How To Keep Moisture Out Of Gun Safes: Storage Maintenance

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The fact that you purchased a gun safe proves that you think about security as a top priority. Many people think after you store your firearms inside, you can leave it there for a long time. But that’s not true. Did you know that leaving your guns inside for a long time could cause damage to weapons? One of the biggest concerns that most gun owners worries about is moisture. All firearms are made of metal that could rust over time, if not appropriately maintained. If you own a gun safe, it imperative to make sure that your weapons remain dry inside the safe. That makes you wonder how to keep moisture out of gun safe to prevent rust and corrosion.

In this article, we’ll discuss how moisture develops, and also how to keep moisture out of gun safes. We’ll also share with you the best humidity level for your gun safe, so continue reading on.

What causes moisture in your safe

There are a variety of ways in which moisture invades a gun safe and damages your firearms.

Whether you notice or not, moisture is everywhere. Some houses are suffering from a higher level of humidity, which there is more moisture present. Moisture can pass through walls and ceilings in your home that can cause humidity build-up. If you placed your gun safe in the basement, then your security box is susceptible to higher levels of moisture.

Humidity and moisture are present in the air, that’s a fact. But the level of humidity may differ on how you balance the heat and cool air inside your home. When you open your firearm safe to store one or take a gun, there’s a little moisture that gets inside the device. But if you get to open your gun safe for a long time, most likely, your firearms will get rust as there’s air flowing around.

Another case about moisture inside the gun safe is when the air stays for a long time, which can affect the contents within the safe. So, you must take safety precautions to prevent such gun damage. Knowing how to keep moisture out of gun safe will do just that.

How to keep moisture out of gun safe

As a gun owner, controlling moisture inside your security box to prevent accumulating is essential. You can use these methods to keep moisture out from your gun safe.Enter your text here...

  1. Dehumidifier – electric dehumidifiers like ‘Golden Rod’ keeps moisture away from inside and outside your safe. These devices are affordable, and they come in different sizes. They work by heating the surface around the safe to 140 degrees temperature, which keeps the humidity in good condition. This process prevents the moisture from building up, which put a stop to rusts. 
  2. Silica Gel Packs – you can use these tiny crystals to prevent moisture from spreading. Silica gel packs absorb all the moisture even from closed and compact areas such as gun safes. They are easier and tested methods to keep your gun safe dry. The packs can last for three weeks, and they are also easy to find. But keep in mind not to let these packs come in contact with your arms as they can damage metal surfaces. 
  3. Place the safe in an air-conditioned room – this method is straightforward and requires only a cool, dry area in your house. Putting your safe in an air-conditioned room is another way to prevent moisture from getting inside the device. Remember to open the safe whenever you can, and let some cool air come inside the safe. 
  4. Using a light bulb – this simple and effective technique only needs the gun owner to install a light bulb inside the safe. The heat that the light bulbs generate is enough to heat the air inside the safe. As a result, this process makes all the humidity disappears and makes the weapons dry. 
  5. Use a case with built-in sealant system – they are made of foam, caulking, and silicone that are placed inside the doorjamb. These sealants are used to prevent humidity from passing through the case. 

What’s the best humidity level for your gun safe

To check the humidity level of a gun safe, you will need a hygrometer. The hygrometer monitors the temperature around the safe and inside your home. These devices are inexpensive, and you can buy them in your local drugstore.

Most gun owners consider 50% temperature an acceptable humidity level, but you may want to reach below that level. Remember that you don’t want to find out rusts, and corrosion has covered your firearms. It’s a must to keep moisture away from guns, rifles, and even gun safes.

If the humidity shows a high level, you should consider following the methods on how to keep moisture out of the gun safe. So, understanding the best humidity level for your gun safe requires figuring out the right surrounding climate. The warm and dry environment gets rid of the moisture and humidity.


​It’s essential to maintain the overall condition of the safe to prevent excess moisture from seeping inside. If you see any signs of corrosion or rust, you should take the precautionary measures to keep the value of your firearms. Knowing how to keep moisture out of gun safe is the first step in protecting your valuables. Remember that prevention is the best key to keep your guns in good condition and protected.

  • March 25, 2020
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