How To Hide A Large Gun Safe: Securing Your Safe

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If you have a large collection of firearms, chances are you have a large gun safe. It's imperative to make your gun safe hard to access for burglars. The only way to do this is to hide your large gun safe. You will have to think outside the boxThere are creative ways to keep your firearms secured and concealedwhich leaves you the question – how to hide a large gun safe? In this article, we'll share with you the reason you should hide your gun safe. We'll also give you some alternative spots to protect your gun safe effectively. 

Why you should hide your gun safe

The first reason to consider why you want to hide your gun safe is to protect your valuables against unauthorized access. 

You may think it's best for the burglar not to see you've got weapons in your house. When intruders see a safethey'll have a strong sense there may be weapons or other valuables worth stealing from you. Anyone attempting to rob your guns would automatically know you have a gun safeEven the strongest safes can be unlocked by someone with excellent skills and have the right tools to do so. 

You may possess the most protected gun safe, but inevitably a robber can break-in your gun safe with time at hand.  

Another necessary explanation is the attacker won't realize you have weapons in the house. You'd also want to have the element of surprise if a burglar invades your home. 

Only you and trusted family member should know the secret location of your gun safe. 

How to hide a large gun safe

You don't want to place your safe in the basement or the garage directly. You want to have some clever disguise so that burglars will find it hard. It's understandable to cringe your way how to hide a large gun safe inside your home. 

Although the approach of hiding your large gun safe can differ in location, the size of the safe plays a big role in keeping safe. It ensures you need to consider before you continue hiding the safe that it is the right one for you. 

Once, the solution suggests your requirements and situation. Do you only want to hide your safe so it's neater, or you'd want to make sure the intruders can't spot your guns even though they are wide and tall? 

For most gun owners, hiding their gun safe in a closet is the convenient solution they can afford. Having a safe hidden inside a cabinet gives them leverage to easy access. You can also add extra protection to your gun safe by covering the unit with a wooden plank. 

How to hide a large gun safe inside a closet

There are other options to hide your gun safe inside the house. But protecting your gun safe inside a cabinet is the easiest approach to prevent thieves from accessing your safe. 

  • You must secure your large gun safe to a closet wall or floor. 
  • You can place the gun safe in your walk-in closet where you can bolt the device to the wall or floor. 
  • You can make your secure storage by pouring concrete walls and installing a strong door around your gun safe. 
  • A DIY method to hide your large gun safe can be useful where no one can see the device. You can place your safe underneath a study table inside your room. 
  • Make a hidden entrance built behind your closet where you can walk through inside. The best example of this method is the hidden storage you see in the movie 'The Kingsman.' 

Alternative spots to hide a large gun safe

There are other methods on how to hide a large gun safe. These allow you to maximize the space in your house while hiding your gun safe. Keep in mind to choose which way provides quick access to your weapon safe. 

  • Secret mirror gun safe door – you can turn your large mirror into a secret gun safe door where you can store your stuff and firearms. 
  • The back of the door is also a perfect spot to place your gun safe where you can install a sitting plank behind the door. 
  • Keeping your gun safe inside the bedroom is another way to prevent burglars from attacking your safe. You may put the device under your bed or beneath the side drawer. 
  • You can hide your large gun safe in the garage, especially behind your old and unused tool equipment box. You can use these boxes to keep your firearms hidden while displaying the outer appearance of the toolbox. 
  • Use your extra fridge in the basement to hide your gun safe. Having an extra faulty freezer in your basement proves to disguise your safe by covering it up with broken sheets. 


The importance of finding the right place to hide your gun safe allows you to prevent burglary. It's as equally as relevant to know how to hide a large gun safe. By placing a large safe in a well-hidden and concealed place allows you to have added protection and safety. Keep in mind that only you should have access to your gun safe. 

  • March 30, 2020
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