How To Move A Gun Safe With A Dolly

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If you’re planning to move your gun safe, odds are you know how heavy these safes are. The weight of a gun safe is no joke at all. Preventing injury and managing the heavy load should be your primary concern. Even professional movers point out the importance of using a dolly when moving a heavy gun safe. Using a dolly to move your gun safe makes the process easier and safer. But the challenge now comes to, do you know how to move a gun safe with a dolly? 

In this article, we’ll explain to you how strong a dolly should be compared to the weight of the safe. We’ll also tell you the other options you should take before moving a heavy safe. 

How sturdy should the dolly be?

The first aspect you want to make sure is the weight capacity of your dolly and the safe’s weight. You can use a dolly to push large and heavy devices, but not too heavy items. 

Carrying an object should be comfortable and work well when using a dolly. 

A weapon safe can weigh up to 500lbs or more. It’s best to take specific care and precaution when moving bulky item. Making sure the dolly can handle a heavy gun safe should not post any stress on the wheels. Checking the weight capacity of the dolly should be considered before you rent one. You must also check the structural frame of the dolly if it shows durability and safety. 

If you know the supplier of the dolly, you might want to check the details to have a rough estimate. A vague view is better than no estimate at all. 

Keep in mind to allow your dolly some room to maneuvering and making a turn on sharp corners. That way, you can test the holding capability of the safe. Be sure to take extra safety measures when moving your gun safe. 

Safety precautions before moving a gun safe

Awkwardly lifting heavy gun safes is one of the reasons why people get their selves injured. That’s why you should lower the risk of injury by knowing what you need to do. A smart technique to lift an item more than you can handle should be considered. 

Here are other safety precautions that you should take before moving a gun safe. 

  • You should empty the safe before you move it, that way you can reduce the weight of the safe. 
  • Check if you can remove the door of the safe. It lessens almost third of the weight of the safe. 
  • Obtain the necessary equipment before moving a safe like a heavy-duty dolly, thick hand gloves, security straps, and thick blankets. 


    Remember that strong and tough moves require heavy-duty equipment. You can buy or rent the right equipment to ensure a smoother and safer transport. Checking and testing the equipment to minimize the risk of damage and failure should be a top priority. 

  • Keep in mind that you should not move a gun safe by yourself. If you relocate a gun safe, we recommend seeking the help of your trusted friends. Having helpers to guide your move will help reduce the risk of injury and damage to your home. 

  • Before moving a gun safe, you should remove the obstacles to your path. Narrow hallways, sharp corners, and bumps are primary blocks that will slow down your movement. It’s best to clear your route so you can move the gun safe quickly.
  •  Most people tend to forget to measure the dimension of the safe. It’s one of the most overlook safety measures that should be included when moving a gun safe. Knowing the size of the safe prepares you to protect the walls and corners against the firearm safe. It also allows you to pick the right dolly to handle such weight. 

Remember that we don’t encourage people to lift a gun safe due to its size and weight. It will be hard for three persons to lift such heavy gun safe. But if you ever see that it fits your situation, you should know the right way to raise a safe. 

The first move is to take the correct stance. It involves getting as close to the safe as possible and holding the back straight. After raising the safe, shift your foot instead of turning your body to move forwardYou should bend your knees to keep your back straight as you pick it up and dropping it back down. 

How to move a gun safe with a dolly

Keep in mind that we recommend hiring professional movers when moving a gun safe. However, we know that you would like to move your safe with efficient planning to save some money. That’s why you should know how to move a gun safe with a dolly and applying safety measures. 

Steps on how to move a gun safe with a dolly: 

  • Carefully tilt the one side of the gun safe and slide the shelf of the dolly underneath. You should wrap the safe with a thick blanket and then tightly strap the safe with a rope. It allows the dolly to secure the safe and prevents any sudden movement. 
  • After the safe is loaded over the dolly and securely strapped, you will need the helpers to hold the safe as you tilt back the dolly. 
  • Check if the weight of the gun safe is evenly distributed around the safe’s frame and wheel. This method allows you to check the stability of the dolly to carry a heavy safe.  
  • Slowly and carefully move the dolly. You may want your helpers to assist you against narrow gaps and bumps to prevent dislodging the safe.  
  • When you have reached your destination, you can remove the security strap from the safe. You should slowly slide out the dolly to prevent damage to the safe.  


Understandably, you are keen to know how to move a gun safe with a dolly. Our advice to you is to take your time and carefully plan your move so you can prevent injuries and damages. There’s no substitute for the healthy physical body; that’s why never forget to take safety precautions. Spending a few minutes to plan your move can make all the protection and safety you need. Lastly, if the budget allows, hire professional movers.

  • March 27, 2020
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