How To Hide A Gun Safe: Securing Your Safe

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Knowing how to hide a gun safe at home in case of an emergency is very important. No matter the size of your firearm safe, you must know how to conceal your safe. Use a hidden storage to cover or use your creativity to make it impossible for burglars to see your safe. That's why in this article, we're sharing with you the ways to hide your gun safe and the reasons to protect it. 

Why do you need to hide a gun safe?

The gun safe is not one of the most designed and appealing devices you'd want to purchaseMost likely, you don't want a big metal case eating up huge space. But a gun safe is best used to protect and hide, so intruders won't know that you have weapons in the room. 

When a burglar finds a gun safethey would like to break it and take your valuables. You may possess the most stringenfirearm safe, but robber will see to break it with time on hand. But a well-hidden gun safe, attackers won't know you have weapons at home. 

You may need to repair your safe if you have a tall standing one open in plain sight. If you don't act first, your gun safe and its contents are vulnerable to theft. Thus, the reason for hiding your safe to prevent thieves from taking your valuables is a priority. 

How to hide a gun safe

There are plenty of ways on how to hide a gun safe. You can cover it beneath your bed, within the nightstand drawer, or in a closet. So, where do you see these secret spots mostlyYou will see all of them inside the bedroom. The room is the safest location that makes good sense, so if your house is attacked at night, your gun is close to you. 

So how do you hide your safe? 

Your wardrobe closet is the most comfortable area to hide your gun safe. The nightstand drawer will most likely keep a small pistol safeIt may seem difficult to reach your gun safe under the bed. The cupboard provides a great space to match a safe, so no one will suspect you have gun safe. 

Use your closet to hide your gun safe because they are built wider and sturdier. We also recommend using a biometric gun safe for faster access to your firearms. 

Where to hide a gun safe

Depending on the size of the safe, these restrictions should allow your creativity to disguise and hide your safe. The most important thing is to give you easy access to your guns. You don't want to go downstairs to get to your safe in case of an emergency, which makes it a lot hassle. 

Here are the different ways on how to hide a gun safe: 

  • If you live in a double-story house, you'll consider under the staircase an excellent spot to keep your gun safeIf you can provide an entrance, fixing under the stairs can be a suitable hiding spot. 
  • Hiding the safe at the back of a large bookshelf is a perfect choice should you intend to protect your gun safeIt doesn't expose the safe, and it would allow you to cover it. The key is to have the best furniture material that is hard to push. 
  • Typically, you can place a broken but spacious fridge in the garage or basement. The refrigerator will serve as a new disguise in hiding the safe against burglars. You have to cut the internal parts of the damaged fridge before placing the safe inside. 
  • Consider a DIY project you can mount on the wall is a perfect spot to hide a gun safe. You will need to make a hole in the wall at the exact size of your gun safe so you can mount a big painting to conceal the safe. Make sure that you don't damage the wiring system inside the wall. 
  • The mirror gun safe is another excellent choice to use as a secure place for gun safe. You should place it in your bedroom to fit in with the bathroom. You can also buy finished gun safe mirror that is ready to install to your wall. The mirror in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway looks natural and does go unnoticed for burglars. 

Rules about hiding a gun safe

Like 'Fight Club,' the first rule of having a gun is you don't talk about your gun safes. You don't want crooks to know you hide a gun safe. A concealed or disguised gun safe means that only you have access to it. 

  • Does the so-called secret gun safe is evident or stand out?  Was there anything that makes a hidden gun safe look visible and too bulky? You should consider these questions before hiding your gun safe. Don't make it visible for burglars to notice where you hide a gun safe. Make sure that your cover looks deceiving and natural. 
  • If you're concerned that people will know you have firearms and that someone could break-in, then use a discreet gun safe. You can use decoys to prevent a home invasion or robbery where you and your family are threatened by an intruder to "open the safe." 

Remember the safety of your family and be vigilant when looking for a hidden place for your gun safe. 


While there are lots of places where you can hide a gun safe, always make the safety of your family your top priority. We hope that you've learned so much how to hide a gun safe inside your house. You must consider keeping your gun safe hidden seriously. Concealing your gun safe helps prevent burglars from stealing your firearms and valuables.  

  • March 30, 2020
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