How To Move A 500 Lbs Gun Safe: A Quick Guide

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Whether you’re moving a heavy safe to another area in your house or across the country, it’s still a daunting task. The idea of moving such heavy gun safe is never an easy thing to do, which leaves you to wonder – how to move a 500 lb gun safe. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to move a 500 lb gun safe effectively and safely. We’ll also share with you the things to consider about making safety plans and your transport plans. 

How to move a 500 lb gun safe 

You can follow these five safety tips on how to move a heavy safe while keeping your safe moving adventure safe and more natural.  

Keep in mind to move all obstacles that may cause problems to the path where you will run your gun safe. 

  • First, you need to remove the contents of your safe temporarily. Placing your valuables into another container prevents them from getting damaged due to unusual movements. It also allows you to move your safe freely without worrying about other essential things that may fall off.  
  •  You can wrap a thick blanket around your 500lb gun safe so you can securely prevent any property damage inside your house. 
  •  Carefully tilt the safe from one side and slowly slide the dolly underneath safe. Wrap the strap around the gun safe tightly to minimize any sudden moves when start to carry your dolly.  
  •  Once you’ve placed the dolly underneath the safe entirely, tilt back the dolly so you can distribute the weight on the rubber wheels. 
  •  Depending on where you want to place the safe, you can move the dolly with the safe much easier. Push the dolly slowly but don’t gain too much speed. You want to keep in control of the dolly as you move towards the location of where you want to put the safe. 
  •  Moving the dolly should be done smoothly with no rushed movements. 

Wear working gloves to protect your hands and to prevent slippage from the dolly’s handle. Your safety should be considered all the time. If the dolly tips over, then just let the safe drop. Never try to catch or fight over the weight of the safe as it falls, it will lead only to injuries which we don’t want to happen. 

Help Plans

When you transport a heavy safe, it’s best to ask for help first before trying to move the safe on your own. Remember that it’s not easy to carry a heavy safe, but it’s doable if you follow the steps on how to move a 500 lb gun safe. 

Did you know that it takes at least three persons to move a safe?  

You will need extra help when moving a heavy safe, so try not to be a hero. 

  • Make a plan
    It will be difficult if you move a 500lb gun safe without a plan. When you’ve decided to move the safe from another place, you also need to consider that it will take some time to process it. There’s no need to rush this task, especially if you’re making plans to move a heavy safe. 
    Before moving a heavy safe, you need to have three plans: a starting, clearing, and exit plan. These plans will make your task a lot easier where you’ve thought ahead of time. That way, you don’t get bumps as you move the safe across the house. Remember to keep tight corners and narrow spaces in mind to avoid fall off and accidents. 
  • Measure the dimensions of your gun safeNever think of moving a heavy safe on your own. When you have set the plans to move a safe, make sure to measure the size of the safe. Measuring your gun safe will give you the picture if you need to seek professional help. 

    If the safe is heavier and larger than you expected, then moving the device by yourself could end up spoiling your safe moving experience. You don’t want to get stuck moving your safe in the middle of the transportation process. 

Safety plans

You can take the risk of injury or gun safe damage or even damage to your house. So, after you’ve marked the corners and corridors, it’s time to plan your safety and the others. 

Before moving your safe, consider placing thick cloths or rags around the safe. So, when you make sudden stops, you won’t have to worry about scratches to the floor and walls. Be careful when making turns as you don’t want this heavy safe falling into your feet. Keep in mind also the furniture around while you move along the safe. 

Transporting plans

Another essential plan that you should take into consideration is the load rating of the dolly. Make sure that the dolly can take such weight capacity of your safe. Though you can use the dolly to transport the safe, you may not be able to push the dolly for a long time. So take your rest when you’re tired carrying the safe.  Once you’ve emptied the safe, that should give me access to move forward easier. Remove the safe’s door if possible so you can reduce the weight even more. Don’t also forget to strap the safe into the dolly when moving the heavy monster.  If you’re using a vehicle to move a safe, we recommend renting an electric loading ramp to make the process much easy. Pushing a heavy-duty dolly loaded with a safe to a ramp will exert much effort from you and your helpers.  So make your plans of moving the safe smarter and easier.


Be clear on what you’re going to do next – you should possess the knowledge of how to move a 500 lb gun safe. Seek some help from your friends when moving half-ton weapon safe. Keep your plans safe and smart if you lack the experience of moving an overweight safe. It’s best to contact the professional gun safe movers to handle such task. Our final advice to you is, do not use golf balls or steel beads to move your 500 lb gun safe, they’re not reliable and can cause damage and injuries. 

  • March 27, 2020
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