How To Move A Gun Safe Upstairs: Quick Hacks

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It’s a test to move a gun safe into your home, especially if you’re bringing the safe upstairs. Moving a heavy safe for a few steps can be challenging for you. But when you decide to move your safe up to the second floor of your house, the move becomes tougher and dangerous. Your best option is to call professional movers to handle the job for you. But we do know that most of you will choose to move the safe on your own. That’s why we gathered some tips on how to move a gun safe upstairs. 

In this article, we’ll give you some safety tips before moving a gun safe upstairs. We’ll also tell you how much weight the upstairs can handle. 

Safety tips for moving a gun safe upstairs

The truth about moving a gun safe upstairs is not an easy task, and it involves personal safety awareness. In this section, we’ll give you some safety tips on how to move a gun safe upstairs. 

First, you have to figure out the location where you want to place the safe. You will have to bring three trusted friends to help you move the safe. Then, take a ratchet strap to wrap around the gun safe. You will also need to bring a heavy-duty dolly that can handle such weight. Keep in mind that it will be a risky job, so be alert and plan on how to move a gun safe upstairs safely. 

Here are some safety tips for moving a gun safe upstairs: 

  • Measure the dimension and weight of the gun safe.
  • Secure a heavy-duty dolly or hand truck that can handle the weight of the gun safe. 
  • Cover the gun safe with a thick blanket and wrap the ratchet strap tightly around the dolly. 
  • Remove the contents of the safe and check if you can detach the door to lighten the weight of the safe. 
  • Wear protective clothing and gloves for a better grip on dolly’s handle. 
  • Be sure to clear your goals with your helpers to ensure that there is no risk of injuries and damage. 
  • Identify where the sharp turns, narrow gaps, and bumps so you can clear the path while moving your dolly. 

How to move a gun safe upstairs

It’s interesting to find out that moving a gun safe upstairs can be easier and safer. Your durable dolly becomes your primary transport to help you get the safe up the stairs. The dolly also provides security that you need when you have to rest for a moment. 

Here are the steps to follow on moving your safe upstairs: 

  • Remove the anchor bolts and the door of the safe 
  • Place the dolly underneath the gun safe. You should balance the weight of the safe against the dolly. 
  • Secure your safe with blanket and straps to add extra protection when moving your safe. 
  • Be careful when pulling the safe to each step of the stairs 
  • Keep your balance with the dolly to avoid sudden safe movements. 
  • Bend your knees and hold the handle of the safe firmly to give you momentum when pulling the safe. 
  • If the safe tips over, let the safe fall into the ground. 

After knowing how to move a gun safe upstairs, it will be easier and faster for you to accomplish such a task. Remember to plan your safety precautions before moving a heavy safe. It’s better to prepare your safety before injuries and damage to property occur. You will have to be careful and smart when transporting a gun safe upstairs. 

How much weight can a second-floor bear

The standard requirement for residential buildings in the USA is to support 30lbs per square foot. The simple way to say it is to consider a room with a 10ft by 10ft area. The room will have 100 square feet that mean it can hold 3000lbs of weight. 

If you’re putting a 500lb gun safe and 200lbs of your weight, then you have a total weight of 700lbs on that second floor. Consider how much weight the second floor can take as it adds up to the weight of the furniture and family members. It is called the ‘live load.’ 

The typical floor support of a house building between five to thirty years old is 2x10 joists every sixteen inches. The walls are supported with a regular 2x4 beams for every 12 inches. You should know that one 2x4 joist vertical stand can support 4000lbs weight. 

There are also share the load among the beams and support under the floor where trusses are installed. It’s best to know which direction the floor joists run so that you can spread the weight to the floor. You would not want to concentrate on the weight of your furniture and gun safe in the middle of the room. You’re inviting damage and second-floor collapse to your house. 


No doubt, moving a gun safe can be difficult. Gun safes can weigh 100lbs up to 1000lbs, so moving the security box can be tricky. Before you move a gun safe to the second floor, keep in mind the weight capacity upstairs. Moving a heavy gun safe can be unsafe if you don’t follow the guidelines on how to move a gun safe upstairs, so you’ll need to plan efficiently. Plan effectively and safely when you move your safe upstairs to prevent injuries and damage to property. 

  • March 27, 2020
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