How To Install Lights In A Gun Safe: Easy DIY Lighting

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It’s not a good idea to feel your way through a dark safe for firearms. That’s why you must know the importance of installing lights inside a gun safe. Casting a light within a gun safe is an easy thing to do. The fact that you’re putting some light source in your safe isn’t for design only, but it’s for safety tooHaving lights inside a safe not only allows you to see your weapons, but it also protects your firearms from moisture. That’s why it’s essential to know how to install lights in a gun safe. In this article, we’ll share with you the things to consider before buying lights for gun safe. We’ll also give you some tips on how to install strip lights inside your safe. 

What to consider before buying lights for gun safe

Firearm safes are typically stored in the basementgarage, or storeroom where they are kept concealed and secured from natural elements and burglars. Many large safes are big enough to hold a lot of ammo and weapons. Mounting of lights in these weapon safes makes your firearms easy to access. Plus, they provide fast and clear entry when you reach for your guns. 

Light sources

Any sources of light are a feasible alternative that can be used to light up a gun safe. CFL bulbs are great source of light and use far fewer power than incandescent lamps. 

LED strip lights offer a more affordable and lightweight lighting option. They use less power and are easy to install in each section of the gun safe. LED lights also have longer lifespan. 

Power source

You can use either AC or DC power sources to light up your gun safe. AC power is used to supply the electricity in your home’s appliances. Your gun safe must have a built-in power outlet to use AC power. But you must not drill in your safe to install a power outlet because it will damage the capability of the safe against fire or water resistance. 

Options for mounting lights

However, you can use batteries to light up bulbs inside your safe. Keep in mind that it’s not good to use batteries if you’re not installing switch-based lights. Batteries tend to dry out fast and are not energy efficient over time. 

You should consider using magnets, screws or adhesives when mounting your lights inside a gun safe 

Magnets are an excellent option to mount lights around the safe. But they are weak to snags and shift when you move firearms in or out. Screws are a reliable choice to mount firearm safe lights and to make sure the lights remain in place. Screws offer a safer solution to installing battery packs, switches, or sensors to keep them in position. 

Adhesives provide a smoother and more efficient solution in mounting lights within the safeStripping the adhesives off the back will keep the lights in place. These days, adhesives hold the lights for a long time. Plus, they can be easily stripped off when needed

How many lights you should install in a gun safe

Depending on the size and the number of shelves inside the safe, you should install the right amount of lightIf you have a smaller one with a single rackyou can install one light with 200 lumens bright capacity to accommodate such brightness. Place the lights around the safe correctly so you won’t have to repeat mounting the lights inside. 

But if you have a large gun safeyou should mount several lights in various corners. You will have to consider the right spot when mounting the bulbs to avoid blocking the rays. It’s best to install LED light strips because they are adjustable, affordable, and are energy-efficient. We recommend installing strip lights in each corner of the safe to provide clear view of the guns. 

How bright your safe lights should be 

You can measure the brightness capacity of light by lumens. To put how lumens light measured is, you will need to install 5000 lumens of lights in a 250 square feet room. 

You will have to use 1000-2500 lumens of light to light up to your gun safe. An excellent example to install inside a safe is using 25W LED bulb that has 1500 lumens of brightnessUse LED light strip if your gun safe has several shelves to bright up all areas inside your safe. 

How to install lights in a gun safe 

You should take into account if mounting or drilling option is best suited for your safe.  Take your time to figure out if you will need to drill to allow the wiring inside the safe. 

You will also need certain items, such as: 

  • Power supply 
  • Light strip 
  • 3M adhesives to stick the electrical wiring 
  • Golden Rod dehumidifier 
  • Motion sensor plug 

Here are the steps to follow how to install lights in a gun safe: 

  1. You will have to drill 1-inch hole in the body of the safe 

  1. Install a receptacle through the hole. 

  1. Install goldenrod near the bottom of the safe. 

  1. Place the LED light strip around the door panel of the safe. 

  1. Strip the adhesive from the electrical wiring so you can run them through the wall of the safe. 

  1. Set up a motion sensor switch below the top shelf so it can detect if there is movement inside the safe.  

Once you’ve finished installing the LED light strip and the motion sensor device, you can see the lights turn on for one minute. If the motion sensor device identifies there is movement around the safe, the lights will stay on. If you close the door, the lights will go off after one minute. 


To manage and protect the contents of the gun safe, you must know how to install lights in a gun safe. Using LED lights over bulbs is an excellent option, as LEDs have a longer lifespan and consumes less power. Keep in mind to figure out the size of the safe so you can install the right number of lights. You will find the importance of installing a light because it improves the quality of your safe. 

  • March 30, 2020
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