How To Move A Gun Safe To The Basement

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If you have guns in your home, owning a gun safe should be your top priority. As a gun owner, you understand that security boxes are heavy and difficult to move. It takes careful planning and necessary safety precautions before moving a heavy safe. It’s ideal to move your gun safe to the basement, but we strongly suggest hiring reputable mover to move a heavy gun safe. But if that option is not available for you, what can you do? In this article, we’ll guide you on how to move a gun safe to the basement that can prevent the risk of injury and damage. We’ll also share with you why you should choose to hire professional movers. 

Safety tips before moving a gun safe

Purchasing a gun safe is once-in-a-lifetime for some people, which most of us have no idea of how to install or move a safe. The risk of injuring yourself and damaging your property should be taken into account. Remember that your safety and your helpers safety is imperative. Before moving your safe, you need to have a moving dolly, which can help you move the safe, swiftly, and safer.  

Here are some tips before moving a gun safe: 

  • Never rush into decision. It’s essential to plan before moving a heavy safe. 
  • Wrap the safe around with a thick blanket.  
  • Make sure that you’ve strapped the safe tightly around the dolly to avoid dislodging or tipping over. 
  • You must wear safety protection to your hands and feet. 
  • If the safe falls over, you must let it drop and don’t chase it to the ground. 

Keep in mind that having professional movers to carry your gun safe is the safest option.

Why hire professional movers 

There are several reasons why you should hire safe-moving team to handle such an affair. If you must, here are several benefits that the group of movers can provide to your gun safe moving problems. 

  • Professional movers always take safety precautions to avoid injuries and damage to your property.
  • They have tons of experience when moving a gun safe. 
  • The company covers the expense and replacement of damage to your furniture or property. 
  • Will transport your gun safes without injuring yourself, your family, and themselves. 
  • They can identify potential obstacles, tight turns, narrow hallways, and sharp doors quickly. 
  • They have specialized tools and personal equipment to protect their selves and to get the job done. 

Though most moving companies charge high fees for moving your gun safe, the safety and effectiveness outweigh the money spent. If you have extra money to spend, it’s best suited to call professional movers to handle moving your gun safe. 

How to move a gun safe to the basement

It’s best to use a dolly, especially if the process requires stair movement. Keep in mind the safety tips we mentioned earlier to ease the transportation of your safe. You should strap tightly the safe to the dolly to prevent the security case from falling off. 

Follow the steps on how to move a gun safe to the basement: 

  • Before moving downward from the top of the stairs, allow two persons to guide the gun safe as you let the dolly down one step at a time. You should also hold the handle of the dolly firmly to prevent it from slipping. 
  • Carefully allow the dolly wheels to come down after each step. 
  • Coordinate and communicate well with your helpers are you move downward your gun safe into the stairs. 
  • Be aware when the gun safe makes sudden movements, or an imbalance of weight begins to display. 
  • Consider also the items inside the safe might get spoiled because of the uncommon jolting to your safe. 
  • Lastly, into your final stair-step to the basement, you may want to take extra care as the weight of the safe may drive you off. 
  • Once you’re on the ground, you can now move the security box to where you’ll place the safe. 

After you’ve placed the safe to its location, you can remove the strap and the blanket around the safe. Tilt one side of the safe so you can slide outward the dolly’s shelf. 

Be attentive and careful when moving a gun safe to prevent injuries and damage to your home. 

 Why choose basement to place your gun safe

It’s vital to place a gun safe in a location where it will be least likely to be stolen by intruders and burglars. The basement is the best area in your home because you can bolt down the safe to the concrete floor. Most basements come with a door where you can lock the entrance before going down the stairs. Plus, it will be hard for burglars to drag up a heavy safe to the stairs.  The burglars do not attempt to go to the basement when committing a burglary. Most intruders go straight to the living room and kitchen to search for any items to steal.  But it’s essential to check the humidity level of your basement beforehand. You don’t want moisture to build-up inside your safe if the temperature gets high. You can use a dehumidifier to balance the humidity inside your gun security box.  


Many gun safes are installed in the lower areas of a house, such as basements. But moving heavy gun safe downstairs may prove to be complicated. It’s highly to get injured if not planned correctly, and safety precautions are not taken into account. Thus, if you follow the steps laid out to you on how to move a gun safe to the basement, you should be in good shapeKeep in mind to seek help from friends when transporting firearm safe to the basement. When you’re in doubt to handle such a task, we suggest you call professional safe-movers. 

  • March 26, 2020
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