forgot the combination code of your safe. 

Find out the type of locking mechanism

The first move you should consider in determining the locking system of your gun safesecure box one uses sort of locking system to enable access, but that doesnt indicate to narrow down what type of safe you should purchaseThere are various forms of gun safes to protect your weapons and valuables. Locking system comes with an electronic lock to dial lock safes, and they can hold from jewelry to firearms. 

How to open a Browning gun safe without the combination

Wed like to amaze you how simple it is to open a gun safe. Thats why well give you three simple tips on how to open a Browning gun safe without combination. 

Call Browning Gun Safes

Browning requires customer proof of ownership and identity before releasing the combo/MRC code to any safe for security reasons. 

Allow Browning services to verify and research their list of data before calling to receive your gun safe combo/MRC. 

You will need to do the following steps: 

  1. You can find the complete serial number at the top back left corner of the safe. 

  1. Fax the verification of ownership of the safe. You can acquire proof of ownership through the Browning Dealer, where you purchase the safe. You can also have certification from a local law enforcement agency and a certified SAFTA or ALOA locksmith with a membership number. 

  1. You will need to fax the printed letterhead of the certifying authority. 

  1. Provide a photo that you own or in possession of the safe. 

  1. Show proof of ownership by displaying the complete serial number of the safe. 

  1. You must include the name and contact number of the gun safe owner. 

Use the manual override key 

Most gun safe comes with an override key upon your purchase, so its best to check for any backup key. Its the safest and effective way to gain access to your gun safe. You can use the owners manual on how to use the key to reset the combination lock. Its wiser to store the backup key to another location where you mostly keep your house keys so you wont forget about it. Keep in mind that performing a lock reset may take some precautions as theres a chance of re occurrence. 

Use a paperclip or wire

By chance that you cant find the serial number of your gun safe, you can use a paperclip or wire to open your safe. But keep in mind that this method requires patience and skills to unlock a Browning gun safe. You must know where to place the paperclip inside the key lock to perform such a task. 

You will have to flatten the wire and paperclip before working your way through the gap of the door. Absolute focus is needed to bypass the locking mechanism of the safe. You must place your ear close to the door when you hear a click sound that indicates unlocking the safe.

Ask help from a locksmith

If you didnt get lucky with the methods above, its time to contact a locksmith. Some people may choose to ask help from a locksmith as the last hope. While hiring a professional gun safe locksmith may be costly, they have the experience to access back a security box easily. 


We understand that people are forgetful. While there are lots of reasons to forget your combination code, there are also lots of ways to unlock a Browning gun safe. You dont need MacGyver skills to open a locked gun safe. The simple tips we provided will guide you on how to open a Browning gun safe without the combination code. Remember that forcing your entry to the gun safe is your last resort. You should open your Browning gun safe effectively and most safely. 

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  • March 30, 2020
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