How To Install A Dehumidifier In A Gun Safe

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Are you one of the many gun owners who worries about what will happen to their firearms inside a gun safe for a long time? If your answer is yes, then you should know moisture and humidity are the culprits inside your safe. These elements escalate rust and molds that can harm your guns and valuables. So, what should you do? A gun safe dehumidifier can solve your safe’s humidity problem. That’s why in this article, we’ll tell you how to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe. We’ll also discuss the things to consider before installing a gun safe dehumidifier. 

What is a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier gets rid of heat from the natural surroundings. Concerning a gun safe, nook and cranny allow moisture to pass inside the safe. The dehumidifier renders the safe dry and clear of all moisture. So explicitly, why do you dehumidify your safe? Once the gun safe is exposed to moisture for a long time, the metal starts to corrode and rust. Your weapons and the safe are made of metalwhich makes it vulnerable to rust, discoloration, molds, and chips. With this condition, it’s only necessary to install gun safe dehumidifier. Not only does a dehumidifier reduces the lifespan of your firearms, but it also increases the quality of your weapon safe. Now on the next part, we’ll tell you how to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe. 

How to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe

First things first, you should check the instruction manual of the dehumidifier to help fix the device inside the gun safe. Check also the humidity level around your gun safe. 

Here are the steps on how to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe: 

  • Place the dehumidifier horizontally and put it below inside the gun safe 
  • Run through inside an electrical cord going outside the wall of the safe. Most gun safes have a pre-drilled hole where you can place the wire. 
  • You should mount the rod with clips. 
  • Screw the clips to avoid blocking the safe’s hinges. 
  • Break the rod into the clips. 
  • Make sure to cut the wire and remove the back cover of the plug housing. 
  • Secure the cord into the cavity with the prongs. 
  • Run the cord as far into the plug housing. 
  • Shut off the housing cover before locking the cord inside the plug housing. 
  • Plug the dehumidifier rod into the power outlet. 

Safety tips before installing a dehumidifier

Here are some safety tips that you should consider before installing a gun safe dehumidifier. 

  • The gun safes dehumidifiers are for indoor use
  • Avoid soaking your dehumidifier, cord, and plug with water. 
  • Never use the dehumidifier around explosives or flammable fumes. 
  • Do not use the dehumidifier if the cord is damaged. 
  • Unplug the dehumidifier when installing the device. 
  • Do not use other plugs on your dehumidifier. 

Things to consider before installing a gun safe dehumidifier

Choosing the right dehumidifier model 

There are two types of dehumidifiers; these are silica gel and rod models.

You can place the silica gel anywhere inside the safe, and they don’t consume electricity. It absorbs the moisture circulating in the air. You will have to replace these gels every two weeks.

The rod model is an electrical device that warms up the air inside the safe. It allows the goldenrod to prevent moisture build-up within the safe. You can use goldenrod for a long time.

Where to place the gun safe dehumidifier

When it comes to placing your gun safe dehumidifier, it’s best to put them on the gun safe’s floor. The purpose of the dehumidifier is to absorb the humidity inside the safe. If you have a taller gun safe, you should expose the device between the firearms below the racks. You can place the dehumidifier on a broader gun safe below the corners of the guns rack to allow the hot air to rise and absorb the humidity.

How many dehumidifiers should you use

Installing a gun safe dehumidifier, you should know how many dehumidifiers you should use. The number of dehumidifiers to be installed depends on the size of your firearm safe. You should take into account also how many guns you are storing inside the safe, and what is the humidity level around the safe.

It’s best to measure the humidity level of an empty safe to make sure you read the right temperature before installing a dehumidifier. That way, you can test the humidity level once you placed your firearms inside the safe. Knowing the dimensions of your gun safe gives you an estimated number of dehumidifier you should install.

Racking up your Guns

Your dehumidifier is only a part of the solution where you put it. The problem is also how you allow the air to pass through the contents of the gun safe.

Make sure the weapons are spread out properly. Though it’s not easy to do if you own lots of firearms and your safe isn’t big. If you haven’t purchased a gun safe, we recommend choosing a bigger one than what you need. A bigger and spacious gun safe will allow you to flow the air around your firearms.


It’s best to install a dehumidifier in your gun safe to prevent rust and mold growth. Most gun safes accommodate installing a dehumidifier, so it minimizes much of the hassle. You’d want your gun safe to protect and preserve the quality of your valuables. Understanding how to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe will give a fighting chance to reduce the moisture and humidity against your firearms.  

  • March 30, 2020
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