How To Move A Gun Safe By Yourself: A How-To Guide

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Moving a heavy gun safe takes a process and careful planning.  Without safety precautions, you’ll be putting yourself into dangerIt’s imperative to find a solution on how to move a gun safe by yourself, effectively and safely. 

First thing first, we’re not saying moving a gun safe by your self is such an easy task. A gun safe comes with hard-plated steel and sturdy door, which makes it impossible to move around, just thinking of it. If you must move a heavy gun safe, then this article will be of great help to you as this guide provides a solution. We’ll explain to you how to reduce the risk of injury and damage while moving a gun safe. We’ll also tell you the advantages of hiring professional movers to handle such a task. 

Things to consider before moving the safe

Before moving the safe, here are the things you should consider: 

  • The weight and dimension of the safe 
  • Weight capacity of the trolley 
  • Ask for some assistance or help 
  • Check out the path, if it’s clear of any obstacles 
  • Wear proper clothing to protect yourself in case the gun safe falls over. 
  • Never lift a gun safe by yourself 
  • If you’re moving your gun safe to a long distance, you will need to rent a truck 
  • You will also consider renting moving dolly. 

Always plan before moving a heavy gun safe, you don’t want anyone to get hurt. But it never hurts if you ask for some help or advice if you’re planning to move your safe by yourself. 

How to move a gun safe by yourself

You don’t want to rush on carrying your gun safe, that’s why you need a safe and effective plan. Make sure that you have the right equipment. After you find the weight of the safe, check the route with potential obstacles that might get in your way. Seek professional help to handle the job if things get complicated, but you can ask for help with friends. 

The safest and effective way to move a gun safe is by using a dolly. Since you know the weight of the safe, you should know how much weight can the dolly bear. Consider also how big or wide the gun safe if the security box can fit through the doorways or stairs. 

Here are the steps on how to move a gun safe by yourself: 

  • Remove all the items inside the safe to make the case lighter. If you can detach the door, you may do so. 
  • Wrap the safe with a thick blanket around the dolly and strap it with rope to prevent damage to the property. 
  • Tilt the half side of the safe to slide the base of the dolly. Do the same on the other side of the safe. Once you’ve placed the safe successfully into the dolly, tilt back the dolly to distribute the weight into the wheels. 
  • Remember to stand straight to prevent further strain on your back. 
  • Before you move the safe, ask for assistance from multiple people to guide the safe.
  • When moving the safe, watch out for bumps or small obstacles in front of the dolly. 
  • Check on sharp turns as you move along the doorways, you don’t want any damage to your house or furniture. 
  • Once you’ve reached your destination, slowly rest the dolly with the helpers. 
  • Remove the strap around the safe and carefully slide out the dolly from the gun safe. 

In the end, you’d be surprised by how you completed such task without getting hurt. Remember if the safe tips over, just let it fall, and don’t ever try to fight it. 

Advantages of moving a gun safe: Hire Professionals

Though it will cost you some buck but hiring professional movers will be worth it. You will receive extra help in moving your arm safe. Here are the advantages of why we recommend hiring reputable moves. 

  • There will be a lot of things to plan if you move your gun safe by yourself. But if you hire movers, you will set the date and time, and everything will be done for you expressly. 
  •  If you’re planning to move a gun safe by yourself, you will have to do all the packing, labeling, and putting stuff in-boxes. Whereas, if you hire local movers, they can take care of this nuisance for you. 
  •  The last thing in your mind should be getting injured. But if you hire movers, they will move your gun safe and furniture much easier and safer. They can carry and move heavy objects with such protection and careful process. 
  •  Another significant advantage of hiring professional movers is not only will they move your things safely, but they will move your stuff on time. There’s a lot of hassle just by packing and planning to carry a gun safe. Moving heavy things in your house cannot be done in one day, especially if you’re alone doing it. But if you hire movers, you can prevent all this because they will get the task on time and finish correctly. 
  •  If you’re relocating your stuff and gun safe or moving across America, renting a truck can lead to waste of time and money. You’d want to minimize your trips when moving from another area or state while transporting your things. Once you hire local movers, everything will be all packed up and ready to go. There are no second or third trips when you hire movers. 
  •  Hiring professional movers will allow you to save energy, money, and time which you can spend on decorating or placing your gun safe or furniture in your house. 
  •  Most people think hiring professional movers is expensive. But the truth is, it’s cost-effective compared to moving your gun safe or stuff by yourself. In the long run, you will have free time and save money rather than doing and moving your things by yourself.

How much does it cost to hire professional movers?

If ever you decide to get some help from the professional movers, you will get to move your gun safe fast and easier. The cost to transfer your safe is a wiser call, especially if you’ve never had experience in handling such tasks.  Several factors that affect the cost to move a safe. The standard price for moving gun safes range from $175 to $500, where the prices are based on:

  • Weight and dimension of the safe 
  • Distance to where the safe will be delivered 
  • Place where the safe will be in your home 
  • Standard pickup and delivery 

Keep in mind to look for other options if you can’t move a gun safe by yourself. Never rush anything; take your time to plan your next move. Should you move your gun safe across the country, we reckon that you hire professional movers. 


First and foremost, keep in mind your safety when moving a gun safe. The key to relocating a large and heavy security box by yourself is a well laid-out plan and safety precautions. Understanding that moving a heavy object takes a process and patience. The best way to eliminate the risk of injury and damage when moving a gun safe is a careful plan. It’s paramount that you know how to move a gun safe by yourself effectively and safely. 

  • March 27, 2020
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