How To Move A Gun Safe Up Steps: A How-To Guide

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If you have a gun safe at home, there’ll come a time that you want to move it to another spot in your house. But moving a gun safe up steps possess difficulty than transferring it to another area on the same floor. So, what can you do? This guide will teach you how to move a gun safe up steps efficiently and safely. We'll also give you some safety tips to follow so you can prevent injuries and damages to your property. So continue reading and find out. 

How to move a gun safe up steps 

Anyone moving a gun safe must wear protective safety gloves and closed-toes shoes to prevent injuries.  

You will also need to identify the measurements and weight of your gun safe. It will help you find the correct moving equipmentYou will need to purchase or rent a heavy-duty dolly to bring up your safe upstairs. Choosing an electronic dolly to get up your safe upstairs will make it safer and easier. But it may also pick a heavy-duty dolly to help you move a heavy safe. 

Make sure to select the right dolly with loading capacity equal to the weight of your gun safe. It's also best to check if your stair can handle the combined weight of your helpers and the gun safe. 

After you plan your safety and clear your path for moving, you should follow these steps: 

  • Wrap the safe with thick blankets. 
  • Slant a little your gun safe to slide in the dolly's shelf underneath it. 
  • Wrap the security straps tightly around the gun safe to the dolly to prevent it from any sudden movements.  
  • Carefully tilt back the dolly to distribute the weight into the wheels.  
  • Slowly move the dolly until you reach the base of the stairs.  
  • As you pull the safe to each step, your helpers should lift the dolly one step at a time.  
  • Be alert when moving a gun safe, you should stop pulling the dolly upstairs if you see signs of unusual movement from the safe.  
  • If the safe tips over, just let it fall to the ground. Don't stop the safe from falling you will injure yourself.  

Even if you know how to move a gun safe up steps, it's still dangerous, and safety precautions should be taken. 

How to prepare your safe before moving

The best way to relocate a security box to minimize the risk of injuries and harm. The method involves special equipment and skillsBut should you feel you can handle it yourself, make sure that you move the box in the safest and most effective approach. 

Here are the steps to follow when preparing to move your gun safe. 

  • Unload any items or firearms inside your gun safe. It's best to remove these valuables to prevent your safe from tipping over and risking your valuables to damages. 
  • Get the right equipment that can help on how to move a gun safe up steps. Find a heavy-duty dolly, and acquire high-rate straps to secure the safe around the dolly. 
  • You should clear your way from obstacles. Narrow stairways, sharp corners, and small door frames are difficult to move on, so be sure to check them out.   
  • You should also consider the measurements of your gun safe so you can plan the path before moving the safe.  
  • Before moving your gun safe, make sure to wrap the safe with high-rated strap around the dolly to prevent it from moving. It will also give you better control of the safe as you move the dolly upstairs.  
  • Don't forget to ask your friends to help move your gun safe. If you can't afford to pay professional team of movers, you can gather your strong friends to transport your gun safe.  
  • Lastly, you should wear working gloves so you can have a better grip on the dolly's handle.  

We still suggest seeking the help of professional movers when moving a gun safe. 

Things to consider before moving a gun safe

Each safe is different in terms of weight, size, and position in the home. That's why understanding the characteristics of your safe is essential to know how to handle such a task. Being informed of the exact weight and measurements would enable you to pick the right equipment to move a heavy safe. 

Lifting and moving a gun safe depends on many vital factors. Good quality but small gun safe are heavy, which you need special equipment to move them. There are taller gun safes but are not bulky, which makes it challenging to handle because of tall stature. wider gun safe is another difficult task since you need to consider moving it to small and tight spaces such as hallways.  

Make sure your second-floor weight capacity can bear such gun safe weight. You can check the building or the structural formation of your house to see if it fits the weight limit. Knowing how much weight you can put upstairs is the first line of preparation you should consider before moving your safe. 

You will also need to consider the safety of your helpers once you start moving. Inform them beforehand of what your goals are and prepping them what to do, in case the safe falls. You'd want your friends to be safe because friends take care of each other. 


Remember, the first principle of moving a gun safe is, do not get hurt. With the right equipment and preparation, moving a gun safe upstairs is doable. There are no easy short cuts when moving a gun safe, but you can set your security and safety before moving so. Understanding how to move a gun safe up steps requires careful planning and protection to yourself and others. 

  • March 26, 2020
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