How To Move A 800 Lbs Gun Safe: Safety Hacks

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Relocating a large and heavy gun safe can be troublesome. Unlike portable and lightweight gun safe, moving 800lbs gun safe can be hard. But that security feature is your best protection against burglars, isn’t it? Now that you need to move your safe to another place, you might wonder – what can you do? Moving 800lbs gun safe is a different matter and requires extra caution on your part. You should plan safety measures and follow specific moving tips. That’s why in this article, we’ll teach you how to move 800 lb gun safe. We’ll also share with you some alternative ways to move such heavy safe. 

What you should consider: Safety steps

First things first, it’s better to let the professionals move your large and bulky items.  

Before moving your 800lb safe, you should prepare your massive safe first and consider the precautionary safety steps. 

  • You need to empty your safe from its contents like banknotes, jewelry, documents, and guns. Not only you reduced the total weight of the gun safe, but you also eliminate the risk of damaging your valuables.  
  • Consider finding another secure container to store your valuable items when transporting. 
  • You can opt to rent a durable dolly from local movers. But you need to know first the dimensions and weight of your gun safe. It’s essential to know these values so that the pros can lend you the right type of dolly. 
  • Keep in mind to consult your safe’s documentation to check how much weight a dolly can bear. 
  • You should compare the measurement of your safe against your doorways and tight spots up to the exit route. It’s a safety step to prevent any trouble while you move the safe. 
  • Make sure the exit way is clear of any obstacles such as moving boxes and small furniture along the way. 

After you cleared and mapped out your route, you should protect your gun safe by wrapping the device with thick blankets. Consider placing old rugs, thick cardboards, and sheets to the floor for extra protection in case you need to stop. It should soften the impact or minimize the damage should the 800lb safe accidentally fall off the dolly. 

What you should consider: Risk assessment

Before you move your safe, you should do a quick risk assessment to figure out if you can handle such tough task. Bear in mind that moving a large safe is not a joke, and much more of relocating the safe is dangerous. That’s why if your budget allows you to do so, hire professional movers. It’s the most reliable option to move large safes from one place to another safely. 

Remember, look before you leap. Before making any attempts to move a heavy safe, plan thoroughly your way out. Make sure you’ve planned 100% hassle-free route. 

Don’t try to rush things, better yet think two steps ahead before moving your 800lb gun safe forward. Challenges may come, such as tricky corners and tight corridors. These unmovable spots are the ones that may lower your chances of moving your gun safe successfully. 

How to move 800lb gun safe

Here are the steps on how to move 800lb gun safe: 

  • You should align the dolly right next to the safe. You can ask your helpers to stand on the other side to lean the safe slightly. That way, you can slide the dolly underneath the safe.  
  • When you have positioned the safe underneath the dolly’s base shelf, you can strap the safe to prevent it from moving. 
  • Tighten the strap, that way you can eliminate sudden movement of the safe. 
  • Keep your back straight before you move the dolly to prevent any injury. You should hold the handle firmly so that it will not slip off. 
  • Gather your weight against the dolly and then slowly pull down the handle of the dolly to carry the weight of the safe. 
  • You may encounter a problem when going around a tight corner. To make this turn simple, you should maneuver the dolly safely around the corner. Making an L-shaped position when crossing the corner makes a broader and easier turn. 
  • That angle enables the dolly to turn the load easier without hitting the wall. 
  • Then you can push the dolly until you reach your destination. 

If you’re planning to load the safe to a vehicle, it’s recommended to rent a motor loading ramp. That process allows you to load the safe to a motor ramp that lets the device to mount up to the vehicle. 

To load a large safe using a regular ramp to the truck, you will have to pull the holly upward while the helpers push the safe. Keep in mind not to hurry or exert much effort when pushing the safe upward because it could result in injury. Maintain proper momentum when pushing the safe. 

An alternative way to move

It’s a big risk when moving a large and heavy safe by yourself, and you can’t do it alone. So, hear our advice, do NOT make it riskier than it already is. 

Though it will cost you to hire movers, it returns it’s an effective solution to move your safe. The cost you will bear to solve moving an 800lbs gun safe is nothing more than the safety this moving company can provide you. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of using a dolly during a house move. A moving dolly is an essential equipment to DIY to move your furniture and gun safe. There’s a good reason professional movers have dollies with them when moving large and heavy safes. 

Advantages of using a dolly 

  • Save time and effort 
  • Accident-free relocation 
  • Prevent injuries 
  • Prevent heavy lifting and carrying 
  • Easy to maneuver 


Now that you’ve learned how to move 800 lb gun safe, you only need to follow the steps responsibly. We never stop straining out and advising to exercise safety precautions. Your top priority should be your safety and your helpers, as there’s nothing more valuable than a person’s health. Keep in mind your limitations because moving a safe is too risky; that’s why you need to do it properly and safely. 

  • March 27, 2020
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