How To Bolt Down A Safe To A Wood Floor

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Bolting down a gun safe to the floor makes your firearms and other valuables more secure from burglary. Nowadays, most burglars think they can carry out the entire safe then access it. So, it'vital to bolt down your safe to prevent robbers from stealing it. But do you know how to bolt down a safe to a wood floor? If you don't, we're here to provide you extensive steps you can follow to anchor your safe. We also advise consulting a skilled gun safe installer to verify the load limit of your wooden floor before bolting down a gun safe. 

How to bolt down a safe to a wood floor

Having a safe bolted to the floor won'serve its protection if you don't bolt it down correctly. You can connect the safe to the beams on wooden floors, even if they're broad or close togetherYou can use a tape measure and stud finder to find these beams. 

You should mark the area where you'll bolt down the safe. You'll find the mounting holes inside the safe. That spot you made is where you'll be drilling the holes for your gun safe. 

Bolting down a safe to a wooden floor

If you choose to secure your gun safe to a wood floor, there are different ways to bolt itA crawlspace is an excellent option to bolt your safe. You may want to drill on the floor and use huge nuts and washers. Or you could fasten a gun safe using lag screws to secure the floor joist. 

If you must mount your safe to the floor joist, you need to see first their spacing using a stud finder. You may use a wider sheet of steel to bolt your safe if the safe'mounting holes distance does not match to the floor studs. After you do that, you can now mount the metal sheet to the floor studs. 

You will have to use a concrete drill to finish the work faster and easier. You also need some essential hand tools to mount the bolts to ensure the safe is sturdy. Check the safe if it appears to be loose, you will have to hammer the pins to pierce inside the wooden floor. 

Bolting down a safe on raised floor

If you must bolt down your gun safe to a raised floor, you may do so. Keep in mind to check the quality of the floorboard if it measures 2x8 floor joists. Here are the two methods for bolting your safe. 

  1. You must drill four lag bolts into the plywood floor so you can connect your safe's mounting holes. This will help stabilize your safe. You can check the safe if it's solid to the floor by rocking it or getting a pry-bar under the safe. You can also apply strong adhesive in the bottom part of the safe for extra hold onto the floor. 
  2. The safest approach is to dig from within the safe through the plywood flooring.  Allow the bolt to come out from under the house with a carriage bolt (a bolt which you can't remove from the "front" end) and secure the nut and washer from within the safe. You must check the integrity of the wooden crawlspace to see if it's in good condition before bolting down your safe. 

Importance of bolting down a safe on wood floor

Most burglars think to move out your safe so that they can pry it. With enough time and the right tools, it is possible to access your gun safe. It'essential to know the protection you're giving to your safe if it's bolted down. 

  1. If you didn't bolt down your gun safe, then burglars will be able to carry out the safe easily so they can break it open somewhere else.
  2. During a robbery, almost any gun safe will get struck by a hammer.  If the burglars are testing the welds of your safe, they will not be able to rock your safe even a bit. Every lock mentioned in UL attacked by a hammer will prevent the opening of the safe.   
  3. Around 3 in 5 gun safes attempting to pry the safe open will have jammed door in a burglary.  But if you bolt down your safe, they will not be able to tip over your security box to get enough control. If there's not enough leverage to pry your safe's door, then most burglars will leave your gun safe. 
  4. Hitting the corner of the door or the safe with pry bars, sledgehammers, and chisels will not be successful if you bolt down your safe. If the steel is broken, they can push back a corner or side of the door to grab your valuables or guns.  You bolted down you safe, did you? 
  5. Attacking your safe with torch is becoming a forceful way of opening the safe. Few criminals would be carrying a torch with them to target a gun safe, but keep in mind if you have a torch cutter at home. 


Not being able to bolt your safe to the floor makes it vulnerable to burglary. But there's no need to fret. There are several approaches of how to bolt down a safe to a wood floor. Our goal here is to give you an extra layer of protection to your safe. Make sure your safe is difficult to move for burglars; never provide them with any chance to take away your safe. We advise you to bolt down your safe. What's another $40 for the tools and the prep compared to the contents of your safe. 

  • March 27, 2020
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